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Create Character -- Rules & Considerations
"Lords" is a game where each PC controls a House of his own with a roster of character to choose. The more influence a House has, the more characters PCs directly control. PCs may chose to work together for common ends, flocking to one cause or the other: or they may very well work openly against each other; odder still may work at each other with some characters while working together with others. Each PC will control at least one blood relative of their House and several other characters that could be mustered by the house.

House Creation
Each player creates their own house. All houses shall be in the realm of: The Westerlands to avoid the inescapable contrivances bound to arise in
games where the houses are on different sides of Westeros.

Character Creation
For every full 10 points of Influence, a player can create one character. At
least one character must be of blood relation to the house. Other characters can be sworn swords, maesters, and so on, as normal.

Your House's Liege of course is Tywin Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock,
Warden of the West.

RPoL Genre Considerations:
Fantasy, Medieval

Setting Consideration:
Westeros, The Westerlands

"Even Minor Houses have their pawns and Knights to play."

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