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Sun 19 Nov 2017
at 11:55
IC: West End Star Wars Solo Adventures
That's "Solo" as in "single-player", by the way, not as in the smuggler. :P

Jokes aside, hello! I am Kai and I have a game concept that I want to get some feedback on and check interest for.

Despite having being a huge Star Wars fan since I was just a youngling, I've never actually had the pleasure of playing a true Star Wars RPG outside of video games and a few mostly ill-fated freeform RPs. Recently however I discovered a treasure trove of rulebooks and splatbooks for the venerable West End Star Wars RPG and I would LOVE to give the game a try.

I'm not new to GMing, but since I am brand new to the rule set and somewhat new to the site I don't want to just jump right in to running a party-based game as of yet. What I would really be interested in doing is running a series of adventures for a single player, or even for several separate players if there is enough interest. My hope is that doing so will help me learn and test the rules and hopefully build some rapport with players who I might eventually be able to invite to a proper party-based game. GMing solo and small-group games has also long been my forte, so an added benefit of this concept is that I get to stay within my comfort zone until I feel ready to accept more challenge.

Solo games often tell more personal, character-focused stories than your typical RPG, so if you are the kind of player who loves to bask in the spotlight, write descriptively, and really invest in a character, then this could be a perfect outlet for you. Also, if I do end up running multiple solo adventures for separate players, then I think it could be cool to potentially bring all the formerly solo PCs together for a group game after their personal stories have concluded.

So, is anyone interested in playing a solo game in the Star Wars universe? Does anyone have any questions, comments, or warnings for me before I embark on this concept? Please, let me know!
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Sun 19 Nov 2017
at 12:53
IC: West End Star Wars Solo Adventures
I tend to actually like solo or duo Star Wars better than party-oriented Star Wars, so I'd definitely be game. I have a ton of WEG Star Wars books, but haven't properly played it more than once or twice ages ago, so I'd be just as new as you are. If that wouldn't be a problem for you, I'd be happy to test it out with you.
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Sun 19 Nov 2017
at 14:16
IC: West End Star Wars Solo Adventures
 Always up for Star Wars WEG. Added bonus I am super familiar with the rules so if you got confused I could help explain it.
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Sun 19 Nov 2017
at 14:25
IC: West End Star Wars Solo Adventures
I've been looking for a game exactly like this since ... well, since a long time ago.

Dunno if you'd be interested in doing it, but you could also do mini-crossovers between 1-on-1 players, to give yourself practice in running "larger" games as well as making it more interesting for the players (and potentially easier on you as GM, depending on how you do it).
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Sun 19 Nov 2017
at 14:30
IC: West End Star Wars Solo Adventures
Ah, such a quick response!

Alright, that's more than enough interest for me to get started! In an hour or two I should have the game ready for character creation and such!
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Sun 19 Nov 2017
at 14:33
IC: West End Star Wars Solo Adventures
Star wars? West End Games version? One of the game systems and settings that holds a place in my heart!
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Mon 20 Nov 2017
at 02:00
IC: West End Star Wars Solo Adventures
Not sure if you're still looking for more sentients to join up, but I do have a question everyone might like to know. Which edition of WEG Star Wars are you using? The big ones I know see common use these days include 1e, 2e Revised & Expanded, and 2e Revised, Expanded, & Updated. Personally, I think they all have their charms, but each has its own particular quirks to prepare for.
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Mon 20 Nov 2017
at 02:20
IC: West End Star Wars Solo Adventures
Count me interested!
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Mon 20 Nov 2017
at 05:06
IC: West End Star Wars Solo Adventures
*Throws hat into ring as well*

*Politely elbows way through crowd*

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Mon 20 Nov 2017
at 08:22
IC: West End Star Wars Solo Adventures
Raises a hand in me too fashion.

I actually had an idea for a solo game once involving a female sith student hunting a male jedi. They ended up in a far off world in an ancient temple that had strong yet unnatural force powers inside it and had to work together to escape.

It didn't get very far at the time but would love to revisit that one. Or indeed, anything else you have in mind.
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Mon 20 Nov 2017
at 09:16
Re: IC: West End Star Wars Solo Adventures
I'm planning to work from the basis of the 2E REUP book since it's the most recent edition and at least from what I've been told does a pretty good job of combining the merits of both previous editions.

I will PM everyone who has posted with more details!
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Mon 20 Nov 2017
at 22:10
Re: IC: West End Star Wars Solo Adventures
I used to have a lot of books for that system too, but I never had much of a chance to try it. I'd be interested.
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Mon 20 Nov 2017
at 23:01
Re: IC: West End Star Wars Solo Adventures
Over the years, all my old RP books have either gone into storage or been sold off in favour of PDFs. Everything except my old WEG Star Wars books - that stack has been on my shelf since before midichlorians were a thing.

If there's still room on this train, please count me interested!
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Mon 20 Nov 2017
at 23:25
Re: IC: West End Star Wars Solo Adventures
I would also be interested.
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Tue 21 Nov 2017
at 20:55
Re: IC: West End Star Wars Solo Adventures
Wow, I never thought this interest check would get so much of a response!

Unfortunately everybody, I am more than full up for players at the moment. I will certainly keep the names of everyone who has shown interest here in mind if and when I am looking for new people, but until then I just don't have the room for you all.

If and when I need new players, I will post an Ad in the Looking for Players board. Until then, consider this IC closed.