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Thu 20 Nov 2014
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Intro Thread: Ace
The Doctor was a very trying person at times. He’d dragged her hither and yon about the universe, forced her to confront ghostly apparitions, possessed soldier vampire things, and turned her (almost) into a huge cat. And that was just for starters. Every time he said he was going to make it up to her, he ended up landing the TARDIS somewhere entirely inappropriate.

This made it a little difficult to believe him when he said that they were going to visit the “most fun place in the Perseus galaxy cluster has to offer.” Ace rather suspected that they would not reach it at all. Or it might turn out to be his idea of fun, which all too often included something so obscure and dull that the alternative (being bored to death) actually held some appeal.

They stood in the control room, the TARDIS shuddering as it came to a stop with the usual less than stable jolt. The Doctor donned hat, scarf, and umbrella and pulled the door lever.

“There you go, Ace! The most fun you can still have and remain both clothed and legal. Amusement parks, interactive movie theatres, total sensory experiences, conventional board games…”
He broke off and rubbed his hands. “I might enter the talent competition! It would be good to go up against decent competition. And nobody plays the spoons like I do!”

He gestured to the door. “Shall we sample a little of what the locals have to offer?”
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Fri 21 Nov 2014
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Re: Intro Thread: Ace
Ace rolled her eyes, "You can say that again Professor."  Her tone suggested that she wasn't necessarily paying his spoon playing any compliments.  "So, what should we be expecting then?  Ghosts, zombies, daleks, cybermen, ferris wheels coming to life and eating people?  Or just a good old political revolution?  Haven't had one of them in a while."  Her levels of cynicism sometimes came close to matching the Doctor's own, maybe she'd got up on the wrong side of bed this morning but she certainly seemed to be trying to find the cloud around any possible silver lining.

She settled her everpresent jacket, tugging it down at the back, and hefted the rucksack over it.  The bag thudded comfortingly against her back and a soft clanking offered the presence of something metallic within its dark confines.  "Let's get going then, don't want them to start the party without you."  She flashed a cheeky grin at the Doctor and headed out to see what particular delights awaited them here.
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Thu 27 Nov 2014
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Re: Intro Thread: Ace
"I was hoping for a coconut shy. I've never won a coconut before. I almost got eaten by one though. Huge thing. Great shaggy monster that evolved from nuts, somewhere in the Veronox spiral cluster. Had a white milky residue for blood... Looked just like a grumpy coconut."

As soon as they were outside, he locked the TARDIS and got his bearings. They appeared to have landed, as usual, in some rather pungent back alley. But without any concern, he walked down towards the sound of festive laughter at the end of the reeking street. All of which would have been fine if, half way down the alley, a crack hadn't appeared across the floor, and a sudden glare of sooty red hadn't grabbed his ankles and jerked him to the ground, trying to swallow him up, feet first. It most obviously did not have friendly intentions in mind.
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Fri 5 Dec 2014
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Re: Intro Thread: Ace
"Man eating coconuts?"  Ace's raised eyebrow spoke a world of skepticism.  She trawled her memory, trying to remember if she had ever been to the Veronox cluster or if the Doctor had ever suggested a trip there.  If not it was certainly getting added to the ever lengthening list of places she was no going anywhere near.

She shrugged and opened her mouth, about to say something more, whether about coconuts or their current destination would never be known.  "Professor!"  Ace leapt forwards, and dropped to the ground, keeping her centre of gravity low to act as a more effective anchor.  She wasn't sure what the red...whatever was, but if it was intent on kidnapping (or eating) the Doctor then it was nothing good.  Too close to the Doctor himself for her to drop a canister down that crack and encourage the resident to go back to where it came from.  No baseball bat, probably wouldn't be much use on red mist goop anyway.  Her mind whirled but her body carried on without it, crawling as close as she dared to the mist and reaching out to grab at the Doctor's hand.  Hell, she'd settle for grabbing his umbrella, it wouldn't be the first time one or both of them had been rescued by keeping a firm grip on the ridiculous accessory.
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Fri 5 Dec 2014
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Re: Intro Thread: Ace
The vortex was determined to have the Time Lord, and no amount of pulling or wrestling with umbrellas or other accessories was going to pull him free. Inexorably, he was sucked into the eye of the storm, and just as the swirling nastiness closed over his shoulders, he let out a rather panic-stricken yell. "Aaaacccc....."

