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Tue 14 Aug 2012
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Things to know...
Elective Classes are side stories that happen along side the main story. With our beloved GM missing in action (I still hold out hope for a return), this is a temporary measure to keep this game alive as I am sure everyone want it to.

I am going to make some decisions on how the events in the world unfold. If the GM disagrees with what happens here, they might be ignored or this whole game might be nullified out of cannon altogether. I suppose that's a risk I would take to keep this game going.
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Tue 14 Aug 2012
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Dean Reign
Dean Reign is an insanely powerful mutant with the ability to fabricate materials out of energy. However constant use of this power can be very taxing. For this reason, Dean Reign will be absent for the Elective Classes.
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Tue 21 Aug 2012
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Episode 1: News
Recently in the news, there was a breaking story of a MHA raid on a a militant group of human rights activists/well armed wackos in Michigan. Several weapons and Gene-War military hardware were confiscated. The news also mentioned that several members of the group were found 'brutally murdered' before the MHA arrived.

A large court battle is brewing to as big money is being funnel to the defense of the 'activists' who needed the weapons to 'defend' themselves. An argument made strong by the attack they suffered before the authorities arrived. On the other hand, the MHA claims that they were clearly planning to lash out against peaceful mutants.

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Tue 5 Feb 2013
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I am bringing two character from the other game with changed names.

Victoria Brown will be here as Rebecca Brown

Joshua Jericho will be here as Jason Jericho
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Thu 30 May 2013
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Game Map
Game Map Explanation...

I do have the intention of making the map a little less crappy. Just not now...

1. Main Building
2. Nurse's Office
3. Student Dorms (Male South, Female North)
4. David's Lab
5. The Pit
6. Main Grounds
7. Cafeteria
8. Havoc's Lab
9. Dean's Offices
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Wed 1 Apr 2015
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The Meta-Gene

Modern science has determined that mutant have an anomaly in a specific part of their DNA called the Meta Gene. The recorded ranges have been seen to be anywhere between 0.000001% to 0.00001%, yet this tiny difference can result in incredible power.

Power Rating 1 (~0.000001% or less meta-gene activity) 53.5% of the mutant population

An overwhelming majority of the mutant population exist at this level. A level one telekinetic could pick up a pencil and keep it levitated within five feet.

Power Rating 2 (~0.000002% meta-gene activity) 34.6% of the mutant population
While some mutants are born stronger than others, continual usage of one's genetic talents could result in the meta-human gene becoming more active. Daily usage usually means most level one mutants become a 2 some time in their life. A level two telekinetic could throw a baseball with his mind.

Power Rating 3 (~0.000003% meta-gene activity) 6% of the mutant population

At this level, the powers become noticeably stronger. A power level three telekinetic could start cause a blast of kinetic force roughly the same magnitude as a gunshot.

Power Rating 4 (~0.000004% meta-gene activity) 3.9% of the mutant population

At level four the powers of a mutant continue to expand. However the drawbacks start to become more pronounced. Aside from infancy manifestations, power rating four is the highest recorded that a mutant begins his powers at. A telekinetic could cause a blast of force with the force of a hand grenade.

Power Rating 5 (~0.000005% meta-gene activity) 1.53% of the mutant population

It is around level five most mutants show strange power glitches which are likely to become secondary mutations. Their powers will continue to grow, the magnitude not much higher than a power level 4, however it's usually around this time a meta-human begins to exhibit much high precision over the powers that already exist. They will generally be similar to the primary mutation.

Power Rating 6 (~0.000006% meta-gene activity) 0.293% of the mutant population

Just a little over 1 in every 350 mutants is considered to be a power rating 6. Hunter High Command issued a report that a level 6 mutant with zero military training is roughly the equivalent of 100 elite military personnel. The power and the precision of the mutant grow quickly. With about twice the power and accuracy of a level 5 mutant.

Power Rating 7 (~0.000007% meta-gene activity) 0.097% of the mutant population

Estimates become notoriously inaccurate at this point. The number of level 7 mutants that have been examined are so few and far between, that it is practically statistically insignificant. The reason for this is that a telekinetic who has reached level seven can tears down an entire building in a matter of minutes.

Power Rating 8 (~0.000008% meta-gene activity) 0.045% of the mutant population

While the strength and precision of a level eight mutant is relatively close to that of a level seven. The difference is that a level eight usually requires much less effort for comparable results. Both a level eight and a level seven can tear down a building in minutes, but the level eight would be able to repeat the action in a much shorter time frame.

Power Rating 9 (~0.000009% meta-gene activity) 0.029% of the mutant population

About one in every 500,000 people in the world will be born with the meta-gene that will activate during their life time. Given these numbers, there are approximately 5 level 9 mutants who are alive today. Power level 9s have gifts that can defy physics and the laws of nature themselves. A level 9 telekinetic could destroy not only obliterate a large complex of buildings, they could will them to maintain cohesion under massive strain.

Power Rating 10 (~0.00001% meta-gene activity) unknown part of the mutant population

Statistically power rating tens do not exist.

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