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(Agnes, Matt, Sean)


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Pretty little Tara Sincotta was psyching herself up for a round of the badger-game with Joey DiVona.  While sizing up potential marks, she couldn't help but overheard a couple talking about their foster-child... the little girl playing the rigged Basket-ball game.

Little girl Lydia had gone from one unkindness to another, and was now involved with their murder, whether they wanted her or not.   It sounded like a bad situation all around.  Tara tried to help but only made things worse.  How could Tara have known that Lydia was a were-raven fostered by were-crows?

Dragged before a Parliament, Tara learned that Lydia was the last lore-keeper of her clan, and that she was being hunted by a former Wizard who had a voice she couldn't resist.  And if Lincoln Spohr got his hands on her... All the memories of her clan wouldn't be able to help her from committing real murder.

Unkindness, indeed.

SEAN  (Shared Story)
A temporary guest of the local were-crows whilst he handled matters of trade between them and one of the tengu clans Sean was enjoying the experience. The novelty of dealing with other supernatural creatures was still nowhere near wearing out for him and the time spent with them was an education in an entirely new social structure, one which he hoped to put to use in the future.

That enjoyable experience came to something of an end when they dragged in a con artist to one of their Parliaments he recognised. Having been targeted by Tara and her partner when he first arrived in town Sean had managed to walk away from that encounter with his dignity intact and some new names to call when he needed certain assistance. Unfortunately that sort of agreement put requirements on him whether that was the intention of not and he was not about to leave Tara in that sort of situation. Or even the child involved in that sort of scenario. Though he would not voice it there was enough familiar in her situation that he was unwilling to leave her in the lurch.

Unfortunately Sean had other obligations to adhere to. Getting involved in the murder's business without offending them was a challenge but doing so in a matter like this was even trickier. Persuading them to let others get involved was a bit less of a risk though, not least because if they messed up he had other people to pass the blame off on, more importantly giving him the chance to indulge in less dangerous dealings. Like put the word out that if a certain former wizard was in town there might be opportunities for him, ones that could come with the sort of payment that would make it worth Spohr's while. Sean preferred to meet people he was going to be working against before things got messy. It was generally a lot harder to enjoy a quiet drink after conflict began.

Agnes:  (Shared Story)
Hunting down warlocks was part of a Warden's job.   It was a grueling chase through both through the East Coast and the Nevernever. There seemed to be some method to those he targeted, and Agnes had figured out enough to hobble his attempts with hastily constructed wards. But she had been slowed by helping those he had damaged in his flight, sending out call through Paranet to warn those in his path to take precautions.

 But now she was closing in--in New York City.

 While taking the right measures had saved lives, they also warned the dangerous warlock that his scheme had drawn the attention of the White Council.

A Tengu martial arts master was sent to protect the Ravens from their secret dojo in Japan.  Unfortunately, he arrive too late to save them.  Except Lydia.  Now he is training Lydia to be a similar badass. But she is driven by revenge she is impatient.

Lincoln Spohr styles himself as a rival dojo-master that can teach mystical arts from the orient (Like the Shadow, but Evil).  Also, she's about 14 and he's kind of hot:  So she's not hard to convince.  Soon subdued by his powers of mesmerism, Lydia is rescued by her kindly adoptive parents--against her will.   Her Tengu sensei was called, but while trying/and failing to convince Lydia to stay away from Spohr--their was a disturbance.  Agnes spotted Lincoln Spohr trying to induce Lydia to flee with him.

Agnes immediately engaged Spohr, but he escaped by cruelly making Agnes choose between incinerating him and protecting innocent lives.   Unfortunately for Spohr--fleeing weakens his spell on Lydia.  Clearly, the corvids needed help to break the spell on Lydia's mind completely.  But the Tengu recognizes Agnes from local art seminars, and is inclined to trust her once he gets over the shock that she is more than martial arts enthusiast.

Could she keep the were-corvids protected when they had limited patience for staying behind wards?  How did she choose who to protect when her resources were limited without a laboratory?    Refusing to use a child as bait,  Agnes needs help to lure Spohr to a battlefield where he cannot easily flee.

Matt:   (Shared Story)
Matt wasn't sure how to feel. On one hand, the Aztec Sun Stone on display at the museum was a twentieth century replica, so the trip was a waste. On the other hand, it turned out that the original weighed twenty-five tons. Even if he could get his hands on it, how would he get that to Brazil?

Logging in on the Paranet, Matt notices Agnes' warning about a rampaging warlock in the area. He fiddles around with some of his special software, then updates the warning.


Wasting some time before heading back home empty-handed, Matt browsed the comment threads. Stohl was some kind of hypnotist or mind controller, apparently. And Sean had the word out that he was looking for Stohl. That could be a deal or a trap, but either way was interesting. More interesting was the email Matt received five minutes later.

