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Thu 6 Jul 2017
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[IC] Free-form City Games (Sci-fi or Fantasy)
I have been thinking over two more free-form or lite system concepts that I am thinking of running and now want to judge people's interest in them. I would be looking for players, editors, and possibly Co-GMs to help take on the load of a lot of people

The Lost Colony: Sci-fi adventure in colonization gone wrong

In the future humanity has reached out towards the stars and found that not only are they not alone, but it is a cold and hostile place. Players will take the role of colonists that are being sent froth from a space station towards a new colonial world. It has been scouted, vetted, and all together looks like a good candidate for human colonization. After the recent wars and conflicts humanity is again sending out fresh faced colonists into the dark to extend their reach. Although certain risks are assumed and guarantees made to those brave enough to volunteer for the first round of colonists dangers wait around every corner. But, what's the worst that could go wrong - right?

The game would focus on the colonists as they try to get on their feet, survive in a harsh world, and mostly on conflict with nature and native forces. Internal politics may also appear and present challenges, but the larger issues would be finding out what went wrong and making it through the year(s).

More information available upon request.

A Gilded Cage: Fantasy escape and city building adventure

Magic has long ruled over the world with mages changing it to suit their needs. However, the mages have long since split into separate factions controlling small sections of the world will the rest has grown wild and neglected. Within the domains of the mages are the gilded cages which house their toys and creations, spliced creatures of power and specific purposes. Servants, slaves, and pets all of them that are to obey forces that they never see. Until the calamity swept over one such cage and tore the precious order asunder. Will these many remain behind, rebel, or escape to the wilds?

The game sets the players as inhabitants of the Gilded Cages as they must decide for themselves what to do. I could also see making this a smaller adventure with DnD 5e and running a campaign centered around this, if I get enough interest.

More information available upon request.

General Rules

  • Game would have a time system that either advances based upon key dates or weekly/biweekly that will advance large chunks of time each jump. Otherwise large movements in the story will be hard to manage and progress in a large game unattainable.
  • Game will either be Mature or Adult as the themes in each are geared more towards adult content.
  • I am leaning towards having a slight system to allow for advancement and quick conflict resolution as the game will be more geared towards Role playing.
  • Posting should be regular, but also not too fast as to chase off other people in the threads.
  • All rules are subject to change at this point as discussion and interest checks continue.
  • Which of these looks the best to you guys, would you want to play in one or both?