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Wed 15 Nov 2017
at 20:15
IC: Defend your town from Underdark threats (4E)
I'm thinking about a 4th Edition D&D game in which the growth and existence of the PCs' town is threatened by several threats stemming from the upper levels of the Underdark. The PCs are among the first crop of capable adventurers in their town, and if they want the town to survive and to advance their own training, they will have to deal with the creatures that have come above ground and head into the dark to stem the growing tide of dangers.

It would be a fairly generic setting, with access to most game sources. Dealing with the threats would involve combat and action, of course, but the goal of the action won't always (or even usually) be about wiping out the other side.
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Thu 16 Nov 2017
at 15:07
IC: Defend your town from Underdark threats (4E)
I think this is really cool and I like the idea of doing this within the 4E universe as it is typically seen (or at least by me) as a very tactical system, but that doesn't preclude the role- part of roleplaying :).

Count me interested and would love to help others figure out how to tie themselves into this town and the threats facing it.