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[Side] [Archive] Leaving Procopia and Meeting Violet
"Stupid tall people," Shae groused, adjusting the pilot seat until she found it more to her liking, the short red-head giving Messeri, in the copilot's seat, an evil glare.  Serli, seated behind her and watching sensors and communications, giggled wickedly.  Outside, beyond the protective bilayer durasteel cockpit, each set of panels about as strong as the hull itself all together, Procopia's atmosphere fell away, the dark of night changing only slightly as they left the world behind.

Messeri could almost imagine that she could see the Imperial fleet, lying somewhere beyond the planet's asteroid belt, but of course they would only be points of light from her distance, not even blockading the planet.  A cloud of lights - and even ships near enough to see - are going to and from the planet.  More from than to, now, but the automated freighters only care when their owners worry about their profit margins, and there's always men and aliens foolhardy enough to approach a planet under threat if there's money to be had.  And there's always money in Procopia.

Unharrassed, blending into the sea of outgoing traffic, Shae makes the calculations that will take them to the next planet down, and, eventually, out of the Freeworlds entirely.  Pulling the lever, there's a burst of acceleration, a tiny jolt as the ship differentiates between real and hyperspace, and a corkscrewing infinity races beyond vision.

So far.  So good.

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Re: [Side] Leaving Procopia and Meeting Violet
"Don't think of it this way. Think of it that I had to adjust your seat for myself when you left us." She shoots at smile at the redhead before tapping in a few more commands into the computer. Stabilizing, nose-angling, aaand, let Shae pilot. She leans back into the seat, and for a few moments, looks at the small cloud of dots beginning to dance from and about the surface of the planet. She steeples her fingers together, looking down at the general area where the Melentha and Cadriaan main lands happen to rest. Good luck, guys.

And soon, the stars zoom out into thin lines, and away they've gone. She brings up the screen with the plan. Sure, she has it fully memorized, but she likes to review it on an actual screen sometimes. Curve from Fondor to Mrlsst, pick up the kids and meet everyone right at the edge of the sector. Then it's a course for Yag'Dhul, then a fairly straight path through the Great Gran Run with regular pauses to Shiritoku way. A lot of planets she should recognize from having visited them on her hypothetical way to Anaxes. Natalon, Cerea. Will she recognize them? Did she actually go there or was told what her life might have been like if she had?

Depressing to think of it. But she's heading towards answers now, one hyperspace jump at a time. ...a bit of food should cheer her up.

"Well, now that we're off, I'm gonna make a snack." She stands up, stretching her arms above her head. "Probably heat up a bit of white meat tossed in a hot sauce, that sounds good. Interested?" she looks to Serli and Shae for their answers before heading on down the hall towards the kitchen.
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Thu 19 Apr 2012
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Re: [Side] Leaving Procopia and Meeting Violet
"I'll have some cetril juice if we have any," Shae says, opting to stay in the cabin for now, to familiarize herself with the workings of the freighter.  Running diagnostics and tests on nonessential systems, her face is intent on the controls, thouhh Messeri can see, in her eyes, a faint reflection of concern.  Doubtless, a party of her is elsewhere, her mind roaming.
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Thu 19 Apr 2012
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Re: [Side] Leaving Procopia and Meeting VioletG
Rising and stretching, Serli grins.  "I wouldn't say no to some of those cakes we took from the room.  Those fancy-pants nobles sure know how to eat."
Tall for her age and darkly pretty, Messeri's youngest daughter always seems to possess a wild sense of exultation.  Over the course of the last few months, she has sprouted rapidly, piling on centimeters.  Though still rangy and coltish, she shows the same explosive promise Messeri herself did at her age.  Of course, she had thought the very same thing about Tanith at the time, too.
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Re: [Side] Leaving Procopia and Meeting VioletG
Mess glances back at Shae, but doesn't say anything yet. They're both thinking the same thing, no doubt. They both know Tanith's a resourceful one. She'll catch up. That Shaara girl, too. But not worrying would be unmotherly.

