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Wed 31 Oct 2012
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Week of 18-23 March 1925
The house in Barking was secure for the night, and indeed it seemed like Gavigan, Tewfik and the Black Brotherhood forgot about them.

Several of the group had already departed for London the previous evening to make different arrangements.

Darlington was able to report that the belief was that the Americans had departed for home and the police were no longer wishing to contact them. JM, Karlheinz and Dr. Weston were of course all unknown to both police and the Brotherhood. The Count had used his real name at the hotel but Darlington did not believe he was being actively sought. At any rate, his town house did not come under attack nor was anyone suspicious seen loitering thereabouts. There was still no sign of Phil Webley or Howard Lampton, dead or alive.

Using his time, JM asked his agent friend to look for houses for rent somewhere along the Naze or in the estuary. He had no such luck, although he did locate a cottage to rent near the beach at the north end of Walton-on-Naze. The 2 shallow-draft shoalwater boats could launch from the beach or nearby marinas, use motors to transit the Naze headland, then row up the shallow estuary waters to the estate. There was about a half-mile of beach below a short cliff, probably not wide or long enough for the Vimy Commercial plane but sufficient for the Brisfit.


He did find something disturbing... there were a half-dozen farms within a mile of al Misr House, owned by different local families. Formerly owned, that is. During the Flu Epidemic, most of these farms lost several family members each. Those that didn't lost others to farming or traffic accidents. All in the same period, from 1920 since al Misr House came into Gavigan's hands. One family just disappeared in the night. After, these distressed properties came into Gavigan's hands at a very reasonable rate. And in this fashion, there were no neighbors to complain about monthly rituals.


The Count returned to London and arranged for range time at the gun club. The two Egyptian fellows, Haji and Faruk, met up with them to get some practice on the Lewis guns.

Out at Lympne, Karlheinz prepped both aircraft for use. He armed the Brisfit, just to be on the safe side, but also filled the fuel tanks of both aircraft. He prepared to paint over the ID markings of both aircraft, as well as tone down their usual livery.

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Thu 1 Nov 2012
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Re: Week of 18-23 March 1925
JM will share what information he gathers with the others.

He will offer Miss Fuller a ride in the Brisfit if she'd like.
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Thu 1 Nov 2012
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Re: Week of 18-23 March 1925
In reply to John-Marc Falcon (msg # 2):

Molly took up the offer to ride in the Brisfit in a heartbeat and grinned while doing so.
Karlheinz Bergmann
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Thu 1 Nov 2012
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Re: Week of 18-23 March 1925
Grumbling in German, Karlheinz disarmed the Brisfit, dismounting the guns but keeping the mounting mechanisms in place.
John-Marc Falcon
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Fri 2 Nov 2012
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Re: Week of 18-23 March 1925
Oh leave the guns... women like big... guns...  :)