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IC: Slayers - A World In Chaos (a BTVS themed game)
I ran this game for a few years on this site, but my job changed and I couldn't keep up with it.  Well, my job has changed again and I have more time for posting.  So I wanted to see if there would be any interest in a game like this.  Any interest at all out there?

Game Title: Slayers – A World In Chaos
System: MnM2e (primarily d20 with the feats, damage, and a few powers of Mutants & Masterminds 2nd edition)
Players Wanted: 4-6
Campaign Starting Level: PL5
Expected Posting Rate: Once or Twice a week

Through the annals of history there have been many, but only one at a time.  Only one warrior against evil, only one strong and pure enough to battle those who fed off of humans, only one who could handle the power, only one…. Slayer.  But then a very unexpected thing happened.  A Slayer with all of the remarkable attributes a Slayer can have, had something extra.  Friends.  Through the mists of time, Slayers had always been isolated, but this one wasn’t.  And it made her stronger.  The sum of the parts, really was better than the one extraordinary person.  And so this extraordinary team did something unimaginable.  It continually thwarted the Powers of Darkness

And don’t think the Powers of Darkness haven’t noticed.  They had been on the verge of winning this war, several times, only to have defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.  They have most certainly noticed, and they have decided to get serious, deadly serious.

Additional Player Detail:
The area around New Orleans has been identified as an area with evil in many layers.  Specifically the little known city of New Bordeaux (fictional), just north Of New Orleans on the other side of Lake Ponchartrain, is the epicenter of evil in the area. The city gives off an aura of both “newer” evil – Vampires and such; and a much more ancient malevolent evil.  Because of this, a team is being sent there.

In game terms this will be a little unusual in that characters will not all start at the same level.  The team being sent will consist of a Potential Slayer(PL5),  and a support person(PL3).  Think of the support person as less fighter, more scholar/teacher/guide/tech support.

I would like the other characters to be people living in New Orleans that end up meeting and helping the team – eventually becoming part of the team; new white hats if you will.  These characters will start at PL3, but they will advance faster than the other characters – at least until they reach a level close to the Slayer.

This game is designed to be mature.  This is a post high school game so all of the characters should look and act like adults.  The New Orleans’ characters should have an adult reason to be in New Orleans (job, college, etc.).

You do not have to be a Buffy aficionado to play this game, it may actually make it better to have a few people that aren’t familiar with the Buffyverse.  The goal is to create a running action-packed horror story where the characters come together to destroy evil in all forms.

The next section contains spoilers related to the TV series

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
Buffy/Angel Canon information:
If you are a Buffy aficionado,  here is some general information.

This will take place after Season 7, but before season 8 (in print).  We will probably use some of the basic concepts from Season 8 – Slayer squads across the world, Slayer Central in Scotland, etc.  But the occurrences of Season 8 haven’t happened, yet – and may never happen depending on what I decide.  Think of this as season 7.5

I will probably try to stick with the previous events in the television show.  However, I reserve the right to deviate if I think it enhances the story.  Oh, and the first four seasons of Angel happened as well – once again, reserve the right to change things if I think it helps the story.

In the wake of Sunnydale, CA’s destruction Buffy, Giles, Willow, Xander, Dawn, and others are reforming the Slayer landscape.  While there are areas with a major influx of Slayer representation (New York, Tokyo, Italy, etc.), there are other places that could use Slayer representation, but not an entire squad – which leads us to our New Bordeaux destination.

For those of you familiar with the series, the support person could be Watcher like, but they don't have to be.

If anyone cares the Canon characters will probably make cameo appearances for entertainment value.

House Rules / Restrictions:
No evil player characters – period.

No lone wolves.  This setting is built for a team effort, so people going off on their own won’t fit very well.

Rules Set – Standard MnM2e – This will primarily be a D20 system with the feats, combat mechanics, and powers of MnM2E; because I think they lend themselves well to an online game.  MnM2e can be very Powers light.  I think this rules set will provide a fine working back drop for the overall story, which is the most important thing.  So don't be discouraged if you don't know MnM2e; I can absolutely help you through it.  Playing your character is way more important than any numbers crunching.

Hero Points – In the beginning the white hats (PL3) characters will not be allowed to take the Luck feat, the Slayer will be allowed to have one rank in Luck.  As characters progress this will change.

Powers – I would like to stick with what is available in the standard MnM2e book.  I think we have plenty of options within the book to have a great time.  I anticipate the PL3 characters will have no or minimal powers to start, but I am open to ideas.  However, the PL3 characters may potentially gain powers/abilities as the game grows, if it fits the overall story.

Lethality – While some of the best Buffy storylines involve death, I do not aim to kill off any player characters.  It doesn't seem fair to me to put so much time into a character and then have them ripped away.  However, bad things can still happen - as any Buffy fan knows there are things worse than death. :)  But even if bad things happen I still foresee the ability to continue to play your character.

Impervious Power– I am not a big fan of Impervious in this setting for player characters.   Once again, open to ideas, but it would need to be very convincing.

Magic – Can characters use Magic?  Absolutely.  I don’t think it makes sense for the Slayer, but for one of the support personnel, or for a local who will eventually join the group, absolutely.  I think PL will be a factor in how much the character understands in the beginning, but as they gain experience their knowledge can grow.

I am hoping this game can essentially be a campaign game.  I see the first “season”, and I think subsequent seasons, as 12 or 13 episodes.
For several reasons:
1) I do think I will stick with a “Big Bad” or Bads per season.  So the conclusion of each season will hopefully be the defeat of the “Big Bad”.
2) The number 13 just seems like the right number of episodes for this genre, doesn’t it?  
3) The original Buffy season was 12 episodes long, it’s kind of an homage to the first season

Eventually the PL level will increase, not quite sure if it will be by season or not.
Which may lead to offshoot groups in other areas of the world, but that is much later down the road.  For now, I think everyone should understand I see this as a campaign came ad infinitum.

