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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
Looking at the police files it's hard to find a definite pattern of the 24 suspected and confirmed victims until a few dots are connected.

The 3 confirmed victims share the same Modus Operandi: resided in London; all were addicted to drink or opiates (Opium, Morphine); last seen alive at the BP Club; bones broken and single killing blow to the heart with some kind of spiked weapon. (The preceding constitutes the MO.)

These 3 confirmed victoms of the "Soho Slayer" were the last reported missing (November, December, January) and all were later found in the Thames (see below).

The method of killing is the only common element between confirmed and suspected victims.

Many varied somewhat in the MO, not all have been identified (and therefore their residence was unknown), there are possibly other victims, etc. Also, Barrington was going over death notices because autopsies were not conducted in many of the supposedly accidental deaths.

Of the remaining 21 suspected victims (who fit only part of the above MO):

1) They share the same wounds, which is why Barrington included them in the
"suspected victim" category.

2) Most (but not all) were poor, foreigners, and/or addicts. Both sexes, from the late teens to the late 60s, many different races.

3) Out of 24 (confirmed/suspected) about half (11) had their last known residence confirmed as somewhere in London, a third (9) from cities and towns around England and even Wales and Scotland and Ireland, the rest (4) were last address unknown (possibly foreigners or travelers without documentation).

4) Many of the bodies of suspected and all the confirmed victims (12 total) were found dumped in the Thames. 10 more were found alongside road or rail lines NE of London (the furthest one being found on the outskirts of Colchester). 1 was found offshore by fishermen off Mersea Island, one washed up by Felixstowe. Almost all of these deaths were ruled as traffic/rail/boat-related accidental deaths, not foul play.

5) The victims all went missing at a rate of 1 or sometimes 2 a month stretching back to at least 1923, on a regular schedule or interval of unknown significance.

6) The 3 confirmed victims were the last 3 to go missing and the last to be found (all in the Thames). One went missing on 19 November 1924, 19 December 1925 and the last 17 January 1925. No one yet is reported missing in February and March. The first two were middle-aged prostitutes, (Daisy Blackmun, Sarah Riley) and one a Morphine-user (Kieran Kemp). A "Rashid Ka'im Basara" was reported missing on 16 February 1925, whereabouts unknown.

7) Each confirmed victim was found 8-10 days after disappearing. Time of death difficult to determine, possibly 24-72 hours prior to discovery. For suspected victims, where data exists, the pattern seems to be similar. No suspected victims who exhibit the common MO of death went missing for less than a week.
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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
From the top:

Fourth Floor
Third Floor
Second Floor
Ground Floor

From the top:

Sixth Floor
Fifth Floor

The is also a roof terrace that is the same size as the floor below. Sorry its so simple, but any questions just ask.


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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
The books are:

Africa's Dark Sects, (English)
G'Harne Fragnents, (English)
Book of Dyzan (English)
Liber Ivonis (Latin).

The scrolls will take additional time to decypher. JM read an earlier scroll and now knows some kind of mystic ritual called "Body Warping of Gorgoroth" of unknown purpose. This cost him a small measure of mental equilibrium to read.  There are fifteen scrolls, primarily in Arabic (6) and Latin (4), with some in Medieval French (2), Old English (1) and Egyptian Hieroglyphs (2).

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Re: Clues and Reference Thread

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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
They had the two cases, containing 40 stick grenades. One crate of 20 Mauser rifles, another with 20 Lee-Enfield rifles. Several thousands of rounds of .303 and 7.92x57mm ammunition. There were 5 Luger pistols and 15 magazines, but no 9mmm ammunition.

In addition, there were 2 well-worn Stokes trench mortars but no ammunition. Further, in another crate there was a Lewis gun with 4 magazines in canvas pouches.

