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Tue 30 May 2017
at 19:51
Doomed Timelines, God Tiers, Echeladders, and more?!
Alright. So, I've been rereading Homestuck with a friend and that lead me to do some digging. It turns out that someone modified the D&D 5e rules to work for a fansession of sburb. I'm REALLY interested in trying out the Homestuck RPG, using the Teal Version mechanics.

The fansession would focus around humans (Mostly to prevent everyone from having to remember all the Troll lingo). It would not be a null session. Though there's fun in futility, it would be cool to see a team get the ultimate reward.

I'm mostly wondering if any fans of this awesome webcomic would like to try out these rules with me. Let me know if you are, or if you have any ideas for the session. :3

Link to the Rules:

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