"Don't eat too many, hon. Remember that we're getting back to a more regular breakfast-lunch-dinner schedule," she points out to Serli before heading on out. "Appetite spoiling and all that stuff." She grins at her younger daughter. Serli will likely bloom outwards as well as upwards, that she's sure of. Mess turns into the kitchen and gets a pan hot, starting to work away at her chosen snack. While it heats up, she pours out a glass of cetril juice to take to Shae.
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Fri 20 Apr 2012
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Re: [Side] Leaving Procopia and Meeting VioletG
In the lounge, Vermilion is fiddling absentmindedly with a small droid, a practice target with tiny stinging emitters studded on its surface.  The red-suited young boy has been quiet since leaving Procopia, his own thoughts wandering elsewhere.  The knowledge that he probably would not see his former caretaker, Lamar, again for years was probably not sitting entirely well with him.  Though self-acknowledged as emotionally distant and not the best brother, a young boy often needs a figure to look up to, and it's clear Vermilion feels a bit lost without his.  His handsome young face is set in concentration, clearly intending on finding something to distract himself with.

Talan and Crimson, Vermilion's shockingly pretty little sister, on the other hand, were hard at work in a game, each trying to knock the others' holographic fighting droid out of a suspended ring.  With sable curls and features as dark as his sister Serli, the boy is a constant reminder of his father Helo Rhane - or Talan Salic or whatever it was, strange that she should be uncertain about her husband's name, with her cultural biases as they were.  The best parts of him, in a way, with his earnest sincerity and unconscious selflessness.  A boy of only six, he is astonishingly developed, especially for a boy with Firrerre blood in his veins.

Were all of her children so quick to learn, the secret of their uncommon minds always present, even if she simply couldn't notice it?  Or was it the pressure of life on Hadrith that triggered development before its time, leading Talan to cast aside childishness and embrace a greater portion of his inhuman intellect before his time?

Crimson, for her part, seemed to care less about Lamar's abandonment, and Messeri had a fair inkling why.  The little girl, older than her years for reasons markedly different than Talan's, for all that she was a few years his senior, was constantly half-convinced that her abandonment was always right around the corner.  In her mind, she is still an orphan, and her window to claim the child as her own and sparing her a miserable life as an eternal foster child has been narrow.  So far, she's managed to hold it open, by virtue of being there for her during some of her storms, but it will take a great deal of effort still.

Others on her little ship, however, may need greater care by far...
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Re: [Side] Leaving Procopia and Meeting Violet
Mess often has trouble thinking of how to deal with the Reds. Crimson she's got the most figured out: abandoned, yes, but nonetheless wanting a figure to call motherly around her. She can provide that. However, her fear of losing said figure, makes her keep Messeri at arms length. How can she improve it? Still, by now, Messeri considers her as much her daughter as she does Serli. She's really grown on her in the time they've been together. She recalls when she first ended up bumping her ankle in the back of her shuttle trying to steal from her...

Then you have Vermilion, protective and proud but vulnerable. Quiet and introverted, in need of someone to look up to. She's not sure if she's the type of figure he needs, considering how much he looked up to Lamar... and there's no male figure on this ship that could be equivalent since the con artist left it.

Talan, she can't be more proud of now. He's opening up, he's happy, he talks, it's such a massive improvement from how he was on Hadrith since Helo's passing. She smiles as she pauses by the pair, putting a warm hand on both of their shoulders before heading on through to the cockpit.

"Here, hon." She puts the glass of juice down on the side table. "And don't worry... She'll catch up on Firrerre," she asides before heading on back to get her food started on the pan. Sameera learns each day and adapts well, and is a great help... She's not in need of much help, just support and material. Aren is doing well, and is quite straight forward, especially how he plays with Talan.

