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Tue 14 Jul 2015
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Intro Thread: Jeanne
Today was going to be an important day.

Of course, all days in the French court were important days, and when one held such influence, they were also incessantly busy. As indeed were her nights. She had wondered many times whether the King valued her for her brain more than her body - he certainly made ample use of both. But Reinette was a sensible woman. She knew she could not have one without the other, and when they both gave her influence and pleasure, she was not going to look the gift horse in the mouth.

Today was a case in point. The Graf Kaunitz-Rietberg had requested an audience. An unusual thing indeed, as he was a diplomat who was not usually within her sphere of influence. She had, however, made some considerable investigations into his request, and was sure that he was going to ask her to break the deadlock in the negotiations between France and Austria. Those who had not met her might have found it odd that the king's mistress would be asked to adjudicate.

Those who had met her would probably wonder why they had not asked her to draft the treaty in the first place ...

So she dressed the part. Elegant, opulent, but businesslike. Regal, but not too ostentatious, as would befit her status - but not overshadow the Queen. With her mind focused on diplomacy, she made to leave her chambers.

Except ... the door would not open. The air felt heavy, as if a storm was in the offing. It was an odd feeling, one she had felt a few times before - over by the fireplace...
Jeanne Antoinette Poisson
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Wed 15 Jul 2015
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Re: Intro Thread: Jeanne
Jeanne's eyes drifted to the clock on the mantle.  She had not expected to feel this here in the palace, it was when she visited her home that she usually encountered..."Doctor?"  Shedding the dignity of her age and position, not to mention worry about the state of her skirts, the woman dropped to her knees and peered into the fire place.  "Is it you? I must say, my angel, you have taken your time in returning.  Ironic really."
Her words may have seemed a little sharp, but the tone was warm and held a level of girlish excitement quite at odds with the vision she was attempting to portray while choosing her clothes for the day.

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Wed 15 Jul 2015
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Re: Intro Thread: Jeanne
The voice from the fireplace, if it belonged to the Doctor, suggested he was drunk. Or playing some bad joke. "Nah, I ain't the Doc, girl. But I'm kind of 'ere on his behalf, right? Just need to check - don't want to talk to the wrong person, do we? Could cause all sorts of problems. Can you confirm, you are Jeann-ey An-toy-nit Poison? Sorry, is that how you say it? Gawd, the boss, his handwriting is somethin' rotten. Is that you, then?"

The speaker had caused an act of unspeakable brutality on the French tongue with his awful accent. Still, he apparently knew of the Doctor. And was talking via a fireplace. It felt familiar, if not right.
Jeanne Antoinette Poisson
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Wed 15 Jul 2015
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Re: Intro Thread: Jeanne
She drew herself up to her full height, or at least so far as she could manage whilst kneeling.  "I am Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Maquise de Pompadour and Mistress to his divine majesty Louis Quinze of France."  A brief pause to allow the full weight of her title to sink in.  "Who precisely might you be, and why are you in my fireplace?"  Not why was anyone in her fireplace, just this individual with his atrocious accent and inability to manage even the slightest nuances of pronouncing her name.  "More to the point, where is the Doctor and why are you speaking for him.  Has something befallen him?"

Austria was, if not forgotten, at least shifted from the forefront of her mind.

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Sun 19 Jul 2015
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Re: Intro Thread: Jeanne
"John... Antone-ate - Fishy. Sorry, they don't really give us details when we get stuff like this to do. It's a real mess 'ere, as I am sure you can understand. Anyways, I'm Drax, an' the Doc's an old friend of mine. He's in a real pickle, mind. A'course, he usually is. But this is waaaayyy worse than usual."

There was a rustle of paper, and the fireplace suddenly filled with a swirling white vortex. "Got it! That's a pretty fine bit o' temporal twiddlin', even if I do say so meself. So, if yer fancy helping out, coz the boss thinks you'd do well, come on over. We got little time, and the more we wait, the less likely we can find him and help before the whole of creation goes down the swannee."
Jeanne Antoinette Poisson
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Mon 20 Jul 2015
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Re: Intro Thread: Jeanne
Jeanne's brow furrowed, a flash of anger passing across her face like a sudden streak of lightning from a clear sky.  "You claim you speak for my Doctor and yet you seem unaware of my name, my station, or my love of my native tongue.  I am of a mind to come through to wherever you are in order to give you a thorough thrashing as much as I am to ignore your tale as some fabrication of those who do not have my best interests at heart.  As things stand however, you have chosen your plea well.  I owe the Doctor my life, or I will at some point, it is somewhat confusing."  A little of the ire leaked from her voice as she contemplated the intricacies of space-time.

"As for the question of names, perhaps you had better settled for calling me Madame, or My Lady.  It is quite clear you are incapable of pronouncing anything more delicate without making it sound as though it has been dredged from the depths of the Seine."  She stood, the vortex was large enough for her to walk through rather than having to crawl through the fireplace.  A boon to her skirts if nothing else.  A brief look around her chamber presented a hat (complete with associated pins), a parasol, and a leather hawking gauntlet that had recently been returned from being mended.  Given time she might have packed for adventure but the individual on the other side of her fireplace had at least managed to convey a sense of urgency, for all his shortcomings.  "I suggest you stand back."  She called, gathering her motley selection of accoutrements about her and lifting her skirts to step through the whirling white space before her.

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Mon 3 Aug 2015
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Re: Intro Thread: Jeanne
Drax made no reply. He felt it was better to keep schtum and not make the situation worse.

The vortex led to a small white room, featureless save for a single door in the wall...

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