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Tue 22 May 2012
at 22:25
Game Improvements...
Okay, so the GM has things he likes to do... Highs and lows I suppose. I use PCGen to create ALL the character sheets - So I'm fixated on getting the 'Condensed' sheet I use for the spell casters fixed up. (It's my own sheet, sadly I left it incomplete as real life happened).

Those without the casters will never notice a difference. Muah ha ha ha.

This is a feedback section - Character Sheets (Remember not only do I fix the sheets for display, I personally programmed in eclipse as a complete set (If you want a monumental task, try doing a set where the rules are so flexible that it's hard to make anything solid.

Anyways, the set is always undergoing improvements as you kind folks make these characters. I aim to make the sheet as easy to use as possible.

Also, I'm keen to learn about the rules you've used to make combats go quicker, or what not.
Leo Selaht
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Wed 23 May 2012
at 13:34
Re: Game Improvements...
The best combat method I've seen on RPOL is to have everyone roll initiative and group the enemies into 1 initiative.

Have those that beat the enemies go first, then the enemy.

Then, have everyone post their action (including those that just went, stating their second action).  Have all the character actions occur followed by the enemy.  Then repeat.

It has a little overkill as the players sometimes target the same enemy, but it greatly speeds up gameplay and allows initiative to still have meaning.
Michael Tassarion
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Wed 23 May 2012
at 13:48
Re: Game Improvements...
What Leo said about combat! As long as you, the dm, doesn't mind changing attack directions should someone be killed before it gets to a certain persons turn.

The longer option is viable, since it allows for stronger tactics and more precision. This game has been fast paced though, no sense to bog down the combat if we don't have to.
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Wed 23 May 2012
at 14:23
Re: Game Improvements...
In a galaxy far, far away we used the following scheme:

When combat starts, at the beginning of each round:

- everyone sends to the GM the description of her character's actions ("Validol kills the biggest hobogoboboblin with her Maxwell's Silver Hammer of Final Justice; if no hobogoboboblins are available, she spits at the closest enemy");
- there's a fixed amount of time (say 24 hours) to do that;
- GM combines those actions and enemy's actions into one round, using initiative and doing adjustments as GM sees fit (substituting what GM wants -- normally "standing and doing nothing" -- for those who failed to reply in 24 hours.

Of course, this is not a proper D&D way, but it's fast (if everyone reacts fast, GM doesn't need to wait 24h), it allows to keep the game going on etc. etc.
Aedan Timmons
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Wed 23 May 2012
at 15:14
Re: Game Improvements...
I've used a method similar to Ziggys proposed before. It worked for speed and ease, but didn't for descriptions. The players just watched combat unfold through the GMs telling with minor input.

I for one prefer to allow as much time for combat as we do for anything else, letting everyone be as descriptive as they wish. Leo's suggestion would be able to accomplish that without being horrible slow.

In addition, making all rolls that you could possibly need for the round at once helps out. Hit, damage, SR, whatever. Then describe your actions with a "aim to the head" type, not "blows his head open" so that you can be descriptive but don't have to wait on the GM call for your rolls to find out how to write the effect.
Gurstine Serpenthelm
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Wed 23 May 2012
at 17:20
Re: Game Improvements...
In reply to Aedan Timmons (msg #5):

I would love for us to roll and state our intended actions. "Gurstine slashes down at the goblin's weapon" is different from "Gurstine cuts off the goblin's sword hand." Especially if I roll a 12. Only the GM knows the ACs and DCs, so we can't be sure a rolled action to an NPC succeeds.

The main reason for wanting that is.. another game I'm in just started combat, and it's already bogged down with retcons to player actions. A few assumed they succeeded where they hadn't, and in ways that made big differences. :(
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Wed 23 May 2012
at 18:47
Re: Game Improvements...
For non-major baddies, I don't mind giving details like AC or even HP. Major NPCs it'll be a bit more since GM call when they activate Block, or have effects that you wouldn't know about.

I love the suggestions...

Initiative Always counts for when your action takes place. I *do* prefer a faster resolution, but if people don't mind waiting, we can do combat at the pace we do the rest of the game. Group A definitely posts in a timely manner.

I hate retcons. I DO like having all the Rolls made, for the round.