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Mon 24 Oct 2016
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02.04: Dream Sequence - Matt

In the dream, Matt ran through long corridors, surrounded by great works of art, golden-framed mirrors and ancient paintings of old, distinguished ladies and gentlemen.  The polished marble floors made his footsteps echo with a stern clack-clack-clack.   Footfalls were lonely sounds.

With mounting frustration, Matt flew past the rooms on this level, the archways all opened out onto bare rooms, devoid of furniture.  Some had doors that opened onto balconies, terraced gardens and more.  He could see them.  He knew that there world out there was vast and alien and different:  more purple than green.   But she wasn't out there yet.

He wouldn't still be running if she'd left the building.  He'd have known.    It couldn't be all for naught.

Distantly, the strains of "Love is a Many Splendored Thing" played.  It was a wistful song by a forgotten band. One of her favorites.

As Matt ran, he noted that one of the rooms--how many had he passed?--had furniture in it.   From the archway--there were no doors--he could see an ornate gold and red chaise lounge pushed against the edge of the wall.  Scarlet and gold fabric had been draped over a curtain-rod over the window, blowing into the room in long swaths.

Furniture meant life.

Finally, it was something different!

And then there were voices, indistinct, but definitely people.

Love is a Many Splendoured Thing

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Tue 25 Oct 2016
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02.04: Dream Sequence - Matt
Matt glances up, down, and to each side. No easy way to sneak appears. Making a virtue out of a necessity, he stalks through the arch proudly. If he can't hide, let him be seen!

His gaze drifts around the room as he looks for the source of the voices. With dream logic, he scans the ceilings as well as the floors.
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Sun 6 Nov 2016
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02.04: Dream Sequence - Matt
As Matt stepped into the room, the lighting changed.  Dramatically.  Outside, it went from daylight to a dusk, rife with purples and blues, memories of light almost forgotten.  Inside, the lights grew warmer, the subtle incandescence of flame and oil lamps.

There was a crowd of people, all with their backs turned to him.  They wore costumes, mostly of red and gold, though some chose black and silver.  They were arrayed in two groups, several rows deep, ordered, and with an aisle down the middle, roughly three men across.

At the far end of the room, a raised dias with three chairs.  The two large chairs, ornate and wrought of dark wood accented with gold trim and red cushions, were unoccupied.

A third chair, set forward and below the two... royal chairs.  This was occupied by a lady all in silver.  Great folds of silk and organza, nearly obscured her gender.  She leaned back and held to her face a half-moon mask on a stick, pale and gaudy.  The colors of the moon matched that of her flesh, though the detail was difficult to discern from his distance.

And behind the woman, a tall thin man in a black dancer's outfit, tight pants and a tight shirt, accented in silver, cavorted.  He lunged first to one side, then the other, he rolled then jumped, he laughed--and it was guttural and harsh--and he sang in a curious falsetto, though the words were lost upon Matt.

"The time has come."  The dancing man stopped.  He reached up and grabbed his black hair, and pulled himself forward.  His head and neck came away from his body like wet fabric being pulled from a sculpture.  The face underneath had high cheekbones and ascetic lips, eyes that seemed hawkish in their intensity.  "One by one, approach the Lady, like strange moons circling through the sky.  Show her who you truly are... and what you truly want..."
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Mon 7 Nov 2016
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02.04: Dream Sequence - Matt
The Lady. The Matriarch. Grandmother of grandmothers. Daughter of the ancestors before her, and carrying their authority. Matt's heart filled with love as he moved forward, smoothly, as if he wore skates.

The others had their patterns and alliances. Matt wore olive and chestnut, the colours of his scales, and bowed his deepest respect, moving to lay prone, then coil as a python. He bares his nearly 400 fangs in a loving grin, and his markings shift like oil and water to appear as keys and locks.

And now he's a naga. Human torso melding into serpent body at the waist.

"I am, as I alwaysss have been, your child. Your ssservant. Though I sserve in my own way.

And that is all I sssseek. To serve the family. Opening and closssing doorss as needed. Fetching or burying treasuresss. Delivering messssages and building alliances. Marrying into a family that needs to be drawn clossser in our coils. Earning your pride. Becoming worthy of your love."