Roster for the raid on al Misr House

Imran Singh - Lee-Enfield rifle, .455 Webely, 6 grenades
Cynthia Holloway - 20ga. Hunting Shotgun, 10 ga. pump shotgun
Molly Fuller - Luger '08

Major Storm (NPC) - Winchester '94, Colt M1911, Colt Peacemaker, 1 grenade
   Faruk (NPC) - Lewis Gun + 1 drum, Luger '08
   Haji (NPC) - Luger '08, 3 spare ammo drums

John-Marc Falcon -  Lee-Enfield rifle, .455 Webley revolver, 3 grenades
   Karlheinz Bergmann (NPC) - Broomhandle Mauser, 3 grenades

Count Bathony - Fedorov Avtomat rifle, 2 Grenades
   Tom Perkins (NPC) - Scoped Lee-Enfield rifle, 2 grenades
   George Perkins (NPC) - Lee-Enfield rifle, 2 grenades
   CSM Will Jones (NPC) - Lee-Enfield rifle, 2 grenades

DS Darlington (NPC) Lee-Enfield rifle, .32 revolver
   Pelkingham (NPC) Lee-Enfield, .455 Webley revolver
   Sykes (NPC) H&H .375 Magnum Hunting Rifle, .32 revolver
   MacLeod (NPC) Mauser Kar98, .455 Webley

Dr. Weston (NPC) - 12 ga. Hunting shotgun
   Darragh O'Shaughnessy (NPC) - 12 ga. Sawed-off shotgun, 1 grenade
   Tim O'Hara - .22 revolver
   Sid McInnes - .32 revolver
   Tam Morgan - .38 revolver


3x flat-bottom river boats with outboard petrol-powered motors (8 persons ea.)
2x rental lorries (transport from London and to the mansion area)
2x private vehicles (the Count's van, JM's Ford flatbed)
1x Bristol F1

JM nods.  "Concentration of force is perfectly fine with me then Major, Count." He bows slightly to each man.  "We have blue, green, red and yellow flares.  Blue is we are attacking, green is we are withdrawing back to the boats, red is the enemy are headed your way and yellow is we have departed the island.  What do you think of that Major?  We'd need an equal set of signals for you."

He nods to Singh; <Blue>"We'll want to get bags for sure for the grenades, ammo and other gear we'll need.  The guns will need to be wrapped and concealed while we move to our target as well as a small satchel or pack for each of us to carry ammunition and grenades.  Then there are a few boats to procure."

"I saw we put one group outside the landward entrance to the island to bottle up the enemy.  They can also make a secondary assault to divert attention.  Then we go across in the boats with a few stout fellows to help us."  He looked to Major Storm; "I'm not sure where to set up the machine gun for the best firing?  It seems like it might best be used to fire at the gate area as part of a diversionary rush across the bridge.  I'm not sure if it will be of much use in close hand work clearing rooms of cultists."

The Count studied the photographs of the estate.

"It would seem the obelisk will be the focus of any activities, an educated guess of course. It should be the primary point for us to rally to after the element of surprise is lost. In that regard a long range volley on the principles of this cult namely Gavigan and Teweik would be a good reason to give up our advantage of stealth."

"Then to secure the mansion where I would suspect the captives are being held if they are not already present at the ceremony.".

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Re: Clues and Reference Thread

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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
You regained a number of texts that you previously lost, and gathered some more material. Some artwork and statuary was taken from different locations, as well as photographs of artwork that was impossible to take (like in the basement of the Penhew Foundation museum).

Important Cult-related Books:

The Pnakotic Manuscripts - English translation - ? Weeks Study. 15th Century AD, large bound manuscript.

Selections De Livre D'Ivon - French commentary on a Latin text - ? Weeks Study. Very confusing and muddled, an earlier reader left a marginal note in Medieval French suggesting he believed it to be written by someone named Eibon long before the rise of the Pharaohs. It describes part of his travels and exploits in unknown lands (possibly in dreams) and the blasphemous beings and monstrous gods that live there.