But then you have the main, new issue, Pheron/Violet. And that, Messeri has absolutely no idea how she'll help, right now. She'll have to start poring over the doctor's notes with him to learn as much as she can.
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Re: [Side] Leaving Procopia and Meeting Violet
Breaking open a packet of juice, she's able to mix up some for Shae from concentrate.  It's just about impossible to select all but the bare minimum of actual fruit for a small, space-going vessel such as this one.

It's as she's prepping the rest of the small meal that the woman in question enters.  Estania Pheron, or Violet as she prefers to be known, has not exactly interacted with the crew in a very... normal manner.

The tall, pretty blond has a vapid look about her, empty of thought, and her eyes do little to dissuade that idea, a pair of blue voids refusing to make eye contact.  The children don't seem to know what to make of her.  At least she only appears inclined to call Messeri 'Master.'

"Hello, Master Rhane," she greets, with an obedient little tilt of her head.
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Re: [Side] Leaving Procopia and Meeting Violet
It wouldn't be so bad if Violet's vapidness was bimbo-like, with the titters and 'ooh what's that' smile... Then it would be that she's only dumb. But Messeri knows she's likely as sharp as anything else if she has to think about her situation and figure out where to go or what to do. That it's artificial is horrifying. The operators were made to think constantly and unendingly. Maddening, but it bolsters intelligence...

"Hello," she greets her in turn, head tilting. "Don't suppose you'd like anything specific to eat while I'm cooking?" She knows the question is probably useless, but it's worth asking... hopefully get something of a personality built up for her through simple things like tastes and preferences.
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Thu 3 May 2012
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Re: [Side] Leaving Procopia and Meeting Violet
"Oh, no, Master Rhane," the girl says solicitously, her eyes downcast as she steps inside, "I'll have whatever is available, thank you."  From the lounge, Zino watches the exchange with his narrow eyes slit even further.  He, of all the crew, trusts Violet the least, with the possible exception of Aren, who trusts nobody except his closest friends, Sameera, who has a healthy suspicion of strange things, and Shae, who has the best idea of what she represents.  That is a large portion of her crew, come to think of it.
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Re: [Side] Leaving Procopia and Meeting Violet
Which really means she needs to find out what to do with the young woman soon. Cure her would be an ideal but probably impossible (at least, in any short order) thought. "Will share these with you, then." An inwards sigh, glancing towards Zino in a bit of a sheepish look.

Once she's got her tossed meal in the sauce, she serves it up in snack plates and hands one to Violet. She then sits down across from her. "While you're here, I figure we'd get started on talking about your unique situation." She reaches into her pocket and takes out the doc's disc, activating it and setting it down on the table.
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Re: [Side] Leaving Procopia and Meeting Violet
There's a flicker, and the hazy blue image of the Doctor rises above the black disk, his flat eyes pretending to survey the area in front of the disk's tiny photoreceptor.

"Talking on what unique situation, Master Rhane?" Violet asks, taking a seat across from her, on some obscure polite urge.

The doctor rotated himself around without turning, giving Messeri a narrow look.
"Consultations with patients are generally private, but I believe you count as a guardian in this case.  In that capacity, you may wish to have a word with me privately."
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Tue 22 May 2012
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Re: [Side] Leaving Procopia and Meeting Violet
"..alright. I'll be right back," she notes to Violet. "Wait here." She reaches down to scoop the disc up and stands up, then heads around to the kitchen area, making sure to slide the door closed behind her. That way, it'll muffle the sounds and she'll know if someone's trying to listen in, what with the door opening. She then sets the disc on the counter top, leans back against the wall and crosses her arms.

"I'm at such a loss, Doc. Your notes look like a well written gibberish to me, from what little I've looked of them, and she's seriously freaking everyone out with the master-slave thing, least of all me. I can't even get her to consider the idea of a favourite dish."

She brushes a hand in her duo-toned hair and lets off a sigh. "What am I supposed to do with her?"
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Tue 22 May 2012
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Re: [Side] Leaving Procopia and Meeting Violet
"The first and most important thing you should not do is suggest you're going to cure her, not yet.  She won't harm you nor your passengers, crew, or children - it's a basic imperative of her programming, now that you've been acknowledged as her master, not to attack you nor any of your allies."

