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Wed 4 Oct 2017
at 15:43
OSR Game?
Anyone interested in an OSR game using the Basic Fantasy rules?  For those who don't know Basic Fantasy is an OD&D clone that has been updated a bit but keeps the old school feel.  It's free to download so getting the rules is dead simple.

This would be an old school style game. Super deadly at low levels. Character story and backgrounds would come out during play and not before hand.  After all, no sense spending loads of time working on in depth backgrounds when it is quite likely the character will die. Death isn't super terrible though as new characters are fast and easy to roll up.

That's not to say I expect no role-playing and drama.  I just don't expect it to be front loaded but to come out during play.  The game would revolve around going on adventures that often included dungeons and then back to town to resupply and get ready for the next foray into the unknown.

Shout out if this kind of thing would be of interest.
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Wed 4 Oct 2017
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OSR Game?
In reply to EvilGenius (msg # 1):

BFRPG is pretty cool.  I'd be interested.  I was trying to get something similar running (my own system) but hasn't been much interest.