People of the Monolith - English Book (Bound in something unnatural; Cthulhu Mythos Roll needed when handling.) - 1 Week Study. A long and rambling poem written by Englishman Justin Geoffrey. From "People of the Monolith":

They say foul things of Old Times still lurk
In dark forgotten corners of the world.
And Gates still gape to loose, on certain nights.
Shapes pent in Hell.

The Monolith is a primordial black stone somewhere in the mountains of Hungary, and the bestial People worship the monolith with sacrifices. Geoffrey was committed to a madhouse in England shortly after the poem was written and he is still alive.

Life as a God - English book (Bound in Human Skin) - 1 Week Study. Describes an Englishman's descent into madness over a hundred years ago as he becomes a Priest in the Brotherhood of the Dark Pharaoh. Located somewhere in the UK, unknown exactly where. Egyptian motifs seem prevalent, no mention of sub-Saharan Africans or Africa.

Africa's Dark Sects: English Book by Nigel Blackwell - ? Weeks Study. Published in 1921 but already in poor condition (spine cracked, pages torn and dog-eared, copious marginal notes in unknown language. End plate inside the book cover indicates this copy belonged to the Harvard University's Widener Library. (The investigators learned Jackson Elias contacted the library to locate the book but found the book had disappeared. That is, literally disappeared from one minute to the next.)

g'Harne Fragments: English, by Sir Amery Wendy-Smith - ? Weeks Study. Published 1919. Medium-sized volume.

Book of Dyzan: English, author and publisher unknown - ? Weeks Study. A medium-thick parchment bundle.

The scrolls will take additional time to decypher. JM read an earlier scroll found at Tewfik's and now knows some kind of mystic ritual called "Body Warping of Gorgoroth" of unknown purpose. This cost him a small measure of mental equilibrium to read.

There were fifteen scrolls found at the Penhew Foundation, primarily in Arabic (6) and Latin (4), with some in Medieval French (2), Old English (1) and Egyptian Hieroglyphs (2). Ten seem to be poems and epistles in praise of the Dark Pharaoh and the Bloated Woman, possibly his mate or counterpart.

Five scrolls appear to be specific rituals of another sort. They have names such as Summon Winged Traveller and Summon Leprous Rabid Dog of the Dark Pharaoh (Egyptian Hieroglyphics), Bind Walker Beyond the Walls of Creation, Curse of Azathoth, The Casting of Dreams (Standard Modern Arabic).

Found at Tewfik's Spice Emporeum:

A papyrus scroll (Body Warping of Gorgoroth).
An ornate mirror in a golden frame.
a robe (black silk with inverted ankhs), skullcap and metal ankh of an unknown alloy.
Two sceptres of a strange black metal.
Two red-brown sandstone vials. One contains syrupy red substance, the other a black powder mixed with small rubbery crystals.

Found in the Penhew Institute basement:

Africa's Dark Sects, (English)
G'Harne Fragnents, (English)
Book of Dyzan (English)
Liber Ivonis (Latin)

Fifteen assorted scrolls.

  • Many photographs were taken of paintings and artwork of bizarre and unnatural creatures, the originals being too many and too bulky to take.
  • A jar with some kind of black powder inside, perhaps an oxide.
  • Enough food and supplies for two to three days.
  • Several passports for Gavigan under different false names (several for the UK, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, Imperial Russia, Hungary, British India, British Kenya).
  • Hundreds of pound notes in different denominations.
  • A .32 revolver and a box of 30 bullets.

Carved wood chest with two daggers.

Two cases. The larger one was very heavy, and was addressed in English (and presumably Chinese script):


Attention honourable HO FONG".

