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Character Creation
Stats for character creation can be done using Pathfinder 20 point-buy or Roll 4d6 drop the lowest (Also, you can roll before deciding to use point-buy).  Check for the charts for ability score costs.  I have almost all of the Pathfinder books and a lot of the Pathfinder compatible products from other companies (Super Genius, etc).  In some cases, D&D3.5 is available if Paizo hasn't already converted it or doesn't have something like it.


As I said in other places, this game uses the Pathfinder system.

Race and Class

I am restricting character race to those in the Core Rulebook only.  Those are the ones I like, and am comfortable dealing with.  As long as you can fit the race into a campaign about trying to fix Taldor.

Any class accessible on the Pathfinder SRD is available with the exceptions below, though I am not overly fond of the Alchemist, and I am not necessarily a fan of mixing the Gunslinger in with other fantasy (though I like the class in general).  Also, not sure how prevalent black powder will be in (my) Taldor, so probably not a good class to attempt.

No Mythic rules - This is not that kind of campaign.

No Psionics/occult classes. - Never been a fan and haven't read the book, though I do have it.


Also, the characters are the heroes of the tale -- Evil characters are out.

Not only that, but the point of this campaign is restoring honor, and a desire to push Taldor back to Glory and Honor.

Other Character Options

I also have several dozen PDFs from companies who have put out other character options.  If you have an idea including one of them, I'll listen.


If, as we play, it turns out you chose some option or some combination of options that seem to make your PC too powerful or too dominating of play, I reserve the right to make adjustments in discussion with the player.  My goal is for everyone to have fun.


I would like you to include three goals, items, and/or NPCs that matter to your character.  Some background information I can add to the campaign to keep your character interested.  Goals can be as simple as "Become the greatest swordsman" or "Get fabulously wealthy".  Items can be things you want your character to possess (legendary magic item, artifact, or relic) or something your character thinks no one should possess (cursed objects).  NPCs can be enemies (those you want to see come to harm, but can't yet for one reason or another), rivals (those who want some of the same things, but you don't want to see them hurt), or romantic interests or even mentors/superiors.  A sentence or two description is fine -- leave me some room to get it into the campaign.

Game Concerns

I'd like a posting frequency of at least once every other day.

That said, my family and I go camping most weekends from April through October, and internet is not guaranteed there - we don't get it on our site, so we have to take our laptops elsewhere, and it isn't always working right.

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