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Sun 8 Oct 2017
at 01:48
Starfinder + Space Station 13?
With the release of Starfinder I see a huge opportunity to run a campaign based on the setting of Space Station 13.

For those of you who don't know what SS13 is, it's a 2D tile-based multiplayer game wherein you play a role on board a space station.  Typically a round of the game lasts between 1 and 3 hours and at any given time there's one or more "antagonist" roles active who have an objective that is intended to make the round interesting beyond players just doing their job.

There are different departments, each with multiple job roles which need to be filled, some of which are more necessary than others.  More often than not the station is more or less destroyed by the end of a round - either through the incompetence of the staff or the efforts of the antags.  Command staff can call in the evac shuttle to end the round early if things get out of hand, but the round can also end after a round-end vote has been called for (usually when the round timer is up) or when the on-board nuclear fission device is detonated.


Starfinder seems like it could be a good system for letting players run through an emergency scenario aboard the station in an attempt to recover it from the hands of an antag (changeling, syndicate traitors, nuke ops, etc.).  It'd take some work to translate some of the SS13 roles into classes that function in SF.

If this sounds interesting to you, or if you want more information about Starfinder or Space Station 13, feel free to chime in!
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Sun 8 Oct 2017
at 18:22
Starfinder + Space Station 13?
I am an easy sell on anything Starfinder.  If you want to increase the survivability of the crew/station/game consider starting off with a more experienced crew, particularly if you are going to make use of command staff.  There are quite a few very useful options for character specialization in Starfinder but most of them do not kick in until about 8th level.  Unlike previous D20 spin off games the higher level ranges become more interesting without breaking the underlying system mechanics.
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Mon 9 Oct 2017
at 08:33
Starfinder + Space Station 13?
I definitely plan on having the PCs start off at least a few levels above 1st.  The setting I have in mind involves the PCs being an ERT (Emergency Response Team) which is sent to the space station to fix whatever's gone wrong.  Usually, during a round of SS13, calling in an ERT means that some department on the station isn't functioning properly and the ERT's job is to go in, take charge of that department, and get things done.

The plan for my campaign is that the station has gone radio silent and the ERT is being sent in to figure out why and recover the station if possible.  They'll need a mix of skills to navigate the station and remain safe, so one of the ERT members might be equipped with a heavier laser gun as well as a few pairs of cuffs, a taser, a stun baton, a flashbang, etc.  A second member of the ERT might be outfitted with tools that will let them cut or hack their way through airlocks, disassemble walls or floor tiling, weld vents shut (because ALIENS!).  A third member of the ERT might carry several different types of medkits as well as a medical beamgun and variety of drugs to keep their teammates on their feet in an emergency.

Space Station 13 has a ton of jobs for players to play and so part of my task of making it work in the Starfinder ruleset is to figure out what class features each job might have, and what class features are most desirable for an ERT so that they have the best chance of success.
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Wed 11 Oct 2017
at 19:20
Starfinder + Space Station 13?
I'm definitely interested in trying out Starfinder. Honestly, I'm not sure about the Space Station 13 thing, but if this game gets going I'll probably check it out.
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Fri 13 Oct 2017
at 04:50
Starfinder + Space Station 13?

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