The smaller case was addressed:

Randolph Shipping Co.,
Port Darwin, Northern Territory
Dominion of Australia

Personal to Mr. Randolph

From al Misr House

Literally piles of paintings and statuary, depicting the Dark Pharaoh in many aspects.
Copious cult-related jewellery (inverted ankhs, etc.) and black silk cultist robes.
A fat ledger detailing cult-related shipments over the last three years to Ho Fong in Shanghai and Randolph Shipping in Darwin. As well, many more to Cairo, Alexandria, Nicosia, New York, Bremen, Dublin, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Odessa, Leningrad, Calcutta, Los Angeles and Havana. Much is of substances like Turkish Opium and hashish, surplus rifles, but as well gold, silver and gemstones, tobacco, morphine, spices, textiles, etc.
Over 100 occult-related books, texts and scrolls.

Study Times:

Cynthia Holloway: Has read Selections de Libre d'Ivonis. Not the complete work.

Dr. Weston: Has read both People of the Monolith and Life as a God. 3 more weeks of study on Gharne Fragments.

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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
How to use Mythos Tomes:
  1. Reading Mythos books directly increases Mythos Knowledge by a set percentile.
  2. This takes a variable amount of time per Investigator, listed times are averages.
  3. Those percentiles earned are also directly subtracted from max SAN.
  4. Mythos tomes can also be used as tools to research subjects that are within those specific books.


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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
Egypt Information



ROGER CARLYLE, the playboy whom everybody knows – or knows about – is quietly leaving New York tomorrow to check out the tombs of Egypt! You’ve seen the cuties ROGER has found in the nightspots. Who can doubt he’ll dig up someone – er, something – equally fabulous from the Egyptian sands?




Led by the fabulously-wealthy playboy Roger Carlyle, the Carlyle Expedition departed this morning for Southampton aboard the crack British steamship Imperial Standard.

Contrary to earlier reports, the expedition will perform researches in London under the auspices of the Penhew Foundation before continuing to Egypt next month.

Readers may recall the enormous party which Mr. Carlyle, now 24, gave at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel upon reaching his majority. Since then, scandals and indelicate behavior have become Carlyle’s trademark, but he never has become tarnished in the eyes of Manhattanites.

Members of the expedition have been reluctant to reveal their purpose in Egypt.


Renowned Egyptologist Sir Aubrey Penhew is assistant leader of the team, and in charge of excavations.

Dr. Robert Huston, a fashionable ‘Freudian’ psychologist, accompanies the expedition to pursue parallel researches into ancient pictographs.

Miss Hypatia Masters, linked in the past to Carlyle, will act as photographer and archivist.

Mr. Jack Brady, intimate to Mr. Carlyle, accompanies the group as general factotum.

Additional members may be secured while in London.




CAIRO (AP)---Sir Aubrey Penhew, temporary spokesman for the Carlyle Expedition, indicated Monday that the leaders are taking ship to East Africa for a “well-earned rest.”

Sir Aubrey debunked rumors that the expedition had discovered clues to the legendary wealth of the lost mines of King Solomon, maintaining that the party was going on safari “in respite from our sandy labors.”

Roger Carlyle, wealthy New York leader of the expedition, was unavailable for comment, still suffering from his recent sunstroke.

Discussing that unfortunate incident, local experts declared Egypt entirely too hot for Anglo-Saxons at this time of year, and suggested that the young American had not been well-served by his democratic enthusiasm, rumored to have led him to personally wield pick and shovel.




MOMBASA (Reuters)---Leading members of an American archaeological expedition arrived here on holiday from digs in Egypt’s Nile Valley.

Our Under-Secretary, Mr. Royston Whittingdon, held a welcoming dinner for them at Collingswood House, where the wit of Sir Aubrey Penhew, expedition co-leader, was much in evidence.

Accompanying Sir Aubrey are two Americans, youthful financier Roger Carlyle and medical doctor Robert Huston.

The party leaves inland tomorrow, for Nairobi and hunting.




MOMBASA (Reuters)---Uplands police representatives today asked for public assistance concerning the disappearance of the Carlyle Expedition. No word of the party has been received in nearly two months.

The group includes wealthy playboy Roger Carlyle and three other American citizens, as well as respected Egyptologist Sir Aubrey Penhew of the United Kingdom.

