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Sun 3 Sep 2017
at 12:35
IC: Twilight: 2000 or 2013

Twilight: 2000 games come and go, most of them die at some point. 2013 games have thus far stayed up even less. I am looking to change that. I know I have a certain track record, but my honest intention is to see this one through.

This is an interest check for potential players. Regardless of which rules would be used, the players would play common soldiers (that is, no special forces characters), stranded in the middle of nowhere, much in the style of Escape from Kalisz, except it might be somewhere else than Poland. I would be open to using either rules, though if we jointly choose the 2013 rules, we would also need to work together to make the necessary alterations for the PbP environment.

Potential starting locations would be Estonia or Iraq. The former would be probably centered around a U.S.Army unit, the latter most likely U.S.Marines.

So, if you are interested, drop in your vote on the system and preferred starting location. If I get at least four players, I will set this one up.
Der Rot Konig
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Mon 4 Sep 2017
at 02:41
IC: Twilight: 2000 or 2013
Definitely interested...I'm an old TW:2000, V2 player personally.
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Wed 13 Sep 2017
at 16:06
IC: Twilight: 2000 or 2013

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