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Kingdom of Grania
The Kingdom of Grania is a moderate sized, respectable Kingdom. While life for the peasants is hard, for those who have skill and talent, like yourself, the Kingdom is prosperous and there is opportunity. Grania enjoys a favorable climate, with mild winters and summers a bit on the hot side at times but not overly so. The Kingdom runs roughly north-south in a strip of land between the Dunbard Forest to the east and the Sea of Lendahl to the west. There was a time when the kingdom was less populated, when traveling north from the port city of Castillion, the capital city, to the port city of Notler meant travelling through open countryside. Not anymore! The arable strip of land between the two port cities is now covered with farms. Even so, much of its wealth lies in these port cities of Castillion and Notler. Indeed, of late, this has caused some concern that pirates might seek to exploit such wealthy targets.

Village of Shalton
Word of mouth has it that the frontier village Shalton was founded by hardy and fearless farmers many years ago. Hardy indeed they must have been to build a community well outside the borders of Kingdom, on the eves of the dreaded Dunbard Forest, home of marauding bands of Goblins, Orcs and worse. It seemed foolhardy to most and many waited for the inevitable news of its destruction. Weeks passed, then months which lengthened until year and such news never arrived. Shalton continued to survive, albeit tenuously.

Then some years after it's founding, Shalton received a large boost when the Wizard Ventil established his tower just a few miles north of the village. For the breadth of a generation, dangers were mostly held at bay thanks in no small measure to the Ventil's wizardly. That ended the night Ventil and his tower were assailed. For over 10 minutes, fire and crackling energies lit up the night sky while thunderous explosions shook the ground. Then as suddenly as it began, there was silence. The alarmed villages waited anxiously through the remainder of the night for news of what had happened. Shortly before morning, two servants of Ventil brought news. The wizard Ventil had perished in a awful and dreadful fight against a ruthless and cruel red dragon but not before slaying the dragon in return.

As the dust settled, the villagers quickly came to the conclusion that they need some additional protection. They petitioned the Kingdom of Grania for entry and protection and their request was soon granted. At first, though, it appeared like a mistake as guards only appeared at tax season. However, the discovery of iron in the Krontar mountains east of Shalton changed all that. Suddenly Shalton become an important loading and spot for boats carrying ore downriver.

Today Shalton is a prosperous, growing village, a frequent stopping place for merchants and a growing artisan class.

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