The image flickers, "Unless that - uncreative and ill-favored - Director ordered her to, of course, but that wouldn't be terribly subtle.  Speaking of, mentioning him around her is a good way to see just how utterly cowed and broken she may be."

It flickers again, as the database searches and cross-references, constructing sentences.  "It is well to remember that what you see is just a facade, a carefully constructed mask over a very insecure and terrified core of a person.  A combination of cybernetics, implanted drugs, and extremely effective training keep her docile and obedient.  Survival instincts were essentially supplanted with unquestionable desires to follow orders to their complete termination."

The oven dings as he wavers visibly, as if seen through a haze of heat.  "There's some equipment you'll need before you can really do some work for her, but until then, you want to avoid causing her significant stress.  Give her some basic orders to let her feel useful, especially if they lead her to interact with those who can't punish her."
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Tue 22 May 2012
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Re: [Side] Leaving Procopia and Meeting Violet
Messeri remains silent for several moments after the flux of information, digesting it. She takes a deep breath, then lets it out, nodding her head. "Right... Right, okay. I got it. It's just kind of, y'know..." She gestures. "...well, I feel bad for her. But alright. Let's see... I think I know what to say now." She grabs the disc, and then steps back out - pausing to turn off the heat on the oven. She pauses in the doorway, draws a breath, then steps back out.

"Sorry about that," she chimes to Violet, sitting back down in her spot. "As for what I meant with your situation, I was referring to helping out around the ship. I'm happy for the extra pair of hands.

"One thing that'd be helpful... My reptavian, Keraso, tends to eat and drink a lot, and as my own tasks pile up to plan ahead, I sometimes don't have the time to check on his supplies. So every 6 to 8 hours, it'd be nice to double check that his troughs have some of his food and water, and if they're running low or empty, to give them a filling. There's a hose for the water in the hangar, and his food is in big blue bags in the stores. You can't miss them, they have a big grinning lizard on it. May as well look on Siressi's water dish and feed, too, but I usually get to her since she's right near my bed, so it's not as high a priority.

"And also, let's say once every two days, would be to run a bit of cloth on the surfaces. Tables, seats, kitchen counters... Wipe the dust and help keep things clean."

She drums her fingers together, thoughtfully. Interaction with the others... Ah-hah. "Meals tend to be made by myself and my younger daughter. I'd also have you help serve filled plates, hand out utensils and set out the drinks for people when it comes time to eat up when dinner-time comes.

"Any questions on those tasks?"
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Wed 23 May 2012
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Re: [Side] Leaving Procopia and Meeting Violet
Violet brightens immediately, like a dog who has just realized she won't be punished after all, her eyes lighting up.  "I would love to, Master Rhane," she agrees, "I shall perform all of these tasks to satisfaction."

The girl might have had a similar elation at being told to murder a garrison, for all Messeri knew, but at least she was happy about something.
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Wed 23 May 2012
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Re: [Side] Leaving Procopia and Meeting Violet
She'd rather she be happy about feeding Keraso and helping set the table than to do something violent, really. "Great." She smiles at her and stands up. "See you around. I'll be in the cockpit if needed."

She grabs her bowl and heads on around her, then slumps next to Shae, letting out 'phooey'. "I think that girl'll be okay till we get the equipment we need. Awkward, but... okay." She plops another piece in her mouth, then offers some to Shae. "And chin up, you. She'll catch up to us at Firrerre, if not sooner."
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Wed 23 May 2012
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Re: [Side] Leaving Procopia and Meeting Violet
Shae mutters something incomprehensible, tossing her fiery hair back from her face as she leans back.  The girl watches the swirl of hyperspace, a corkscrew of strange lights and impossible geometries.  She takes her cup, sipping as she does.

