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Gurstines Historical Notes
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OOC Notes
OOC: In order to fulfill the Recorder disadvantage, I decided that Gurstine would write letters to her father. She would tell him what she was doing, describing their adventures and her thoughts about them. I didn't figure on them going to what seems like a demi-plane! So I waited until we were close to the return to the village, so that I knew enough of what the young adults would learn about that side. She's not very good at writing the story in order, and tends to hint and foreshadow things that come up in later paragraphs.

I might make mistakes about what Gurstine knows or thinks at a given point. If I notice anything I want to revise, I'll strike the part in red, and add the changed text in green.

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Thu 10 May 2012
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First letter to Father: sheet one
Dear Father,

​      I know I promised to tell you what happened in the Ritual. It was hard to explain just after, in the excitement and alarm. I tried to find a time when we could sit and speak alone, but it hasn't happened yet, and I may need to leave for a time. For now, I will write an account to inform you of at least a little of it. Many things happened, and honestly I am not sure that I will be able to explain it all. Part of it was strange and hard to describe to someone who did not experience it. Part of it... We were sworn not to tell. I think it is allowed for me to tell you, but I am not certain. So please, forgive my hesitance to speak or write parts of it, at least until I ask one of the others for their understanding of the promise.

​     It was the day of the spring clebration when the life of the new year begins. Elder Rickon chose a few of the youths of the village (including me!) to undergo the ritual into adulthood. Everyone in the town knows of the spirits whom we leave offerings to. We praise them, in return for living safe of the mischiefs of their kind. Part of the Spring ritual was a promise we would keep honoring them, every year since the Founding. This year, something happened with them, and they took more than offerings of food. They took us, too.

[Ooc: I didn't mean for this to be an in-character cliffhanger, but the 'copy' function in Google Docs just stopped working. So I'll make this be the first page, Gurstine getting to the bottom of the sheet at an unfortunate point, and the second will start with some frantic, scribbled attempt to explain. :p]
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Sun 27 May 2012
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First letter to Father: sheet two
That probably sounds very terrible and dramatic! I don't think it truly was. What I mean is that they needed people from the town, mortals who love our home, to help them protect us all. I am getting ahead of myself, however.

During the Celebration, we went to the clearing for the Ritual. You were there, and our family. So you saw and heard the Elder ask the spirits to bless us into being adults of the town. You probably did not see the way the staff and stones and air began to glow. There was the strangest feeling, and then everyone else had disappeared--- even some of the youngsters in the ritual!

We were alarmed and looked around for signs of what happened. It looked like the clearing, yet unlike. The plants seemed more wild. We talked a while, trying to think of what might have happened. A small man, not even waist high on me, greeted us and welcomed us to the Trials. The Trial of Adulthood, in their proper form, as it seems like that was how it was ever supposed to happen. We were supposed to go to that strange place and learn about who we could be. Many years ago, something went wrong and it stopped working right. The townspeople still left the other offerings, so the fey spirits did not take it as an insult, and let people live in peace.