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Mon 24 Oct 2016
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02.02: Dream_Sequence - Agnes
In the dream, Agnes was in a small white metal cage, high above the city.  The door was unlatched and the cage rocked back and forth, back and forth.  There was a slight sense of uneasiness, a discomfort, but not an overwhelming concern.   Somewhere below, a child cried.  Not frustrated or hurt;  It was just... hungry? tired? finicky?

Trapped at the top of a non-moving ferris-wheel rather sucked.

They'd been there for nearly half an hour, and it didn't look like the wheel was going to move anytime soon.  But the sky was darkening quick in a vista of oranges and reds, magenta and mauve interwoven over the western edge of the city.

Agnes could see for miles.

The trouble with fractals, A young man's voice came from above her, is that no matter how many times you do it, the results will always be just that little bit different.  Randomness in motion.

Agnes felt her neck snap back with startlement, and she found a man in blue jeans and a dark shit standing atop her cage, hands on hips as he looked down at her, completely and utterly unafraid. He had the kind of leonine grace that suggested overwhelming confidence.  Dark skin, darker eyes, and black hair down to his shoulders.

"How many times have you been here, I wonder?"  he asked as he'd been carrying on conversation with her the whole time.  "How many times have you opened that door and fallen to your death all in the hopes that you could fly?   More importantly...  How many times have you flown?"

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02.02: Dream_Sequence - Agnes

Agnes did not care for being startled.  Even in a dream, it made her a little angry.  It was a power play, a tacit threat.  And it was rude.

If one had good intentions, you did not generally open with a threat.  Which was why she leaned her hand against the metal of the cage.  She gathered charge and held it..in case.

If she were alone, she might enjoy the sunset before getting herself down in one of the dozen ways that sprung to mind.  Using magnetism to climb along the shaft of the ferris wheel,  using the unbridled might of her magic to turn the wheel until she could leave.   Sending a message to one of her allies--they might tease her forever, but they would get her down.

"Who are you?" She asked,  There was a morbid determinism that suited his understanding of fractals. It was a poet's understanding: too much metaphor, and not enough math.  But right now she was too much a soldier to have this discussion with entity that might not even be real.
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Sun 6 Nov 2016
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02.02: Dream_Sequence - Agnes
I am a traveler.  One of the Kali Strata.  I was gifted with the terribly dramatic and grandiose name... Tom.  he grinned.

He moved along the white metal cage, plopped himself down on the edge, letting his legs dangle over the edge.  Actually, I've no idea how I got here.  But I'm intrigued.  You built this.  All of this. He gestured around him.  It looks like... Detroit?  The scene of a battle between corruption and redemption.  And you've chosen a point where you see the big picture.  It's more than most can see.  Are you dependent on those who control the machine?

Above, a Vee of nine birds flew West to East, one trumpeting a call of pride or desperation to any who would hear.
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Sun 6 Nov 2016
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02.02: Dream_Sequence - Agnes
OOC: Do I need a Lore roll for the Kali Strata?  Because I haven't the faintest idea what that is.

"I see." Agnes said calmly, as she looked out at the scenery that had created.  "This is a dream, then."   The air was clear on the top of the wheel.  But the dream air was more still than a real sky.

She relaxed a little.  Not much, not when she had..company so close to her psyche.   Agnes put a hand on the Iron wheel.  The lights around her hand flickered to life.  Just as they were wont to do in real life, particularly when she was thinking about some complicated problem.  "No. I am not." She commented with quiet certainty.  Faith in the deep strength of iron.  Confidence in bright power of air and lightning. "I can make the wheel turn."

"What are the Kali Strata?" She asked thoughtfully as she watched the birds.  Geese?