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Mon 21 Sep 2015
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01.01:  Derby Line, Vermont
It hadn't taken long for them to move from New York to Vermont.  Maybe a five hours drive.   But there had been preparations to be made, as Spohr seemed to have been working on a timeline.

Given the way he'd sworn vengeance, their involvement had put a kink in his plans for Lydia. But Lydia hadn't been very helpful. She didn't know what his plans were, other than she was to go through the Divestion to clarify who she is.

After a lot of talk, Noah had been able to edge Lydia to coming up with a couple of names.  At one point, Lincoln (Spohr) had said that Maggie was going to like Lydia.  He'd also made mention that they'd probably stay in "Stan's barn".  Thin leads, but something, anyway.

They were a full week before the solstice ceremony in Stanstead.  The colors in the area along the 49th Parallel were in full bloom and the tiny community was abuzz with activity.

Derby Line was a quaint little town that was a tourist attraction in it's own right.  Nowhere else was one city divided into two, one in each country.  Much of the traffic ran further north, to Rock Island and Stanstead Quebec, where the festival was going to be.

It was days before summer officially began, but it was already hot and humid.  The wind blew westerly, toward Lake Mephremagog, a dry, itchiness a delicate contrast to the cheery rows of flower-pots, the cluster of bright oak and poplars that lined many of the roads.

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Wed 14 Oct 2015
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01.01:  Derby Line, Vermont
When the Stanstead Stones were first erected, they were designed to be a modern Stonehenge, a perfect indicator of the seasons, such that the stones shadows aligned perfectly at the right times of the years.

But it had also been erected with the foreknowledge that there were enough mystics, wiccans, pagans and downright real magic-users out there, that the stones would become a place of power during those times.    The solstice and equinoctes celebrations brought an enormous influx of revenue to the local communities--Stanstead, Derby Line, Rock Island, even Cedarville and Lindsay Beach on the edge of Lake Memphremagog, home of the alleged lake monster, Memphre.

With only a couple of days before the Solstice, the US and Canadian Border Patrols had extra staff on, because everybody was crossing into Canada.  Many were crossing back and forth more than once a day.

After 9/11, many of the side-streets had had ten-foot tall chainlink fences erected to prevent illegal immigration both ways.

Vanessa had agreed to do some shopping, and said she'd meet up with the group in Canada, as the Way she knew would put her on the edge of Weir Memorial Park, a little north of Cedarville.  She'd call someone once she'd made landfall.
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Thu 15 Oct 2015
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01.01:  Derby Line, Vermont
Okay...  So...

It's been a couple of days since the showdown with Spohr in New York.  You've had time to prepare and you've made it to Derby Line.

What now?   Do you go right to questioning local residents?  Do you go on to Stanstead?  Do you shop for supplies?  Do you book into a hotel?  Do you seek out your contacts in the area?

I am rather expecting you guys to drive the story for a little bit.   I'm not going to railroad you at this point.  It's not an open sandbox, but you do have free will.  So.  Make stuff up.  Ask me questions, tell me what your characters are doing.

And, once again... did you bring Lydia?

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Fri 16 Oct 2015
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01.01:  Derby Line, Vermont
Opting to book himself in at a hotel despite his transportation having a sleeping option, in large part because them all arriving and staying in the same vehicle would make them slightly more obvious than staying in an actual building, Sean entered Derby Line driving carefully as he pondered their upcoming task. The drive had given him a fair amount of thinking time but drawn very few conclusions, mostly due to the vagueries about whatever this Sophr might be planning. The odds were that there was a connection to the upcoming Solstice given the insinuation he had a timeframe but that still did not provide enough information.

OC: On my side GM checking into a hotel, booked for a few nights. Not somewhere especially fancy but probabaly a chain owned one as those tend to be a bit more businessly detatched about their customers and so unlikely to nosey too closely into the group. Also this close to the event accomodation may be tricky. Anyone wanting to arrive with him can easily bum a lift but he'll suggest that not all of them enter the city as a group since they're eclectic enough to draw some notice.

Sean is pretty much good to set off as soon as he's got clearence from on high so will try to get into town ahead of the main group so he can start trying to see what sort of organised crime they've got rolling around in the area, AKA start trying to mitigate the penalty for using Contacts in a new area. Rather than jumping right to questioning local residents about specifics he'll put some time into pulling off a touristy look for himself, doing a bit of idle shopping; noseying around the town and where possible picking up on what gossip he can.

