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Thu 12 Oct 2017
at 03:58
IC: Savage Worlds Evernight
Key Notes: Small group (1-3 players), new Savage Worlds GM, medium posting rate (typically 3x per week)

Setting: Evernight takes place in a fantasy setting when a sudden alien invasion shatters the golden age of the kingdom and the PC's must lead the rebellion against the invaders.

Goal: I want to get a chance to improve my creative writing and learn Savage Worlds. I'd welcome longtime SW players or players interested in learning along with me.

Anyone interested?
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Thu 12 Oct 2017
at 12:57
IC: Savage Worlds Evernight
In reply to Hoplite (msg # 1):

I would be interested in this, partly because it sounds a little like the book THE HIGH CRUSADE and partially because I'm all for helping develop writing... except I really don't have much experience playing Savage Worlds...
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Thu 12 Oct 2017
at 13:03
IC: Savage Worlds Evernight
I love Savage Worlds and the concept sounds fantastic. I'd be totally up for it.
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 Role Playing Bastard
Thu 12 Oct 2017
at 13:46
IC: Savage Worlds Evernight
I have played. Not sure I have the books for Evernight anymore. But if you are running low on players, I wouldn't mind joining.
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Fri 13 Oct 2017
at 07:32
IC: Savage Worlds Evernight
Perfect! 3 up, 3 in.

Please visit the game here: link to another game

Feel free to read through the setting and character creation information and if you're still interested, start thinking about your character and send an RTJ.

Excited to have a mix of players experienced/inexperienced with Savage Worlds and Evernight both.