Then with a rather demonic explosion, it erupted, throwing her a few yards down the street, and taking the Doctor away completely. Even the umbrella was gone.

For a long moment, nothing seemed to happen, and then there was a soft swooshing noise, and close to where the red vortex had been, another appeared, all in white. While the first had been malevolent, this one seemed almost friendly. Albeit still disconcerting.
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Fri 5 Dec 2014
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Re: Intro Thread: Ace
"Professor...Doctor!"  Ace's yell rang off the walls of the alley and she could think of nothing for a minute, not even the cold dampness of the floor seeping through her jeans.  They argued frequently and lied to each other with an ease that most people found disturbing, that was just the way things were though.  Ace could not imagine being stranded in a strange time and place without him, not again.  She hammered at the ground with the side of her fist.  "Give him back you wanker!"  There was nothing to hear her and no sign of the crack that had swallowed the Doctor, but bruising her hands made her feel better.  Ace clambered to her feet and aimed a kick at the wall for good measure.

When the white portal appeared, she was feeling...not exactly better but calmer.  Her survival instincts were kicking in, making her analyse the situation, her surroundings.  This new portal felt odd, friendly and warm.  That was almost never a good sign.  Besides, why was this thing inviting her when the other one had kidnapped the Doctor?  She glared at the portal, approaching it cautiously.  With a quick gasp, she turned to look back the way they had come, wondering if the TARDIS was still there.
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Sat 6 Dec 2014
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Re: Intro Thread: Ace
The TARDIS remained in place, looking solid, and even a little grumpy. It offered no solutions to the problem, other than to be blue and box-like.

The vortex continued to swirl, and a pleasantly aristocratic voice sounded, all refined vowel sounds and feminine superiority. "Ah, there you are. You were really hard to find, you know. Don't you know the damage you can do to your personal timeline with a vortex manipulator, especially when you have compromised DNA? Oh ... but then you wouldn't yet, would you? Forget I said anything."

There was a pause, then it continued. "Well, it seems that this is the only version of you that we can lock on to. So if you'd not mind stepping through the transportation vortex, we can get to work. I take it you did notice that the Doctor is gone? It's an awful mess, frankly. So pop over and we can talk about it all."

The air of smugness was rather grating. It did not seem to assume that there would be any option other than to do as it suggested.
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Sun 7 Dec 2014
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Re: Intro Thread: Ace
Ace took a breath, in through the nose and out through pursed lips, trying to get her thoughts in order.  Swirly vortex, or something behind it anyway, that knew what had just happened and at least thought it knew something about her.  She filed vortex manipulators and compromised DNA away for future consideration.  TARDIS still there, so the Doctor hadn't done something unexpected - getting kidnapped by odd things was certainly not unexpected for him in Ace's experience.  So that left her three options: See if the TARDIS would let her in so she could start trying to do something about the situation on her own, head off and continue as planned with festive fairground fun, or go see what this smug bint on the other side of the portal wanted.

Jacket, check.  Bag, check.  Nitro, check.
"Alright.  I dunno who you are but this is fair warning, if you've done something to the Doctor, you're going to regret it sunshine."  She squared up to the portal and waited for a response.  On one hand, it seemed like heading through might be her only real option to find out what was going on.  On the other, she wasn't in the habit of doing as she was told without question, especially when those orders came from someone sounding that smug and superior.
Sun 7 Dec 2014
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Re: Intro Thread: Ace
"Marvelous! Do hold on, this won't take long." The voice seemed quite satisfied with this situation. "You may be a little disoriented, but it will soon pass. And do not worry, I did not do anything to harm the Doctor. Far from it, I assure you."

Then, the vortex gave an almighty swoosh, and rushed forwards to sweep Ace up in its clutches, in a manner that was really quite impertinent and without warning!

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