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Sat 10 Jun 2017
at 06:52
Tunnels and Trolls
A classic tale of revenge and payback using the Tunnels and Trolls rules system. Our adventure takes place in the city of Gull, the city that bears the soubriquet, the City of Terrors, but this game will not be the solo adventure module of the same name. Your PC will be part sleuth, part swordsman, and (perhaps) part mage as he tracks down an elusive criminal.

But, before I put up my neon sign advertising for a player, I want to see if there's interest in this game and the game system, as T&T is, my guess, not the most widely popular system out there. Some specifics:

* This is a solo game, but I will take more than one player if needed (players will be in separate threads playing the same adventure).

* I own the classic Tunnels and Trolls 5th edition rules, as well as 7th and 7.5. I understand there's a Deluxe edition out now, and if you wish to play that edition I'm sure we can reach common ground as to the rules. We can use Spite, Talents, spellcasting from Strength or Wizardry, I'm flexible. Due to the nature of the game only human, elf, dwarf, half-elfen, half-orc, hobbit kindreds are available.

* T&T has a reputation for, at times, silly or comedic adventures. This game will not be that. This is a dark, noir fantasy game that will be in the adult category.

* I'd prefer 5 or more posts per week, and the game will last approximately six months.

* So, anyone want to play?

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Sat 10 Jun 2017
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Tunnels and Trolls
In reply to Radnoff (msg # 1):

I could be interested.
I've played two campaign already here (5th and 7.5ish) and I have access to 1st/4th/5th/7th/7.5ish editions.
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Sun 11 Jun 2017
at 04:33
Tunnels and Trolls

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