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Tue 12 Jun 2012
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Episode 2: Feast of Houses
The sun drew across the sky, light and shadows dancing slowly across the courtyard of Casterly Rock. Whispers hinted at the edge of merry talk and preparation. From the guest rooms of the castle, minor lords -newly bannermen- spoke in their secrets and hushed voices. From the main hall, many tables were set and laden with foods and drinks plenty. The castle smallfolk and noble alike were elated at the celebration. Not since the victory of King's Landing had festivities been so grand.

The smallfolk without the Castle were happily merry and plenty drunk. Praises to House Lannister sung and a few songs sung of the visiting Moat Lords.

A few men in greys and crimson moved from shadow to shadow. Their footfalls but velvet and silk upon stone floor; skillful in their placement and rapid in their speed. Like red bandits in forest shadow, the few men infiltrated the castle halls, weaving themselves to every corner they could find out of sight and mind.

In the courtyard...

"To all, hear me!" yelled a herald, easily heard from most rooms of the castle.

"The feast of Lord Tywin Lannister will commence shortly!" the herald turned his facing.

"All are to gather in the main hall as soon as your are ready and able!"

He repeated his cry twice more before retreating to his other duties. Secure in the knowledge that his Lord's announcement would be heard. If not, dutiful squires and retainers would ensure its spread.
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Wed 13 Jun 2012
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Re: Episode 2: Feast of Houses
Wilhelm entered the feast hall dressed in finery gules on or, with a Chevronny of six: the arms of House Leitpres. Greeting many courtiers and noblemen within. He rarely smiled, but was pleasant enough to the various ladies and fighting men in the room. Many questions were asked of his faraway castle Serenity; while he responded in kind with his minor travels across the Narrow Seas with his mother.

With all the merriment, Wilhelm barely touched his drink and avoided any talk of his attempted knighthood; also, he strayed from any talk of the new "fortune" bestowed on the house. Instead veering to other wild tales of the Free Cities.