The expedition left Nairobi on August 3, ostensibly on camera safari, but rumor insisted that they actually were after legendary Biblical treasures.

Carlyle and his party reportedly intended to explore portions of the Great Rift Valley, to the northwest of Nairobi.




MOMBASA (Reuters)---In response to clues, Miss Erica Carlyle, sister to the American leader of the lost Carlyle Expedition, arrived in port today aboard the Egyptian vessel Fount of Life.

Several Kikuyu-villager reports recently have been received concerning the putative massacre of unnamed whites near Aberdare Forest.

Miss Carlyle declared her intention to find her brother, regardless of the effort needed. She brought with her the nucleus of a large expedition.

Detaining agents to coordinate supply and other activities with Colony representatives, Miss Carlyle and the remainder of her party depart for Nairobi tomorrow.

Her companion, Mrs. Victoria Post, indirectly emphasized Miss Carlyle’s purposefulness by recounting the rigors of the voyage aboard the Semite ship.

---NEW YORK PILLAR/RIPOSTE, March 15, 1920



NAIROBI (Reuters)---The massacre of the long-missing Carlyle expedition was confirmed today by district police representatives.

Roger Carlyle, New York’s rollicking playboy, is counted among the missing.

Authorities blame hostile Nandi tribesmen for the shocking murders. Remains of at least two dozen expedition members and bearers are thought found in several concealed grave sites.

Erica Carlyle, Roger Carlyle’s sister and apparent heiress to the Carlyle family fortune, led the dangerous search for her brother and his party. She credited Kikuyu tribesmen for the discovery, though police actually found the site.

Among other expedition members believed lost are Sir Aubrey Penhew, noted Egyptologist; New York socialite Hypatia Masters, and Dr. Robert Huston. Many bearers also are reported dead.




NAIROBI (Reuters)---Five Nandi tribesman, convicted ringleaders of the vicious Carlyle Expedition massacre, were executed this morning after a short, expertly-conducted trial.

To the end, the tribesmen steadfastly refused to reveal where they had hidden the bodies of the white leaders of the expedition. Mr. Harvis, acting for the Colony, cleverly implied throughout the trial that the massacre was racial in motivation, and that the fair-skinned victims were taken to a secret location, there to suffer the most savage treatment.

Miss Erica Carlyle, defeated in her efforts to rescue her brother, left several weeks ago, but is surely comforted now by the triumph of justice.



August 8, 1924

Dear Jonah,
Big news! There is a possibility that not all the members of the Carlyle Expedition died. I have a lead. Though the authorities here deny the cult angle, the natives sing a different tune. You wouldn't believe the stories! Some juicy notes coming your way! This one may make us all rich!

Blood and Kisses,

P.S. I'll need some advance money to follow this up. More later.

2. The Nairobi Notes of Jackson Elias. Sheathes of paper stapled together in 8 paper-clipped sets, covered in one side in neat block handwriting.

SET ONE of the Nairobi notes sets forth the offices, officials, and tribes which Elias visited in Kenya, searching for material concerning cults and cult rituals. Nothing conclusive was learned, though Elias discounts the official version of the Carlyle massacre.

SET TWO describes his trip to the massacre site. He notes particularly that the earth there is completely barren, and that all the tribes of the region avoid the place, saying it is cursed by the God of the Black Winds, whose home is the mountain top.

SET THREE is an interview with a Johnstone Kenyatta, who says that the Carlyle murders  may have been performed by the cult of the Bloody Tongue. He says that  the cult reputedly is based in the mountains, and that its high  priestess is a part of the Mountain of the Black Winds. Elias is politely sceptical, but Kenyatta insists upon the point. In quotes, Elias records that regional tribes fear and hate the Bloody Tongue, that tribal magic is of no protection against the cult, and that the cult's god is not of Africa.

