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Fri 25 Aug 2017
at 23:38
IC: Big Boss fight arena
I tend to end up GMing the games I actually want to play. With that I am looking for who might be interested in an arena style game based on thematic 'boss' fights. There have been a few long running arena games like this before and they were amazing games. I alone do not have the time nor raw talent to make it happen alone.

My first take would be DND 5e as it has a strong and wide player and gm base on rpol. Players would face off in team matches against a challenge built by a GM. In off time there could be all kinds of trouble to find.

I am also hopeful to find some gm help. Maybe even enough where we can share the load taking a season off. If you are interested in gm help will 5 e work for you players mark your interest as hopefully this will come together.

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Fri 25 Aug 2017
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IC: Big Boss fight arena
There are some interesting boss fights 5e can do.  Assuming you have some sort of story background either of high end heroes that just skip the 'dungeon' as irrelevent and go right to the dragon at the end, or even simpler as gladiators in a pit fight type situation I would be interested.

This is likely something that is best started at 8th or higher level and planning to go up quickly, adjusting up a level (and CR) after every fight is probably a good target.
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Fri 25 Aug 2017
at 23:55
IC: Big Boss fight arena
I'm not interested in playing or running 5th Edition, but I have interest in both for 4th Edition. I'd also be willing to run or play Fate Core.

I'd also be happy just brainstorming concepts and not taking part in the games at all.

I don't think there would have to be an "arena" theme, unless that's desired. The lead up to the "big boss fight," could be a bit of narration, or even a collaborative discussion in a different thread.
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Sat 26 Aug 2017
at 02:26
IC: Big Boss fight arena
Sounds interesting. You could do a Shadow of the Collosus thing (they only enemies are bosses but it's an open world game otherwise).
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Sat 26 Aug 2017
at 05:36
IC: Big Boss fight arena
In my opinion, 5e sounds pretty good, especially if you want to make it less crunchy and more about the writing/roleplaying of it all.

Though I tend to prefer Pathfinder for its crunchiness, something like boss battles seem far more suited to 5e, if only because there's more opportunities for one-liners instead of having players who throw flour at your invisible boss because yes, they bought 5 pounds of flour at level one for this exact situation.

I agree with @engine that there is a benefit to a lead up. The journey to a destination can be quite as fun, even if in quick summary, as the actual destination (and perhaps could affect the boss fights in some way? For example, PCs could choose to sneak up on a dragon and catch it unawares, but on its home turf, or they could publicly challenge it and fight on turf of their own choosing...Ah, I'm overthinking it :D)
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Sun 27 Aug 2017
at 12:03
IC: Big Boss fight arena
A bit more details on what I have seen done well before. The arenas are themed with a quick setting introduction 3-4 rounds of combat that build to a climax either situational or to a boss. Levels would cone quickly not sure how high to start but not level 1.

I may just create a game thread to have a board for ideas to be hashed out. Either for use in this game or the gms other games. I will update it I choose to go that route.

The encounters would need to be built carefully to allow for creative solutions. I know DND 5e well and after seeking input on benefits of other systems was not impressed with a need for changing.
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Wed 30 Aug 2017
at 17:48
IC: Big Boss fight arena
I ended up making it for those of you who are interest.
link to another game

Right now it will be game setup and idea discussion if you just want to spitball awesome fights.