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Fri 23 Aug 2013
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NFZ combat cycles
This thread is to handle the combat cycles resulting from the NFZ policy of 2026-27.  Kelvin will be setting up the sheets and organizing the lists (similar to the other combat cycle threads I've posted).  Andreas (as Iran) will be in charge of China's military forces as well unless Michael (China) pops up.

While you may discuss any strategies, initiative decisions, or other relevant details off thread, anything official that you don't want to reveal to the opposing forces, please use the 'Insert a private line' function to the CC ref and myself.

While this thread is mainly focused on the Iranian NFZ, it is not limited to that theater.  The relevant Turkish and KRG forces in Turkey and Iraq respectively will not oppose NATO overflights or violate the imposed terms.  Russian expanded forces are not expected to be in Tartus and fully deployed until mid-summer (and is working to expand their basing and capability there to handle the additional load throughout but in May the Assad faction has not yet attacked Tartus).  However, Russian air assets will be overflying the Kurdish NFZ on the north east side of Iran as previously detailed.