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Sun 13 Aug 2017
at 07:27
IC: Fear Agent (Savage Worlds Pulp Sci-Fi)
I'm a fan of the Remender/Moore/Opena comic series Fear Agent and recently picked up the sourcebook for it that's been published for Savage Worlds. For those that are unfamiliar, the setting is pulp sci-fi, with an emphasis on action and adventure over hard science. I'm inclined to think that even those who have no exposure to the source material would find it an easy setting to grasp and take part in.

I've given some thought to running the plot point campaign that's outlined in the book, but wanted to inquire if there was any interest in a game before pursuing the idea further.
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Mon 14 Aug 2017
at 17:33
IC: Fear Agent (Savage Worlds Pulp Sci-Fi)
It sounds interesting. I'm game to play if the post rate is manageable on my end.
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Tue 15 Aug 2017
at 10:47
IC: Fear Agent (Savage Worlds Pulp Sci-Fi)
Sounds like a reasonable plan.  Surely worth looking into.