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Read before Request To Join
What I need for a PC:

Since this game is under test chapters, I'll not request tons of information. I only need these:

1) A character name
2) Character's qualities
3) (Optional) Miscellaneous details

Sample Character:

Alex "Sol" Sonari

(+6) master musician*
(+2) good fencing
(+2) good eloquent
(-2) poor taking criticism
Special Moves:
(+2) Phantasmal Orchestra!

The system is simple, you have 6 [+2] tokens, a [-2] token and a special move to distribute between any number of skills you want. In this particular example above, Alex uses his 3 tokens "musician" skill while using other two on "fencing" and "eloquent". Note the asterisk symbol on the "Musician" skill. That means that skill has been promoted into a "magic-star-quality" which costs an extra [+2] token to you, forcing Alex to use his last token on this. The [-2] token is a must, in order to add character some flavour and providing GM some influence on character. Also, only one magic-star-quality per character is allowed during character creation.

The qualities are named by player itself, and each of them have their "penumbra" (their range of usage) For example, Alex uses his musical knowledge to interpret and perform musical pieces, know stuff about music, instruments, notes, chords etc. Also being a magic-star-quality, it allows him to create supernatural effects through musical performance. Fencing quality allows him to use rapiers and such weapons efficiently while also covering knowledge about fencing rules and poses. Being eloquent allows Alex to pop up witty answers effortlessly, charm a lady with a lovely chit-chat or avoid a nasty discussion with grace. Though when it comes to being criticised, Alex will certainly not let it go easy.

"Phantasmal orchestra!", Alex' special move, provides him an array of ethereal instruments of music that would create melodies he desire to play.

Note: A quality like "Alchemist" or "Enchanter" won't let you create magical stuff unless you promote them into magic-star-qualities. Without magic stars, they would only allow you to understand the nature of magic but not casting.

We will be using 2d6 for our skill checks, and any common skill that you don't possess (climbing, running, appraise etc.) will be treated as Average (+0) skills when you need a skill check using them.

That brings us to your HP amount. There is no HP in this game. Every point of damage you suffer lowers one of your qualities by one rank(you can choose which rank to lower first). If all your skills drop down to Poor [-2] rank, and you suffer one more point of damage, you become incapacitated, and may be killed a single effortless blow.

Details will be unfold as we delve deep in game, but of course, you can ask if anything bothers you.

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