20,000 USD for Stohl's wand? Judging by the attached photo, it's made out of ivory, or maybe bone. Looks old, either way. Risky, maybe, but at least I'll be breaking even on the money front instead of being down the cost of the plane tickets for no purpose.

He sends Sean a text message, I'm in the neighbourhood. Could you use a hand?

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Guest-Starring: James & Noah
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Everyone remembers where they were when all the Red Court Vampires Died.  Well, maybe not died--but when the monsters of the world realized they were dead.  Which presumably was hours later, or a day later. But the attacks started just after sunset.  The traditional work-shift of monsters everywhere.

was in Boston, James (McManus) gave me the key to his house in Brookline before he left.  When he bought the house a hundred  years ago, the property value was a few orders of magnitude lower.  The evening commute was still going strong when there were reports of a red line car not coming in.  James had an ancient television that usually condescended to work.  It has a soft-spot for PBS and Red Sox games.   One of the Rabbi ben Rifkte's daughters, Zelda, put her finger on my bell and held it there until I came to the door.

One of the members of the congregation hadn't come home.  He called his wife and screamed and now he wasn't answering the phone.  I remember being slightly annoyed about her persistent pleasure in ringing the door bell, and more annoyed that if there was trouble, Rabbi ben Rifkte sent a nine year old to be his messenger.

I lifted my face to the wind and stepped out on the porch.   Something on the wind carried a scent I knew all too well.


I invited Zelda in, and gave her a chocolate cookie and a glass of milk while I changed into armor.  I was going to walk her home before I went into the city...

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Dispatched to open negotiations with the Wo Hop To in Boston, Sean found out that Lee Zhu was literally in bed with Jennifer Leong, the head of the local White Court.  Leong owned a sizable portion of Boston's SoWa District but she was making overtures with Gabriel Ruiz the head of the local Red Court.  So, what was Sean supposed to do when he learned that Leong had hired a little extra help in the form of an unscrupulous hit man with an army of mindless imp warriors at his disposal?  She made Sean an offer he couldn't refuse...  Submit to her unique appetites or face the imp army!   Out of his depth, finding a way out was going to require an approach different from his normal preference. Sean knew he'd need to find his own help before his first date with Jennifer Leong!

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The Harvard Museum of Natural History  was showing an exhibit they called the Magic of Cleopatra, and included in it a 2000 year old limestone grave marker which they claimed showed Isis and Dionysos with the bodies of snakes. Jacob Abeeso, Matt's older brother and an archivist at the National Library of Brazil, alerted Matt that it was actually a magical artifact placed in cemeteries to keep the dead from rising.

Matt retrieved it successfully for his family, and sent it home. It took a lot of rerouting electronics, wriggling past sensors, and no less than seventeen bribes. If he wasn't caught later on, wearing the solid gold, early Saxon beltbuckle he also lifted, there would have been no trouble at all. He expected he could still get away. No one had even noticed that the grave marker was missing, yet. But if the wrong person realized who he was, countries would be fighting over whose legal system got to deal with him first.

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With Warden McManus temporarily out of town on 'Council Business', and Agnes filling in as defacto Warden, Tomas finds himself in an unenviable position of leadership with the locally forming Paranet. When his new friends begin turning up dead, Tomas finds his phone ringing off the hook with pleas for help, reassurance, and conspiracy theories. A few divinations later, Tomas deduces that it's only a matter of time before the trio of Red Cap Bounty Hunters responsible learn that Tomas himself is the one safeguarding that which they seek-- a Denarian coin seized by McMannus and Agnes nearly five years earlier. With innocents being killed left and right, Tomas knows that hiding and running are not viable options-- but with such danger already licking at his heels, can he afford turn his back on the rumors of an actual Valkyrie squaring off against Fomor on the decks of the USS Constitution itself? What about that weird text from Agnes asking if he likes tea? Dares he try to help either, knowing the trouble following in his wake could complicate an already explosive situation? Most disturbing of all, when did he start WANTING to help?!

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Erik has been knocking around Boston for a little over a year.  He is getting kind of a reputation for not being afraid to bump back against the 'things that go bump in the night'.  He has some power and knows enough to be dangerous.  Still, he has managed to save some lives, straighten out a few fairies, and make a couple predators back off (one or two disappeared completely).  Unfortunately, his recent disruption of a ritual being performed by the Falling Tides Cult* got him some bigger attention.  Evidently, it's leader, Robin Drew, claimed to be a descendant of some demon or another, and she was performing rituals to try to increase his granddad's influence into the area.  Maybe even provide a conduit for Demon to show up itself.   Not to mention that it would increase her personal power and extend her influence over the petty criminals she already has sway over.  And now something is actually gunning for him personally.  Everything from brainwashed cultists, to second rate thugs, to summoned/hired creatures have been showing up to do him harm.  He is not going to be able to punch his way out of this one with out a little help.