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Thu 15 Jun 2017
at 12:26
An Eberron game with a twist?
I am currently thinking of making character creation for an Eberron campaign much more open and hopefully exploring how Eberron has a such a epic setting, but so few epic level characters.

As an example, this is from the character creation thread.  Ideas?  Interest?

Have you ever wondered where all of the truly epic characters in Eberron are?  After the Last War, and in the past eons, where are they?  Well, I am going to turn that on its head.  In this game, characters will level up more slowly, but their abilities will be diversified.  I am going to open up characters abilities by providing two different leveling points.  Character Points will be used to raise your character level, while Experience Points will be used to purchase levels in Classes, Feats, Crafting of Magical Items, Prestige Classes, etc...

So, how does this work?  Starting Characters will have 0 Class Points, starting at character level 1, and in order to level up they will have to get 1000 Class Points.  At this point, your character level will be 2.  Character Levels determine your Base Attack Bonus, Saves, Skill Points, and Feats.

Everyone will have a Good Base Attack Bonus, All Good Saves, d12 Hit Die, 1 Feat, and 8+Int Modifier in Skill Points per level (Times four at first character level).

Starting at Character Level 1, you have access to two classes, like a gestalt character.  These are your starting classes.  As you earn experience points, you can buy into first level classes at the cost of 500 Experience Points each.  You can level up your starting classes or any classes you have access to up to your Character Level by spending the appropriate Experience Points.

Feats can be bought at 500 Experience Points Each.  You still have to meet all of the prerequisites for the feat.

Prestige Classes are PRESTIGE Classes.  You will have to work hard to gain access to them, but the benefits will be well worth the rewards.  To gain access to your first level in a Prestige Class, you have to qualify for them, and you will spend 1000 Experience Points to gain your first level.
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Thu 15 Jun 2017
at 13:50
An Eberron game with a twist?
This sounds like an interesting mechanical twist and I'm a sucker for Eberron games, so color me intrigued.

I'd definitely submit an RTJ for this game!
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Fri 16 Jun 2017
at 04:45
An Eberron game with a twist?
I would like to try, I have wanted to play in Eberron for a while.
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Sat 17 Jun 2017
at 10:58
An Eberron game with a twist?
I'd love to play this. Which version will you be using?
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Sat 17 Jun 2017
at 20:23
An Eberron game with a twist?
This will be run in 3.5, as that is the system I have the most books for and am the most familiar with.  A lot of the switch up is because I loved Final Fantasy Tactics back in the day, and find myself wishing that 3.5 was as open as that.  It looks like there is some interest, so let me get it started.