SET FOUR follows up on the Kenyatta Interview. Elias confirms from several good sources that the Bloody Tongue exists, though he finds no firsthand evidence of it. Tales include children stolen for sacrifice. Creatures with great wings are said to come down from the Mountain of the Black Winds to carry off people. The cult worships a god unknown to folklorists, one fitting no traditional African pattern. Elias in particular cites 'Sam Mariga, rr-sta.'

SET FIVE contains a single page reminding Elias that the Cairo-based portion of the Carlyle itinerary must be examined carefully. He believes that the reason which prompted Carlyle's Kenyan side trip is on the Nile.

SET SIX is a long interview with Lt. Mark Selkirk, leader of the men who actually found the remains of the Carlyle Expedition, and a Kenya hand since the Great War and the fight against the resourceful von Lettow. Importantly, Selkirk says that the bodies were remarkably undecayed for the length of time which they lay in the open - "almost as if decay itself wouldn't come near the place." Secondly, the men had been torn apart, as if by animals, though what  sorts of animals would pull apart bodies so systematically he could not  guess. "Unimaginable. Inexplicable." Selkirk agrees that the Nandis may have had something to do with the episode, but suspects that the charges  against the ringleaders were trumped-up. "It wouldn't be the first time:" he says cynically. Finally, Selkirk confirms that no Caucasians were found among the dead - only corpses of the Kenyan bearers were scattered across the barren plain.

SET SEVEN is another single page. Elias ran into Nails Nelson at the Victoria Bar in Nairobi. Nelson had been a mercenary for the Italians on the Somali-Abyssinian border, and had escaped into Kenya after double-crossing his employers. Nelson claimed to have seen Jack Brady alive (March of 1923) in Hong Kong, less than two years before Elias was in Kenya and long after the Kenyan court declared that Brady  and the rest of the expedition were dead. Brady was friendly, though guarded and taciturn. Nelson didn't press the conversation. From this report Elias deduced that other members of the expedition might still live.

SET EIGHT discusses a possible structure for the Carlyle book, but is mostly featureless, with entries like "tell what happened" and "explain why."


"Gavigan? That's not ringing any bells. Penhew... isn't that those people in London that fund archaeological work? Maybe he mentions them somewhere in his notes; he sent me a big batch from Nairobi...

"As you know, Jackson had this idea of doing a book about the Carlyle Expedition massacre. I'm his publisher, so of course he kept me appraised of developments...

"He sent me this letter in August. Here, let me read it to you...

"I received those notes a bit later...

"Yes, he came in by steamship from London on the 13th, to my knowledge.

"Jackson sent me the notes, and a bit later I received a wire from him from Hong Kong -- he really was travelling a lot -- asking for an advance, which of course I sent.

"The next I heard from him was in the middle of December. He wired from London.

"The wire said he'd been to China -- I knew this already from the Hong Kong telegram -- to Africa of course, and to London for a few days, where he'd dug up a lot of material...

"Jackson said he'd seen unbelievable things, and mentioned some kind of plan or conspiracy of global proportions. He said there was a timetable for this, er, plot, and that he needed to find the missing pieces. But he didn't say anymore, just that he would be in New York soon.

"The last I saw him was on the 13th, when he dropped by...

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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
Cynthia's research reveals the following facts:

  1. The massive yet insubstantial figure in the background of the painting, overlooking the ritual, is a god called "The Bloody Tongue".
  2. The cult that worships the Bloody Tongue is located in Africa, especially Kenya.
  3. The Mountain of the Black Winds is supposedly in Kenya according to legend, but it's not certain where.
  4. There is mention of the ancient and powerful race of "Serpent Men". They walked the earth hundreds of millions of years before the age of man. They worship a god named "Yig".
  5. The bluestone statuette of the man-bat thing is of a god or great old one called "Cthulhu", supposedly imprisoned under the sea in the sunken city of R'lyeh.
  6. There doesn't seem to be any connection between this Cthulhu and Africa, oddly enough.
  7. This statue has something special and mystical about it, supposedly it can give power to one who wishes to cast spells.
  8. The large and corroded brass statue is of a god called "the Bloated Woman". This statue can aid in the casting of a spell to contact the Bloated Woman.

