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Tue 14 Jul 2015
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Intro Thread: Katarina
It was all so strange, and rather frightening. Her life had been turned upside down. One moment, she was tending to her duties in Troy, and then she was thrust into matters she struggled to follow. Within a day or so, here she was, traveling with someone who seemed so much like a god, out amongst the heavens, where the gods lived their exciting and yet terribly dangerous lives!

She found it hard to take it all in her stride at times, but one thing was for sure - the Doctor, he would not let harm come to her. She had trust and faith in his wise words and his calm concern for her well-being. Even here on this... what was it called? A space yacht? A curious notion, a ship that sailed on the sky, and not on water. Yet here they all were.

She had taken a moment to step away from where her comrades were discussing the problems that faced them. A moment of solitude. A time to collect her thoughts - something she had seldom had the chance to do since leaving Troy. Yet as she did so, the sound of the engines stopped. The stars outside stood still. The air became heavy. It was as if the world had just... stopped.
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Wed 15 Jul 2015
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Re: Intro Thread: Katarina
Curiously, she ran her fingertips along the wall, finding it cold and smooth and hard. It was a metal, silvery-hued, like iron or silver, yet it was plainly too big and too light. Was it the orichalcum of the Atlanteans? Or was it adamantine, the hardest of metals, as wrought by heroes and gods? Truly this was a ship of wonders, with its altars inlaid with gems and coloured glasses, little beads of coloured horn or bone that could be moved to work magic, and panels that bore moving paintings that told plainly told important messages to the Doctor and Steven and the man Bret, though she could not read them herself. Well, of course, this was the pleasure-barge of Mavic Chen, this "Spar", enchanted to fly like a bird between the stars. He commanded more wealth than King Priam could ever dream of. He was Guardian of the Place of the Sun of the time of 4000, more than a champion or hero, but a king, even if it appeared he had turned traitor and served the evil ones, the Daleks.

The lines of the ship were perfect and straight, as if from the finest art, entirely clean, with no signs of workmanship or nature, as if it had simply appeared whole, unmade by mortal hands. It was like being in a dream or the realm of the gods. This was surely what the Place of Perfection would be like. Had she really died? To be honest, she felt alive, and she couldn't remember any Greek soldier slaying her.

Katarina had slipped away while the Doctor, Steven (not Diomede now, he had never been a Greek soldier), and Bret Vyon (who was definitely a soldier, but not a Greek) sailed the flying ship and debated their new foes, the Daleks. The altar-room had been overwhelming to her senses, the hot and fearful voices of the men disturbing. She couldn't shake the frightful face of Zephon from her mind. She left, seeking peace and simplicity, time to collect her thoughts and try to understand.

She found a panel on the wall, with a single bead set in it, one of the movable kind that worked magic. Surely it would not hurt to try...? Tempted, tantalised, Katarina traced it with a finger and, feeling so very daring, pressed it. Katarina startled as it suddenly became dark, as if a lamp had been blown out. It was the bead. She pressed it again, and there was light, emanating from the ceiling with no sign of lamps. Again and again, she pressed it: light, dark, light, dark. Katarina wondered if a small daemon raced from bead to lamp, quick as a thought, lighting and relighting. She laughed, amused and delighted by this discovery then stopped, not wanting to anger the daemon. She would ask the Doctor about it later, after the battle with the evil ones.

Then there was silence. Since taking to flight, there had been a constant hum or drone like a beehive, which she'd gotten used to until it was gone. She supposed there were rowers somewhere below the deck, and now they'd stopped. Had they returned to land and another world? She looked out the window, and still saw stars, not land or sea, and they were unmoving as they should be. The air was still and heavy. To a woman who'd found everything unnatural since stepping inside the Doctor's blue shrine, everything felt wrong.

She tried the lamp-bead again, and the lights stayed on. Had she angered the daemon?

Alarmed, Katarina started striding back to the altar-room. 'Doctor?'

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Re: Intro Thread: Katarina
The heavy air did not relent. Instead, a swirling white vortex condensed out of the air. Not a threat, it actually felt as if it had made the room feel gentler, quiet, more like the calmness of a temple at night.

The vortex spoke, the voice of a woman, refined, graceful, and assured. Indeed, it was the sort of voice that one might think came from a goddess. "I am sorry, the Doctor is not able to talk to you now. In fact, there is a problem. Let me confirm - you are the lady known as Katarina, are you not? You left Troy with the Doctor?"

A goddess who needed to confirm things was odd, they were meant to know all. But in this modern era, who knew what had changed?
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Thu 16 Jul 2015
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Re: Intro Thread: Katarina
Awed, Katarina looked into the heart of the churning vortex, reminded less of the whirlpool of Charybdis and more the gentle pool of a woodland shrine. And like the Doctor's shrine Tardis, it seemed to her to be a doorway to another world. Would this take her truly to the Place of Perfection? Or back to her home village and a family she'd not seen in over ten years?

And the voice! It sounded like Athena, goddess of wisdom and knowledge, or at least what Katarina supposed Athena would sound like right now. She almost addressed her as Athena, then hesitated. If the Doctor claimed not to be Zeus, as she was beginning to believe since he'd not hurled any lightning bolts yet then she could not say for sure who this was. She really should stop attributing gods to the strange figures she met on this journey, she reflected, at least until she knew more. Still, she performed proskynesis just in case, bowing at the waist. 'I am Katarina, milady,' she said, 'I journey with the Doctor.'

OOC: Actually, I don't think the Greek gods were meant to be all-knowing, or even all-powerful, except perhaps Zeus. Omniscience and omnipotence are largely traits of the Jewish/Christian/Muslim God.
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Re: Intro Thread: Katarina
The voice sounded very relieved. "Oh, thank goodness. I thought we'd missed you. Look, I haven't got forever. You know what the Doctor is like, always getting into trouble. Well, this time he's got us ALL into a mess. We're rounding up his friends to try to help him out. There's very few of them who have the needed qualities, but it is believed you could be an asset. Would you be willing to try? It may be dangerous, but you could save a great many lives."
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Mon 20 Jul 2015
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Re: Intro Thread: Katarina
Katarina hadn't journeyed with the Doctor very long, but she had to agree that, yes, the Doctor was always getting into trouble. They'd known nothing but trouble since the fall of Troy. He seemed to attract trouble like a god's curse. He was like a hero of legend, that way. 'Friends? I have not known the Doctor long, milady, and he mostly just tells me not to ask questions.' she explained, carefully clarifying their brief relationship, feeling it disqualified her.

But this woman behind the pool had asked her for help asked her, not ordered, nor told her to be quiet. And in what seemed to be a very important quest. The humble slave-girl felt suddenly very important and free. Why shouldn't she be the hero of legend too? And if she was already dead...?

She drew herself up to her full height, no longer trying to seem small and downtrodden. 'But if I can help, milady, I shall.'
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Mon 3 Aug 2015
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Re: Intro Thread: Katarina
"That's the spirit! Very good! If you would just step through the vortex, you will be taken to a location where we can tell you all about it. Do not fear, it is perfectly safe. We use these things all the time."

Swirl, swirl. Safe? Perhaps. Still, somewhat intimidating.
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Re: Intro Thread: Katarina
'Spirit?' Katarina looked around for one, but saw none. She put it up to divine matters, then faced the swirling pool again. She steeled herself for the task, trying to trust the unseen voice. It was magic, gods' magic, of course it would work. Or it was a trick to destroy her, but then she didn't really have any choice, did she?

Katarina stepped forward, into the portal, and into destiny.
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Fri 21 Aug 2015
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Re: Intro Thread: Katarina
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