"Firrerre's a long way off, and she has her own ship, now, if all went well.  Who knows what can happen between now and then."
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Wed 23 May 2012
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Re: [Side] Leaving Procopia and Meeting Violet
Messeri sets the bowl on her lap, then looks out at the hyperspace before them as well, illuminating parts of the cockpit in cool colors. "I know. But she can handle it, and so can we. That won't change. We'll both be in express, it won't be as long as it could be." She draws in a breath, then lets it out, silent for a bit.

Then she smiles over at Shae, trying to lighten the mood. "Now, how much trouble she'll be lugging behind her to us is another question entirely."
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Tue 29 May 2012
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Re: [Side] Leaving Procopia and Meeting Violet
Jachra: Shae leans back in the pilot's seat, shifting in the cushions.  "These are a lot more comfy, now that we've had a chance to fit in them.  I wonder if he reupholstered, or if he always let autopilot fly."
Razor: "Might depend what he was doing. I imagine he made the computer so smart for a reason, though. Probably had plenty of stuff to do than to double check trajectories," Mess comments.
Jachra: "Unless he meant it for a deeper purpose, still.  Then again, he seems to have been amazingly good at making things multiple purpose."
Razor: "Just cause the computer's there to keep an eye on us or guide us subtly towards some ultimate goal doesn't mean it couldn't also navigate around for him while he worked."
Jachra: "Did I ever tell you how he referred to me?"
Razor: "The first time? Yeah, you did."
Jachra: "I wonder how he accounts for new elements after death."
"I mean, according to chaos theory, his predictive power depreciates at an exponential rate."
Razor: "Likely has a whole slew of 'I don't knows', 'that person', 'those people', 'that thing' that he can splice into new data. And yeah. As advanced as it is, eventually, we'll get more and more uncertainty."
Jachra: Shae sometimes casually drops some pretty high concepts, but according to Zino her research essays are very wide-reaching
"You know the simplest way to extend the life would be to have SOME sort of active check."
Razor: "I think he's done that a couple times, like confirming data."
Jachra: "He as much confirmed that mind-uploading isn't really a viable option, so I don't think there's a straight copy of his mental processes somewhere."
Razor: "The closest you'll get to that is the discs, or us." She taps her temple.
Jachra: "You, ah..." she hesitates
Razor: "Mh?"
Jachra: "You ever worry that maybe there's another 'you' out there, Captain?"
Razor: She quirks a brow. "That the doctor's choice of persona for me is based off of an actual Messeri Lethrir?"
"Can't say I thought about it, no.."
Jachra: "That or," she makes a face, "He took a real Messeri Lethrir and copied her brain - then mulched it."
Razor: She frowns, glancing down at the console. For Messeri, that doesn't mean much. But for the like of Tria and Etheria, who are famous, and have been famous for some time now... "Computer, how far back in time does Etheria's name go in the slew of periodicals I uploaded?"
Jachra: {978}A year after Tanith is born.  So at the minimum, she only became famous after that point.
Razor: She drums her fingers together thoughtfully. "So if she was new to the scene but was up and coming due to beauty and charisma, then that's realistic. I'm not sure if the Doc really needed to replace an Etheria to keep up appearances."
"Now, that he might have copied someone's mannerism and such, that's quite possible."
Jachra: "Well, that's something that's been bothering me - you can't look too close to how you did as an Operative or else the Director should have found you."
Razor: She looks to her to see where she goes with the thought, attentive.
Jachra: "So why modify a base individual, rather than match you to an idea later?"
Razor: "I think we were impersonating, or at least infiltrating, long before the liberation. It's possible that we merely picked one of those personas as our final one. Or were handed it."
"It'd already be there."
Jachra: "Disguise can do a lot."
