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The Scene
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Fri 23 Oct 2015
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01.02: Coventry / Knight's Spider-Farm
Coventry Vermont was the very picture of small town life.

Big houses lining well-manicured lots, even though many of them were patchy and dry.  The spring had been a dry one and already there were water-restrictions in play.  But the sun was out and the folks on the road outside the Coventry Post Office or the Community Center seemed cheerful enough.

The Spider-Farm was a little North of Coventry proper, where Heermanville Rd crossed over the river.  It was set up on a little hill overlooking the town.  And while Knight had set it up so it had a sort of country chic, advertising the wide variety of spiders he had on-site, it was still a country farm.

The farm was closed to visitors that day, despite the tourist potential in the area.

Knights' wife, Emma, had taken suddenly ill and had been rushed to St Johnsbury for immediate care.  She'd returned that day, after an emergency appendectomy, and was convalescing while Will and his daughters set about preparing the Farm for the tourists.

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Tue 27 Oct 2015
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01.02: Coventry / Knight's Spider-Farm

Agnes showed up in little blue boxy looking old car with a faded 'I brake for turtles' bumper sticker.  It was, of course, a much older model. Few evocation wizards could handle a car with even power windows.   She drove carefully, checking her directions as she pulled her car to the weedy curb.

She looked relaxed, almost on vacation, as she stepped out of the car.   Possibly because she wasn't wearing armor or obviously wearing a weapon--a rare occurrence these days.  But it was warm out and she was trying to blend in, so she dressed in jeans and a tee shirt.  She looked like someone headed to a yoga retreat.

Except for the fading bruise and healing scar peeking out from under her sleeve.  A minor souvenir from their recent encounter with the Warlock Spohr.

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Wed 28 Oct 2015
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01.02: Coventry / Knight's Spider-Farm
The Marshal opens the passenger door, the spurs on his boots clanging softly as metal hits stone.  His long coat settles as he rises imperiously from the car, spare hand immediately raising his worn hat to settle upon his brow. He closes the door with a care, the caution and consideration of someone who realized how loud and obnoxious a slammed car door was-- especially on older cars. Agnes might look relaxed and at ease, The Marshal never did. Aside from the oddly antiquarian fashion... His vibe was all business and cold subtle menace (the later less subtle if one were to note the holstered pistols concealed by his jacket.

Practiced eyes make a scan of the farm and it's surroundings. He nods once to himself, then to Agnes, indicating that he'd follw her in this. Her lead/contact and all.
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Thu 29 Oct 2015
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01.02: Coventry / Knight's Spider-Farm

Agnes gives Sayid a little enigmatic smile.   Did he always wear the spurs?

She had to give him credit--he didn't even blink at the mention of a spider farm.   Even she thought it was pretty..unique.

She lifts her face sunward, and faint breeze stirs as she 'sniffs' the magical signature.   A description of magic was almost a finger print.   It would be rude to linger and examine the delicate wards without knocking.

Not that it was likely she had the wrong place.  How many spider farms could their be in Vermont?

Agnes walks up the drive casually and knocks on the front door.

OOC: Does Agnes know about Knight's family emergency?
The Scene
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Fri 30 Oct 2015
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01.02: Coventry / Knight's Spider-Farm
Yeah, I'd thought of that later.  Let's say that they'd set a time, but it had to be rescheduled, and this is the rescheduled meeting... That justifies her knowledge of what's gone on.

The farm itself was something of a mish-mash with a stately old south style manor at the head of several buildings.  It was complete with columns and a large verandah that n the length of the place.  As they pulled up, a little girl with mroe blonde hair than face visible, jumped off of a swinging love-seat, and ran through the entrance, leaving the screen door rattling as it closed.

On either side, sort of like extended mandibles or wings, a series of sheds and utility buildings clustered together.  Some, they could identify fairly easily: Chicken coop, garage, farming garage, some sort of open works-building (mechanical bits strewn around various tables), a fairly small barn, and a couple more sheds.

But they all seemed pretty dour an uninteresting, except for the building at the end.  A large red barn in the classic red and white style.  Classic Americana.  Of course, this had parking for twenty or more vehicles along the side, and several displays that would have been lit-up had the farm been open to tourists.
Will Knight
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 Agnes Contact
Fri 30 Oct 2015
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01.02: Coventry / Knight's Spider-Farm
A couple of moments later--just as the Marshall  gingerly closed the door, a figure appeared at the door.

An older man, medium to average build with red hair faded now to grey.-   He wore baggy pants and suspenders over a pale grey shirt buttoned to the top.  He had the air of someone both generous and given to showmanship, though he also seemed subdued.

Two young faces appeared at the screen door, the mop of blonde hair that had run inside earlier--perhaps five years old--and another one, almost twice her size, hung back.

You the ones Svenson sent along?  He called out, in a smooth baritone that was surprisingly loud.  There was neither threat nor promise in the question.  Simply a curiosity.  He stood to one side of the porch, at the top of the four stairs leading up to the house.    'Cause I gotta warn you...  I've got lemonade."
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Fri 30 Oct 2015
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01.02: Coventry / Knight's Spider-Farm
"You Knight then?" The Marshal replies, tone matched evenly and just as free of threat or promise. "I'm The Marshal" The man introduces himself, something about the tone implies it's as much name as it is title-- Agnes of course privy that it is, because it's the only name that he knows for himself. "This here's..." He trails off, allowing Agnes the chance to use her own name or alias as she might or might not prefer.