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Wed 27 May 2015
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Aug Lab B Cells
The guards dragged Rebecca Brown back and callously tossed her back into her cell. She hugged her knees curled into a ball. The others in the cells haven't really talked to her yet, they couldn't. She was forced to where this bizarre metal helmet, she couldn't see a damn thing.

"Are... are you guys there?" She asked meekly her voice muffled by the metal encasing her head. No one else was made to wear a mask like her. Since Becky had arrived, everyone else seemed to be ignored. She was the priority and that meant the other mutants who were held captive seemed to be given a relative break. Their DNA harvest were slowed from once a day to once a week.

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Johnathan Harmath
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Thu 28 May 2015
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Re: Aug Lab B Cells
Jonathan let out a low groan as the girl spoke up, but didn't otherwise answer her.  Go figure, he had heard rumor of something bad going down, people being held captive, and tried to do something about it.  Rip in and get those poor people out, and now here he was, lying on the floor of a cell himself, probably still bleeding.  Everything hurt, and he was pretty sure he had at least a broken bone or two.  But for now, he was alive.  And maybe, once he could open his eyes without the world spinning upside down on him, he might be able to figure something out to get himself, and maybe a few of these people out of here.

After a few moments, Jon forced himself to try again to look around.  He was aware the girl who had spoken up was in one of the nearby cells.  "Y... you ok?"  He answered quietly.  Hopefully, it wad loud enough for her to hear.

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Lynn Spaulding
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Thu 28 May 2015
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Re: Aug Lab B Cells
Start up system check initiated;
    A: Pounding head
    B: Churning stomach
    C: Dry cotton mouth
    D: Aching joints
    E: Muscles like overcooked pasta

It was a checklist Lynn knew well as it had been part of her life for longer than she cared to think about.  Someone had used a sedative on her and given the effects a rather powerful one, maybe even a muscle relaxant.  The question was, why?  The second question was when?

She had gone to the hospital for her regular physical therapy.  They had been a little busier than normal and her regular theropist hadn't been available but the replacement had been friendly and seemed to know his stuff.  She had been on the cool down table and. . . .

She couldn't remember what happened after that.  "He is so NOT going to like my review card."  Lynn muttered as she slowly opened her eyes  "Did something happen after therapy?  This isn't a hospital room."  the last comment do to noticing her surroundings.  "Where the heck am I and where is my Mother!"
Johnathan Harmath
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Thu 28 May 2015
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Re: Aug Lab B Cells
The questions being asked now hurt Jon more than any of his injuries.  They were still bringing in more?  And... did they grab this poor girl right out of a hospital, away from her parents?  At least with him, he'd made a move against them, but this was getting worse by the minute.  "You're... not safe here."  Jon forced himself to a sitting position, fighting past the agony it caused him.  "Just... stay calm.  We'll figure a way - nngh... - out of this."

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Thu 28 May 2015
at 06:54
Re: Aug Lab B Cells
"Hi darling, are you up yet?" The man  in a light jacket with a shotgun on a strap across his shoulders tapped the ugly bars of metal that imprisoned Lynn Spaulding. "Okay good. I think it's time for your orientation." He reached for his belt and touched a small remote. Horrific pain shot through Lynn's body, it wasn't the worst she had ever felt, but someone was making a damn good effort. "Did you like that?"

OOC: If someone tries to use their powers they will find that they don't work like usual, there are active nullifiers in the region.