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Dr. Havoc
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Sat 18 Aug 2012
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North-West Campus, Victor Havoc's Lab
Havoc's lab stays true to his namesake. Papers, bottles, and strange mechanical devices are chaotically strewn around the premises. A dozen or so half finished projects lies waiting for completion. On his desk there is a computer as well as a stack of notebooks. Precisely engineered weapons schematics and seemingly random insane doodles are mixed together.

There is a bed in the room...somewhere, it has been lost under the many assorted ominously labeled boxes and crates. Of the ones that are visible there is a trunk marked 'Vampire Horde', an upside down cardboard box labeled 'Zombie Apocalypse', a Samsonite suitcase labeled 'Doppelganger Crisis', and a large wooden crate with 'Return of the Third Reich' spray on one side.

However there seems to be some strange orders to the madness. There are several fire extinguishers strategically located throughout the room.

For the most part, when here Havoc is designing some unnecessarily complex device to achieve a simple task. He likes to work at his desk where he also happens to sleep most of the time.
Dr. Havoc
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Tue 21 Aug 2012
at 04:59
Re: North-West Campus, Victor Havoc's Lab
Victor said. "...Halligan Reservoir." He continued to tinker on a device.