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Mon 24 Oct 2016
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02.03: Dream Sequence - Erik
When the scream died away, Erik was left standing in the hallway, soaking wet.  The brothers had gone running off, and the silence that followed settled in with a cold dampness that threatened to chill the soul..

The doorway was open.  The apartment within had long since been abandoned, it's door resting ajar on only one set of hinges.  The deadbolt had been torn off, a flash of brass on the floor a couple of feet inside.

It had been a one-bedroom suite, once.  The couch was ragged and showed evidence of fire-damage on one side.  A small stiff breeze rustled Erik's hair, and it smelled vaguely of lavender.

A step inside showed the collapsed ceiling over the remains of the galley kitchenette.  Shredded wood-paneling was scattered all over.  Brown and black mold crept up the far wall, toward the washroom.  But it was the darkened smears leading from the middle of the floor, across the once-white carpet into the far doorway that caught Erik's attention.  Blood.  Ancient and dried.  This was the site of something ugly.

Erik released the safety on the rifle and took a further step inside.

"Get out of here!" A woman's shrill voice called out from beyond the little hallway...  Presumably from where the bedroom was.    She had that frantic tone that said she was on the edge of hysteria.  "You've no right to just bloody walk in!  Get out or... I'll--I'll shoot!

She didn't sound convincing.  Only scared.

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Tue 25 Oct 2016
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02.03: Dream Sequence - Erik
Erik's head spun.

What's going on? How did I get here?  He tried to pull up the memory of right before he entered the apartment... who was he with?


Why did he have a gun?!?  He's never used a gun before.  He looks down at it, but then his head snaps up at the woman's voice.  His eyes narrow.  Something is wrong, but he could not quite put his finger on what.

He edged towards the sound, keeping his senses alert.  He may not have used a gun before, but he has been in a fight and some bad situations.  He cautiously headed towards the bedroom.  Hugging the wall as he went.  When he got there, he crouched and looked around the corner.  No need to expose his head at eye level.
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Sun 6 Nov 2016
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02.03: Dream Sequence - Erik
The door to the bedroom was set in a shallow hallway, opposite the door to what was once a washroom, but now opened out onto an empty space overlooking a crumbling courtyard.

Erik edged to the door and looked in, finding an immaculately kept bedroom in pinks and purples.  A four-poster bed with white chiffon draped over it.  There was a white four-drawer dresser on the far wall, and a large mirror.

Through the mirror, Erik could see the woman crouched down between the side of the bed and the wall.  She was dirty, with auburn hair that had probably once been wild, but now was tangled with ill-fitting dreadlocks.   She clutched something to her chest--but it wasn't a gun.

She tried to push herself further into the corner, and her eyes grew wide as they met Erik's through the mirror.

"Who?"  she asked softly, then her visage changed "I will not fall for your tricks!  I may not be able to stop you, but I will not bid you enter.  No matter your visage, this entrance is barred to you.
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Mon 7 Nov 2016
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02.03: Dream Sequence - Erik
Something tickled his brain.  Something about not allowing him in...  there was nothing barring him so he could just walk right in... unless... he was supernatural creature.

"You think I am a monster?," he says, "A shapeshifter?  Ok... I'm not.  I shouldn't be, anyway, but I can seem to pull together what I was doing 20 minutes ago.  So.... this is messed up."

He scratched his head.  Think was not his strong suit.

He puts down the gun as he stands in the doorway but he doesn't cross yet.

"Something is wrong," he squints at her image in the mirror, "A wizard friend once told me to be careful with mirrors.  So, maybe you should look at me with out it."

He decided not to mention that he could look at her directly then too.  She also may not be what she seems.