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Mon 25 Dec 2017
at 03:16
WoD: Shattered Heavens
I had this idea of a WoD game set during the First Age of the world. The idea behind it is the game is set during the War of Wrath, when the Elohim split. Each player makes a powerful lesser Elohim who leads a small tribe (either individually, or together) a tribe of mortals during the war with Heaven. Now, this is a cross-over game.

Some players can pick to play supernatural members of the tribe. Perhaps the tribe is wolf-blooded, or perhaps as one of the chosen of the Elohim.

The game will be very High Fantasy, inspired by Tolkien's Similrillion and it will mess with the WoD canon from the present day. It won't include all the gamelines (either its too far in the past, or they don't exist in that form in this setting) and will include a lot of my own interpetation, but it is also partly up to the players to suggest world building elements, and to shape the setting with how they decide to run their tribe during the War of Wrath.

I would run this with the Chronicles of Darkness ruleset, using background material from Werewolf: the Apocalyspe: Shattered Dreams, and Demon: the Fallen. Any one itnerested in this unique setup?