Razor: "I'd prefer to think he didn't mush anyone up and stuck them inside of us. But honestly, I'm not sure. I don't even know how our brains work or store stuff."
Jachra: "It's a pretty known quantity that he didn't feel much in the way of stirrings of guilt."
Razor: "No, but he had more of a conscience than his kin."
Jachra: "He certainly developed one."
"Your husband definitely felt like he had reformed."
Razor: She steeples her fingers together. "He trusted him. Or at least, gave that impression."
"The deeper we go into this, the more I wonder how much my husband had to do with the project. Or at least, its downfall."
Jachra: "Well, he wasn't an engineer, though he was technically gifted.  And he was far too young anyway."
Razor: "I had to have met him at some point, though."
"Enough that we got together in love."
Jachra: "Well, depending on how accurate he was being about his age, he was old enough to have met you on a more or less equal age range."
Razor: "I do feel we were on the same footing when it came to age, myself a touch younger."
Jachra: "Sorry if this is painful... I know you must feel touchy about how truthful he was."
Razor: She takes in a deep breath, then lets it out. "I can't get defensive about it nowadays. It happened, and he had his reasons. Maybe his own. Maybe the same reasons he had for keeping me in the dark about my own truths."
"Regardless whether he was Helo Rhane or Talan Salic, though... we were together, and devoted."
"I take solace in that. I couldn't have been that bad, as an operative, to get a guy like that. Y'know?"
Jachra: "For what it's worth, I believe he was genuine.  I never met him, but I feel it in my gut."
Razor: "He was, for sure."
Jachra: "If you don't mind."
"I'd like to try to gather information about his activities."
Razor: "What do you mean?"
Jachra: "He was a well-known smuggler."
"I think if we figure out what he was doing, we could maybe figure out how he related to the CIS."
Razor: She nods. "Yeah, yeah that'd be an idea. ... I actually had an idea, at some point."
"To have the doctor set my mind to be 7's, if he can, and have her sit and just.. get interviewed, maybe by you and my daughter. See what sort of names she responds to, if she remembers anything of being me like I might remember tidbits of being her. I don't know if it's possible, but it'd be enlightening."
Jachra: She freezes solid
Razor: "Not void mode 7. Just... 7."
"You okay?"
Jachra: "Oh, no.  I mean, yes."
Razor: "Might be a dumb idea, I admit. But it came to mind."
Jachra: "It's an interesting idea.  I'm reluctant to do it without Tanith here, I admit."
"She should see it."
Razor: She nods. "Maybe I could ask the doc to even know if it's possible. If it is, it's something we could try to plan out when we hit Firrerre, sort of get a few more clues about what to ask."
She fishes around in her pocket.
And then gets the disc lit up.
Jachra: "Good morning, ladies."
Razor: "Hey. I have a quick question... An idea I had was, when my daughter catches up, to have a sit down, and have you put my mind in 7's mindset. Have them ask questions, see what names she responds to, what she might remember when asked about things that happen while I'm in control.
"The question is, is this possible?"
Jachra: "Oh?  Who said you weren't?"
Razor: "I suppose mindset is the wrong word."
Jachra: "What you're looking for is deeper access to your memories, more or less."
Razor: "Kinda. But just jumping right in there is... ill advised for my mental health, given what I ran into last time."
"It just seems like she's a different persona from me is what I mean. It's not Messeri, not thinking about Messeri things."
Jachra: "You're concerned about how real you are, aren't you, child?"
Razor: "I'm still thinking of that, yes. But it's not wholly why I'm bringing this up."
"I just thought getting an outside sort of perspective.."
Jachra: "I may be the architect of your brain, but you are the arbiter of your own self."
Razor: "Then why can't I remember my own life??"
Jachra: "Because if you think chaos theory is difficult as it relates to future prediction, then you'd be bedeviled by consciousness."
"Particularly when you're waging a silent programming war with your archnemesis."
'In your mind are traps not of MY making."
