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Thu 6 Apr 2017
at 03:37
RPG taking place in post apocalyptic Supermarket?
So,I been looking around a lot and stumble on a setting call Wallmart Apocalypse. Basicly, Wallmart had buy the entire planet and it stores were now continent wide, whit the entire population living in them , everyone a employer of the company. However, nearly everything were control by a main comnputer and a army of robot wich, one day , sudently malfonction and attack the human race , recognising them as pest and critter.

A century later and everything was in shamble , whit pocket of poeple living in tribal state all over the store from the sewer system to the scaffolding hight above. The departement , each the size of a small country , became deadly hasard since the robot start malfounctioning: The meat section turn into a hunting ground for giant predator , each more hideous then the last. The cleaning product departement becaume a zone of thick fog , hiding numberless pit of bubbling mixture , mutated creature living in eachs.  The tool departement becaume a literal warzone , whit tribe figthing for any toll they can get thier hand on , battle each other whit chainsaw , crowbar and hammer on lawn mower and that just a few exemple.

The worst part is a rising cult among the tribe: The Smily Face cult. Obsessed whit the notion of  cuting anything , they are blood thristy and mad, attacking tribe whitout warning before vanishing in one of the departement . They are the boogyman of the night, more so then any robots that still roam the  road wide alley.

It might just be me who been working in a supermarket for the pass seven year,but I find this setting pretty awesaume! What do you guys think? Ever hear of Walmart Apocalyps before?
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Thu 6 Apr 2017
at 11:53
RPG taking place in post apocalyptic Supermarket?
Hell, why not? I love all kinds of PA.
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Thu 6 Apr 2017
at 13:04
RPG taking place in post apocalyptic Supermarket?
That could be fun. Would be interested in taking a look.

Come to think of it, it sounds a lot like an apocalyptic version of Paranoia.

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