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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
Cynthia recalls that the statue is of the upper torso of woman with Asiatic features demurely hiding behind a fan, and the bottom torso is a formless mass of grasping tentacles and hungry mouths.

9) The Bloated Woman is mainly worshipped in China, and this is where the crate's shipping label said was the point of origin.


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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
Americo Stroppa:

John-Marc Falcon
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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
Very cool!
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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
In reply to John-Marc Falcon (msg # 48):

My Noni was a handsome devil, all right!

John-Marc Falcon
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Fri 7 Feb 2014
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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
.303 ammunition TypeAmount
Mark VII317
W Mark I Armour Piercing207
NCZ (VII.B) Mark III.z Incendiary410
R Mark III Explosive294

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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
Probably worth keeping note of this. Can't imagine we'll use it again, but who knows.

Faraz Najir, crazy old bookseller was in contact with Carlyle regarding the Black Pharoah before he disappeared. Najir helped in a break in into an unknown pyramid of the black pharoah, where a mystic tambourine, and the bust and crown of the black pharoah were stolen. They were stolen by (from?) Omar Shakti, leader and thug of the Brotherhood of the Black Pharoah. Seems we've recovered the bust in the Al-Misr house. The statue is still with us.

Tewfik (who we also encountered in London) wanted Najir to steal the girdle of Nitocris from the mosque of ibn Tulum. This would be used to resurrect the Queen of the Black Pharaoh, who is the consort and priestess of the Black Pharoah, aka "Nyarlat-hotep". The girdle has black, upside down Tjet (or ankh) of Isis". The mummy of Queen Nitocris is already missing, connected with the disappearance of two local police.

Some historical information:
In the waning days of the Third Dynasty as a powerful priest and prophet known as "Nepren-ka" appeared, preaching of the Black Pharaoh, an early, foul god worshiped prior to Ra and the other Egyptian gods. He seized power from the descendants of Zoser and declared himself Pharaoh. It was then both Nephren-ka and the Black Pharaoh became one in the eyes of the people, although they may have been the same prior. The Black Pharaoh was eventually defeated and banished by the ruler Sneferu (who established the 4th dynasty) with the help of Isis. Almost all references to Nepren-ka and the Black Pharaoh were then extirpated but his cult survived in the lands beyond the last cataract.

In the Forth Dynasty, instead of destroying the body of the Black Pharaoh, Sneferu had it entombed in the first pyramid he built. An unusual measure as this was normally a sign of respect. I believe it was so that Egypt could be yet protected from the still-powerful corpse. This structure failed in construction and is now known as the Collapsed Pyramid, at Medium. The body was moved to Sneferu's second pyramid, the Bent Pyramid at Dahshur. No expeditions or research has discovered these remains, if they exist at all any more.

Nepren-ka was said to possess a great and terrible beast, of which the Sphinx of Giza is staid to be a small, inaccurate representation. The voice of Nephren-ka was also said to have been carried across the land by a mysterious Black Wind, which also destroyed at his whim.

Later, Queen Nitocris of the 6th dynasty was also a priestess who spread worship of the Black Pharaoh anew. She attempted to resurrect the Black Pharaoh but was thwarted and killed herself. But not before causing the deaths of many nobles and priests who opposed her in a massacre. The Great Pyramid of Giza is also said to have played an important function in her foul rituals.

Some say the Black Pharaoh was but one god of a pantheon that predates the gods of Egypt, likely by the name of 'Nyarlat-hotep. The Black Pharaoh created many bestial manlike creatures as servants and worshipers, of which their forms may be seen on walls and tombs as men with beast heads. They are said to exist still deep underground or in the desert, waylaying the unwary.

