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About System

Clearing the Fog: Regain 1d6 lost Failure Ranks. 1 Hero Point and one action or reaction.

Guardian Angel: When the player is stuck for ideas, or is in an impossible situation, he can call on his Angel to help out in someway. 1 Hero Point to get ideas from other players around the table; 2 Hero Points to get ideas from the GM; 4 Hero Points for some form of in-game intervention.

Favor’s Reward: The character must have done something nice or kind for an NPC during the course of the campaign; then, by spending Hero Points, he can call in the favor to aid him in the current situation. 1 Hero Point and a Scene to get information only; 2 Hero Points and a Scene to get some other sort of aid; subject to GM veto.

Heroic Serendipity: “As I fall off of the tower to certain doom in the alli-gator-filled moat below, I luckily manage to grab onto a gargoyle that’s jutting out from the wall. . .” 2 Hero Points per plausible coincidence, or 4 Hero Points per implausible coincidence.

My Heart is Pure: Gain an Upshift to Rank for next roll. 2 Hero Points per Upshift.

Silver Shoes: Spend a Hero Point to ignore damage. 1 Hero Point per Damage or Failure Rank.

Second Wind: Regain 1d6 lost Damage Ranks. 2 Hero Points and one Turn per die of recovery.

Strength of Ten: After a successful attack, add an Upshift (+2) to Damage only. 1 Hero Point per Upshift.

Tale-spinning: Dictate a new fact about the situation at hand (“What most people don’t know is that the Silly Wizard falls asleep when he hears flute music!” or “The last time I was in this palace, there was a secret door leading from the kitchens to the library!”). 1 Hero Point per minor detail, 2 Hero Points per significant detail, or 4 Hero Points per major detail; subject to GM veto.

Players gain Hero Points through heroic actions.

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Re: About System

Digging Down Deep: If a character is in Trouble with a capital T and needs more Hero Points now, he may “dig down deep” and summon up some heroic energy at the cost of reducing Learning Points. Unfortunately, the trade-in value is not very good – one to one.

Skill Development: With Learning Points, players can increase their qualities. Increasing a skill by one rank cost 4 learning points.

Players acquire Learning Points from their failures.


Damage ranks is usually physical damage, which can only be recovered by physical treatment and natural healing. But Failure ranks generally occur in mental and/or social conflicts, and players fully recover their failure ranks right after conflict ends.
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Re: About System

Characters with magic-star qualities can cast spells. In Land of Mysadaille casting spells is not a very hard task to accomplish. Estimating costs or catches of a spell, however, is indeed hard. With a magic-star quality, a swordsman* may make it so his next strike can cut through stone, a knife-throwing* skill may allow its owner to toss a knife into air only to rain more on his enemies. But every magic spell has its own cost and/or catch.

Costs can be represented by material loss, item loss, life loss, luck loss (which can cost you some hero points), social loss (e.g. "People of Yona, your homeland, can no longer see you."), et cetera.

Catches can be represented by time catch (spell only lasts for an hour), place catch (enchantment only works near a large supply of water), action catch (you can no longer harm a living being with this rock-cutting sword), access catch (only females can wield this poisoned dagger without being affected), et cetera.

So if you are planning to use a spell, PM me first so we can negotiate between effect of your spell and catch&cost I demand. We can add regularly cast spells to your spell list for quick access if needed again.

One last note: A spell never fizzles! If you fail a skill roll while casting a spell, it still works, but in an unpredictable way! Healing may in turn harm you, or stone you levitated may keep flying!