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Tue 11 Apr 2017
at 07:22
Finally, after climbing all the rungs of your echeladder, gaming the Stock Exchange for all its worth, completing all the insane side-quests, killing your Denizen ( :( ), breeding the best damn frog ever and killing the Black King, you've made it. You stand before the door, your friends at your side. You've won.

You grab the handle and open the door.


Welcome to SBURB Glitch, a game based on the SBURB Glitch FAQ fanfiction (which is wonderful). The gist of the story is that after navigating through all the weird plot grapefruit that is SBURB, the players come to the end of the game to get the ultimate kick in the pants: that the game glitched out and their promised reward is just getting to play the game again and again.

Now, SBURB is a fickle, glitchy game, and it doesn't just restart the last game, oh no. Players that finish SBURB are placed into another game session, scattered to the winds to take the place of players who failed to complete the game. Spoiler alert: there's a lot of them.

TLDR; Congratulations on completing the game. Now you get to play it again.