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02.05: Dream Sequence - Sean
"There are thirty-seven pages to the King, Mr. Neely.  the voice in the darkness said.    Hardly worth presenting, don't you think?  The words scalded him in memory as he roused from sleep.  From one level of a dream to another?  On some level, he was aware that he was dreaming.

Sean found himself in the fifth floor of building he was familiar with.  At the same time, Sean knew he'd never actually been there before.  The stainless steel double-doors beyond reminded him of a meat-locker.  He paced back and forth while Elyse screamed.

He wanted to go to her, to hold her, to pray with her, but he wasn't family, and wasn't the father, and he wasn't allowed in.

This was the third time she'd been through this.  the first two times were failures--stillbirth.  But Elyse was insistent that this time she'd bring her baby boy to term.  Even if it killed her.  And he'd felt that familiar chill go down his spine.

There was a long period of relative quiet, then a man in scrubs came out through those double-doors.

Mr. Neely.    The man lowered his mask, revealing the five-o'clock shadow and haunted eyes.  I have good news and bad news...

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02.05: Dream Sequence - Sean
Pacing his path back and forth Sean tried to ignore his instincts screaming that things were about to end badly and kept glancing towards the merciless doors. What sort of place thought that look was what people wanted whilst they waited somewhere like this? A couple of times he tried to sit but every scream sent him upright again, roaming the corridor as an alternative to his desired choice of barrelling into the room.

The sound of those doors opening riveted his attention instantly, staring at the man striding out eager for information. That eagerness faded with the first words spoke as Sean almost saw the shape of the future forming before him. Swallowing to rid the dry feeling in his throat before he spoke he replied, "Please, tell me."
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Sun 6 Nov 2016
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Re: 02.05: Dream Sequence - Sean
The child has developed enough that she can survive outside the womb. the doctor said.  His mouth was a thin crease of tension as his eyes scanned Sean's face.  But the tumor has grown to the point where it is pressing on Elyse's heart.  A C-Section will have a traumatic impact on her already weakened immune system.  But surgery to remove the tumor has a high level of risk to the baby as well.  In light of the fact that she does not have family and is unable to make the decision in her current state of mind...

The doctor shook his head.  At best, we've got six to eight hours before the tumor will put too much pressure on the aorta.

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Re: 02.05: Dream Sequence - Sean
Resisting the urge to suddenly drop back into his seat Sean paled but even as he did so he could feel himself pulling away from the situation. This was not about reacting to it emotionally. It was about doing what was logically right in this situation.
The first fact was if this child was born and doing so killed its mother it would have no one. Elyse had no family. Sean could not look after it since he had his own responsibilities. He would be choosing to place the child into the system which was not quite the hell some might think but would still be something he had chosen to put the child through.
The second was as unpleasant. If he chose to prioritise Elyse's life over her child's that would not have been the choice she would make. He could not permit himself to take her choice away in the matter. Irrational, illogical and emotional as it was he knew her feelings and that even if this child did not kill her physically if it died so she lived that would cripple her mentally. So the choice was unfortunately simple.
Simple, not enjoyable.
"C-Section. She'd be more worried about the kid than herself." His voice was flat and held no room for questions. Resting a shoulder on the wall as he made that decision Sean hoped it covered the fact that he was having trouble standing after vocalising that choice.