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Thu 22 Mar 2012
at 02:31
In a RTJ, I am looking for concepts more than fully built characters.  Once I decide if you are in, you will be able to use the die roller or a point buy in order to actually build your character. Characters should fit into Taldor, and they should be able to handle combat(more in early levels, but some throughout) and courtly intrigue (especially at higher levels). Make sure to check the Character Creation thread for other limitations and/or requirements.

Race (core rulebook only, please), class, a few words about personality and goals, maybe some background/history if you think it's important.  Please also check the Character Creation thread for other information.  What has this character interested in improving Taldor? Old tales of Taldor's greatness? Sickened by the current state of affairs? Looking to be part of the tale of restoration?

Other thoughts to include: How often do you think you'll be able to post? Your level of familiarity with Pathfinder, Golarion, and Taldor?  Have you read or played through any of the modules/adventures set in Taldor: Dragon's Demand, Tears at Bitter Manor, Tomb of the Iron Medusa, Blood of Dragonscar, or the PFS scenarios: The Devil We Know Parts 1-4 or Library of the Lion?

As an FYI, I plan on using a combination of modules and home-brewed adventures.

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