Razor: She lets out a frustrated growl. "I don't know how I fell in love, I have no recollection of holding my youngest daughter for the first time, let alone where. I'm sure there are traps, I know it's dangerous to look too deep, but damnit, there has to be something I can do, isn't there? I don't want to sit here for over 3 weeks gnashing my teeth together as I wait for answers to drop in my lap."
She takes a few breathes to try and cool herself off. "Frak, I'm turning bipolar because of this. I was calm a second ago."
Jachra: "You also didn't mention even once how you could be potentially dangerous around others, I notice.
Razor: "If I listed every single symptom that you've listed, the conversation would get anywhere."
would not get anywhere*
"Is there anything I can do? To at least pave the way to make it easier later, something?"
"Would studying your crazy algorithms do anything? I can't even set up sales and purchase routes because we're on the expressway."
Jachra: "Potentially.  A moment."
He flicks around
Razor: She gives Shae a look that she feels like smashing that disc up right now.
Jachra: "Shae, yes."
"You are an interesting one."
Razor: ".."
"Why is she being brought up now? Is there something she can do to help?"
Jachra: (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/File:GivinNEGAS.jpg Jesus christ wtf, Givin are scary)
Razor: (It's like The Scream)
Jachra: "You search, like a primitive radioastronomer, pointing your senses at whatever phenomena look interesting, never knowing what you could awaken. A dangerous game."
Razor: She quiets, glancing between him and Shae, wondering where this is going.
Jachra: Shae narrows her eyes, "Someone has to check up on what's in the sky.  You can never see what's waiting to blow up until you start looking."
"So long as you're willing to accept the consequences."
"I am."
"No, you don't, for you haven't the faintest idea.  Still, you will have to do."
He turns back to Messeri
Razor: She raises a brow, looking at Shae, then back at the doc. "Have to do?"
Jachra: "You may explore 7's memories with her."
"I trust her judgement, for now."
Razor: "How would we go about doing that?"
Jachra: "You'll need one of Talan's toys."
Razor: "One of his fighters?"
Jachra: "No, it's a glass-like ball, it changes shape depending on how you hold it."
"First, though, you should probably put together the tools you need to access the agent's brain."
Razor: "What other tools are there? There's the crystal device."
Jachra: "In her case, you'll want some standard cybernetic access tools."
"With some less than legal aftermods to avoid the usual run of traps my old friend will have put in."
Razor: "Sounds like your friend on Fondor who gave us our IDs is the one to ask."
Jachra: "An excellent use of reasoning, child."
Razor: "Is he still gonna be there?"
Jachra: "For now."
Razor: "Alright... we'll grab the two Ks off of Mrlsst, head to Fondor, grab some stuff - make me a list, Doc, and then meet everyone else at the edge of Tapani. Then it's off towards Firrerre."
Jachra: "Oh, they'll meet you on Fondor."
Razor: "What? Why are they going to Fondor?"
Jachra: "I calculated that if they'd failed to contact you by the time you left Procopia, they'd have gotten into trouble and would have to depart via smuggling."
Razor: "..."
"Will I need to ask him for some way to take care of whatever bounty they stupidly got on their foreheads?"
Jachra: "Potentially."
Razor: She sighs, dropping her head back. "Joyous. Now I need to worry about whether they'll be in a single piece."
Jachra: "Most likely, you just need to use a different fake name."
Razor: "Good thing we got so many IDs." She rubs the bridge of her nose. "Set the course for Fondor at our earliest convenicence," she notes to Shae.
Jachra: "It's almost as if I anticipated a need..."
Razor: "Yeah, you sure did. Anything else I should get? Lower the risk or whatever?"
Jachra: "Nothing really."
Razor: "Right. ..thanks, doc."
She reaches over and turns it off, then looks to Shae.
Jachra: The girl has a very serious look
Razor: "Thanks," she murmurs to her. "Not sure what we'll run into, but.."
Jachra: Shae takes her hand
"We'll be fine, Messeri."
Razor: She nods, glancing out at the tubing of stars zooming past. After a moment, she stands up. "Think I'll go burn some energy and do my workout. I'm getting antsy."
Jachra: ====