Lydia - putting it to group opinion. Sean's points on it would be that Sophr likely could have gotten her if we had not intervened where she currently is. The flip side is bringing her close to him provides opportunities for her to be abducted and gives us an extra concern.

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Tue 20 Oct 2015
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01.01:  Derby Line, Vermont

Agnes would vote no for bringing Lydia.  She's expecting some magical trouble, and doesn't want an innocent person to be accidentally hurt if a warlock start slinging some evocation magic.

I think Agnes would stop back at her base in Boston to talk to Warden McManus and pick up some supplies.  And then she would go visit Will Knight.

(Got back from my conference very early this morning.  I can expand later if I need more detail)
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Thu 22 Oct 2015
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Re: 01.01:  Derby Line, Vermont
At this time of year, days before the Solstice festival, your motley isn't, actually, terribly out of place.

The Derby Four Seasons is right in Derby, just of Hwy 91 a little before Derby Line.  The Border Motel is right in Derby Line, as is The Top of the Hill.  There's nothing to stop you from crossing the border into Stanstead, and staying at The Ville De Stanstead, though there is already a fully-booked house at the B&B Cosy.   There is camping set up in Stanstead, around the stones themselves.

Most of these hotels are pretty booked, but I'm sure you can manage to arrange something for accommodation.  Based on Sean's recommendations, your best bet is to stay in the Four Seasons in Derby, a mere 5 minutes drive from Derby Line.

The area is pretty low-key for criminal activity, but smuggling and illegal border crossings tend to get the most attention.  In the past several years, there's been an increased amount of alcohol smuggling.  Liquers from Quebec, mostly, coming into the US.  Since the events of 9/11, there is a much higher border patrol presence.  Derby Line / Stanstead may have been a quaint little town before, but it's become noticeably more militarized in the past decade.

At this time of year, there are an enormous amount of tourists.  A lot of people dressed up in vaguely hippy-style, clothing reminiscent of a couple of generations before.  There's even people walking around wearing wire and mesh "fairy wings".
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Thu 22 Oct 2015
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Re: 01.01:  Derby Line, Vermont
Agnes, let's put Will in Coventry, Vermont... putting him about 20 minutes out of town.
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Thu 22 Oct 2015
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Re: 01.01:  Derby Line, Vermont
In reply to Control (msg # 7):

Sounds good!

Does anyone want to travel with Agnes?

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Thu 22 Oct 2015
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Re: 01.01:  Derby Line, Vermont

I have no interest in playing out a scene of preparation with McManus.  What kind of things do you wish to talk about with him, and what kind of supplies are you after?

For that matter... what kind of things do you want to talk about with Will Knight?    If this is just a basic fishing expedition, we can talk about what you've asked in prose, perhaps roll to set up an assessment or a declaration that you can use down the road.

If we treat it as prose, we can do a basic run-down of what you're looking for and what he gives you.  But I'm also expecting you 9all) to offer "wouldn't it be cool" elements to discuss it.  The more you make such declarations, the more you take the burden off my shoulders.

However, if you want to RP out a scene with Knight, I'd like you to take someone else along.  Noah, Sean or Sayid...

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Thu 22 Oct 2015
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Re: 01.01:  Derby Line, Vermont
In reply to Control (msg # 9):

Okay,  I suppose there will be things that I won't want to role play so it will even out.   How does this work if the contact is hiding something?  Do I get perception rolls to tell if he is being forthcoming?   I don't think McManus or Warden Svenson will likely hide anything, but for future prosing--how will it work?

 I'd like to talk to Will Knight (since I went through the trouble of writing him up), so I guess I'll wait to see if anyone wants to do visit the Spider Flock with Agnes.
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Fri 23 Oct 2015
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Re: 01.01:  Derby Line, Vermont
My angle on this is the same as having Sean working a thread where he asks Master Da for advice...  It's one-on-one time in a solo-thread that doesn't really contribute to group dynamics at this stage.   Prosing it out also allows us to avoid spending months of real-time on a solo thread that should precede a concurrent thread.

So...  Who's up for a trip to Agnes' contact, the Spider-Farmer?