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Eye of Harmony
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Sat 29 Nov 2014
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Who knows Whom?
I think, at this stage, it is worth a quick post to let you all know who actually knows one another at the time the game starts. You're all at different parts of your timeline, and as such, it is worth clarifying where you all are.

Victoria: you will only know the Brigadier, and even then he was Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart the last time you met.

The Brigadier: You, of course, know Miss Waterfield, but none of the others.

Ace: You definitely know The Brigadier, though he was much older and retired when you met. None of the others are familiar to you.

Destriianatos: To my reckoning, you probably do not know anybody, but I'm willing to be corrected on that, as I am not especially familiar with the comics.

Bernice: You have not met any of the others, but you know about them. Specifically, you have heard of Destrii and Ace, and do actually know the Brigadier's direct descendants.

I think that is the status quo. If not, I apologise, and will amend based on any corrections I am given. Crossed personal timelines are a beast!
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Sat 29 Nov 2014
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Re: Who knows Whom?
Ignoring the possible events of the Invasion of Armageddon game (it's out of continuity!), Destrii would only know other comics companions (Izzy and Fey), who aren't here. So, no. She might have seen something in the TARDIS or something the Doctor said, if need be, but I'm fine not knowing each other.

Equally, coming from a cut-short arc in the comics ten years ago, she's not exactly well known either. :)
The Brigadier
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Sat 29 Nov 2014
at 14:08
Re: Who knows Whom?
... I miss that game.

To be honest, if you only know older Brig you may not even recognise younger version, unless she saw some photos of him in the TARDIS or something. I know I saw the five doctors well before I saw any Pertwee; and if it weren't for the addressing of names, would never have realised it's the same character.