White Cat
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Sat 23 Dec 2017
at 14:16
IC: Sentinel Comics RPG
I just got the Sentinel Comics RPG starter set, and I'm interested in trying it out.

Sentinel Comics is based on the popular card game Sentinels of the Multiverse. It uses a system similar to the late lamented Marvel Heroic RPG, but simpler (no building a dice pool -- you just pick three dice from your sheet based on what you're doing and roll). I've seen some people describe it as Fate Accelerated to MHR's Fate Core and that doesn't seem to be a bad comparison. If you don't like more freeform, narrative systems, this probably isn't the game for you.

The starter set comes with a mini-campaign of six linked adventures. There are no character generation rules, but stats are provided for the Freedom Five plus one (Legacy, Wraith, Bunker, Tachyon, Absolute Zero, and Unity) from the card game for the players to use.

Knowledge of the rules would not be required to participate. Knowledge of the Sentinels universe may be useful though -- the campaign is set after OblivAeon's attack in the card game.

If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll start putting a game together.

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Sat 23 Dec 2017
at 16:10
IC: Sentinel Comics RPG
That sounds like an intriguing ruleset. I'd be interested in trying it out.
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Sat 23 Dec 2017
at 22:26
IC: Sentinel Comics RPG
I'd check it out, I had fun playing a few rounds of the card game and like the characters, and a less finicky MHR (for online play, MHR was pretty simple around a table) sounds great.
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Sat 23 Dec 2017
at 23:05
IC: Sentinel Comics RPG
Love the characters! I'd be interested in taking a shot at this.

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Sun 24 Dec 2017
at 02:50
IC: Sentinel Comics RPG
I'm interested.
White Cat
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Thu 28 Dec 2017
at 23:01
IC: Sentinel Comics RPG
Okay, I've opened up the game.

link to another game