You may like this game …..
If you like the whole idea of an action packed horror campaign game.
If you look forward to role playing heroes when vampires need staked, demons need to be defeated, and evil cultists need to be stopped.
If you like a game that keeps moving and won’t get bogged down if someone is unable to post.
If your focus is role playing and not crunching numbers

You may not like this game …….
If you like to spend weeks of real time building a relationship with other characters in game before you see any action.
If you don’t like the idea of the GM posting for you under any circumstances, even if it is just to keep the game moving.  Side Note:  I hope this is obvious, but I don’t intend to post for players in any extremely critical or life threatening situations – unless the player has just disappeared.
If you are easily offended by some horror themes.  While I don’t want the story to be about excessive violence, graphic sex, etc.  this is going to be a horror themed game.  So if you don’t like seeing/reading about torn throats from vampires, decapitations, murder, mangled bodies, sexual situations (both heterosexual and homosexual), etc.  you may not like this game.

Mature Game – PG13/occasional R Rating – I want the focus of the game to be the story, not any graphic violence, sex, etc.  Think of the imaginary limit as what can be shown on TV (on non-MA channels), or in a newspaper.  So, I am not saying there can’t be any, there certainly was a fair amount of it in Buffy & Angel.  I just want everyone to walk in knowing I do not want that to be the focus.

Please see the text below Copied from: /help/?t=faqs  to get an idea of the Mature game policies.

Adult and Mature Games

As there seems to be ever-lingering confusion about Adult and Mature games and what the responsibilities of the GMs and players of such games are, we thought we'd take the time here to try to explain some of it.

What is Mature Content?
What we consider to be Mature Content is spelled out in our Mature Games Policy1 (located in the FAQs area under Site Policies).  Please read them carefully and rMail the moderators if you have any questions.

Do I have to hide or restrict access to Mature game materials?
No.  We consider "Mature" simply to be a warning that some may consider the game "too intense" or that the GM is expecting a high level of quality and maturity from their players.  Mature materials however are merely that: mature.  In no way should content be included in a Mature game that younger audiences should not read.  At no time should the content of a Mature game go beyond what could be printed in a common periodical, such as a local newspaper.

What's the minimum age required to play in or run a Mature game?
Because there is no Restricted Content (as defined by our Policies) permitted in a Mature game, there is no need for a minimum age.  The GM of a game is, of course, allowed to set a minimum age for their game and enforce it as they like.  If, however, the content of the game is such that children should not be exposed to it, the game must be rated Adult, without exception.


1Mature games are games which have (as some minor portion of them) mature themes, strong language, drug use, and/or extensive violence.  Mature games use the Mature Content flag to warn potential readers that some of the game material may be considered offensive.  Despite this flag, Mature Games must remain suitable to all ages.
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IC: Slayers - A World In Chaos (a BTVS themed game)
I'd love to play in this theme of a game, but is there a reason you're not using the actual Slayers system that was made for the anime?  It fits quite a lot better with how its magic system works.
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IC: Slayers - A World In Chaos (a BTVS themed game)
I am also interested.
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IC: Slayers - A World In Chaos (a BTVS themed game)
In reply to Redfoxmagi (msg # 2):

Two reasons:
I already have a ton of game material created and the thought of converting it all seems daunting.

I am not fond of learning a game system as I GM it.  Enough questions come up as it is, I would hate to have to consult the rule book all of the time.

However, having said that it can't hurt to take a look, especially if it handles magic well.  I take it you are referring to the ruleset created by Eden Studios?  That is the only one I could fine online.  Thanks.
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Wed 7 Feb 2018
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IC: Slayers - A World In Chaos (a BTVS themed game)
Edited: Crap, nevermind.  I totally didn't realize what you were talking about initially.  Mixed what we were talking about.

That being said, I'm still interested now that I realize the misconception.  I also love the Buffy/Angelverse!

My question about the locals that you are talking about is do you want them to be mundanes at first?  I already have a character concept in mind, but I developed a rich backstory for him about the supernatural his family comes from, so he may already have a bit of ability to him which may not be what you want right off the bat from what I was reading.  So, I thought I would confirm if that would go against what you're looking for?

This message was last edited by the user at 03:21, Wed 07 Feb 2018.

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IC: Slayers - A World In Chaos (a BTVS themed game)
In reply to Redfoxmagi (msg # 5):

I did look at the Eden Studios info last night.  I wouldn't call it a full review, but I did do a flyby.  One thing I did like is the White Hats having more Drama Points than the Heroes; that is a nice twist.  I like that.  I intend to incorporate that into this game somehow.  I have already created some rules around Magic via the flaws in MnM2e that act very similar to the Magic in the Eden game.  I do think the Power descriptions in MnM2e give players a more ready made/game balanced options.  I am going to stick with MnM2e,but I intend to do another review or 2 of the Eden rules to see if I want to borrow anything else from them.

To your question I would rather the non-Slayers start with minimal powers.  Translated into game terms I would set a max Rank of any power at 2 to start; preferably 1 or completely latent to start.  And then as the character experiences the Buffyverse they would start to grow.  However I don't want to completely shut down a great character idea either.  Let's see what kind of ideas you come up with and we can go from there.

You and Rothos have shown a serious interest.  I would like to have at least 3 players to start.  I will get things posted in the official game thread in the next day or two and see if we can drum up a few more good candidates.

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IC: Slayers - A World In Chaos (a BTVS themed game)
I have opened up the game for business.  Here is a link to it.
link to another game

Send and RTJ if you are still interested.  Hopefully I will see you there.