There is a prophesy that the Black Pharaoh shall arise again "fingers and toes" after the Great Good One. Many believe this refers to the prophet known as Jesus of Nazareth. A new age will then begin with the downfall of Man's Dominion upon the Earth. Freedom and a stark, mad truth will descend on the worshipers of the Black Pharaoh, both human and inhuman.

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Bahadir Sahin
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Wed 3 Sep 2014
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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
Three names that he supplied are-

Ahmed: Great Market, maker of leather goods

Sayid the Persian: Street of the gold sellers

Mahmoud ibn Mohammed: street of antiquities sellers

He also spoke of M. Besart.

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The Keeper
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Wed 3 Sep 2014
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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
In reply to Bahadir Sahin (msg # 53):

Warren Besart is a Frenchman who was Carlyle's agent. The French embassy might know his location.

Cynthia Jane Holloway
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Wed 18 Feb 2015
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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
Open Leads:
1) Visit where Queen Noticrus's mummy was kidnapped, using the museum's bona fides.
2) Find the European researcher who is probably still in Cairo (msg 783)
3) Probably walk in some of these pyramids because there's ALL sorts of resurrection things going on in there.
Molly 'Mungo' Fuller
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Fri 20 Feb 2015
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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
In reply to Cynthia Jane Holloway (msg # 55):

I like numbers 1 and 3
The Keeper
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Wed 18 May 2016
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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
In reply to Molly 'Mungo' Fuller (msg # 56):

-The Mirror of Gal

There appears to be inscriptions on the back.

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Cynthia Jane Holloway
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Thu 22 Sep 2016
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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
Clive Expedition originally included: Sir Clive, the archaeologists Martin Winfield, James Gardiner and Johannes Sprecht. Sir Clive is somewhat taken by the occult, so accompanying us is Agatha Broadmoor, a noted London psychic or so I gather. Johannes is also knowledgeable about the occult. Later added Jan Van Huevelen, who came on in Cairo (and was later fired).

There's a crazy bag lady in downtown Cairo who feeds cats and talks to strangers.
The Keeper
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Mon 24 Sep 2018
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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
The Keeper:
In reply to Molly 'Mungo' Fuller (msg # 56):

-The Mirror of Gal

There appears to be inscriptions on the back.

The Mirror of Gal

“An ornate mirror with a golden frame. The frame is subtly asymmetric; strange figures have been worked into it.” From the ancient Sumerian: “Šen-šen ___ gal”, “The Mirror/Wrath of the Great ____” The Mirror of Gal is a Babylonian artefact and more than 3000 years old. It is made of speculum metal (a grey-white mix of 2/3 copper, 1/3 tin, adulterated with arsenic, which will hold a high polish), and so lacks a glass. The golden frame is a much more recent addition, being French Rococo of the early 19th century (the mirror was retrieved from an Egyptian tomb by Napoleonic archaeologists). Unpleasant, asymmetrical demons replace the more conventional cherubs. There is an inscription in cuneiform on the back, made with punches before the metal was completely hardened, which identifies the Mirror as “The Mirror (or Wrath) of the Great ___” but the symbol where the God or King’s name should go has been chiselled out. The cuneiform inscription continues that the Mirror was made in Lagash and is a gift from King (Lu-gal) Bur-ra Bu-ri-ia-aš to his “brother”, King of Egypt, Ne-Nefer-Ka-____ (the symbol which should represent the patron god of this pharaoh is likewise destroyed). “When the King my Brother wishes to view his enemy, anoint the mirror with
Ub-ra-an (The sound of the drum of heaven: ub – drum; ra - to strike, bang; an - sky, heaven). When he wishes to strike his enemy, anoint the mirror with Ga-bé-se-gal (the milk sacred to/from the shrine of the great howling/buzzing one: ga – milk; bé - buzz or howl; se – shrine, sacred, dedicated to a god; gal – great, supreme). Let there be no misunderstanding between us.”

The Keeper
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Mon 8 Apr 2019
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Re: Clues and Reference Thread
Newsreel about the Carlyle expedition: