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Episode 8 : Endgame
Mutant Freak Academy was originally started by another GM. It went on for over 10,000 posts (I forget how many) before I took over with Mutant Freak Academy Elective Classes which survive approximately 3,800 posts. I'm not going to continue this game, I can't really do so with the time constraints. I think the best thing to do with the game at this point is end it. While this is a sad thing, I intend to give some level of closure. We have all written out the stories of our characters in our minds, but having it up here has always meant something to me. I feel like it meant something to you to I hope.

I left dozens if not  hundreds of clues about the next chapter and here I would like to post epilogue for these characters that we have grown to know. Ultimately this is the omega the game deserves. If you want some input here, they are you characters too. Post the final posts in this game. So here it goes. Episode 8: Endgame.
Dean Reign
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Thu 15 Jun 2017
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Episode 8 : Endgame
Dean Elsa Reign was one of the most powerful mutants on the planet. Recent days saw her powers wane until they faded away. Combined with a growing rift between her and Dean Jericho, this represented an alarming loss of power of the Academy.

Her disappearance was the result of her kidnapping by an insidious group known as EDEN. A apocalyptic group of highly intelligent evil scientist hell bent on restarting humanity and society to their own super powered ends. They intended to use her as a base DNA template for a race of superhumans to repopulate the world after they sufficiently cleansed it. They had tried this before and were largely respoisble ffor creating Joshua.

Ultimately the heroes of the story saved her and stopped EDEN. Elsa would return to the Academy.
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Thu 15 Jun 2017
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Episode 8 : Endgame
Lazarus was a soldier in the army that fought for the mutants back in the gene-war. He was never satisfied that the human scum he wanted dead had survived the war. He wanted it to go on and fought to destroy those he believed brought pain onto mutant kind.

His violent tendencies would have him clash with the mutant Academy time and time again until the heroes finally defeated him. For the many dead left in his wake, he was sentenced to life in prison.

He will spend the rest of his days in a facility bitter about his defeat. The nullifier would not cause him terrible harm like the older models would. He would live to see the day the Academy succeeded in ending the tension and violence between humans and mutants.
Rylis Jericho
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Episode 8 : Endgame
Watching his son Jason fall into yet another power induced coma became what many considered a breaking point for Rylis Jeremiah Jericho. As a veteran of countless shadow wars, he decided to go after his enemies in ways he was always accustomed to. Rylis used the army of mercenaries and ex-hunters he gathered to strike at the Exchange and other anti-mutant groups.

When he learned prominent members of the United States Congress were among those who had in part helped engineer attacks on mutant kind, their public station did not stop him. His campaign of murder turned on elected officials, they branded him a criminal. Two days before his trial, all charges were dropped. His long life of war had left him with enough blackmail to free himself from even that.

Rylis was assassinated a year later. Evidence suggested that his operation continued for two years after his death. Nearly three quarters of his army met a similar end. Their violent contribution is something of a black mark on the reputation of Reign Academy despite him leaving. Yet there were many unwilling to condemn him. There were no less than four separate extinction level events Jericho and his shadow army had prevented.
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Episode 8 : Endgame
Lector was a monster. When the gene-war ended with the armistice accord, he wanted to send the message that humans would never accept humans. To do this he carried out the horrific act of finding the leaders of the mutants and brutally murdering them and their family in their home. Lector murdered the powerful mutants Battleborn and Lighthawk, also known as Gregory Hallite and Julia Reign. Then he murdered their daughter in leaving only their son David as a survivor, not before crushing David's hand and forcing him to build a prosthetic.

For this awful act, he was hunted down by the MHA and caught. When Lazarus caught wind of this, he tried to have this man killed, but the MHA did what they could to hide him in Reign Academy. Lector survived and told the MHA about the existence of the 13th lab the Exchange had, which ultimately saved the life of several mutants including Nodoroc, Johnathan Harmath, and Rebecca Brown.

He died alone several years later under the MHA witness protection program.

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Thu 15 Jun 2017
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Episode 8 : Endgame
After Lector was saved in Reign Academy, David Hallite left to work for Zack Stormm. He was terribly shaken by seeing the man who crushed his hand and murdered his family walk free. The injustice led him to try to find a new way even if it meant separating himself the people he loved, especially Mercy Winters.

Eventually he realized his terrible mistake and requested to leave. Zack while sad to see his old friend leave told him he needed to do what would be best for his own life. David Hallite left to a jewelry store, bought an engagement ring, and went to propose to Mercy Winters, the love of his life. Because he was largely considered to be the smartest man in the world, he was kidnapped by the EDEN group so his intelligencce could be harnessed. The heroes saved him and returned him to Mercy Winters.

When he arrived, he married the woman he loved. Completed the project to make human nullifiers, and raised a family at Reign Academy. He faced terrible sorrow in his life, but grew stronger than his pain and experienced happiness once again in his life.
Mercy Winters
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Thu 15 Jun 2017
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Episode 8 : Endgame
When Elsa Reign disappeared from Reign Academy, her lawyers came in and carried out pre-ordained directives she left behind. Control of Reign Academy was turned over to Dean Winters for a relatively short, yet critical time. She appointed Dr. Elizabeth Temples to take her place.

Mercy Winters had defend the school against attacks from the criminal Exchange, the dangerous EDEN Group, and the evil Outsiders. Ultimately Reign Academy thrived and survived. When David returned, they were married and raised a family.

Sadly Mercy watched those she loved faded away as her powers gave her a supernatural life span. Yet she always remained the caring mother to Reign Academy she always had been.
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Episode 8 : Endgame
La'Rhane Forrester overcame her insecurities and became an integrral part of the heroes who defended Reign Academy. In a decade long court battle that happened some years later, La'Rhane became fabulously wealthy, she used it to open a store for ultra sized mutants who wanted to stay fashionable. She doubled her money in five years.

She married the next Sheriff of Methis County, Carlos Ferrera. They are living with four children just off of campus. They have a summer home in Aruba. Her daughter Elsa Ferrera is a pop star.
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Thu 15 Jun 2017
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Episode 8 : Endgame
Becky Brown had a terrible experience at the hands of the Exchange. The forced evolution that vastly expanded her powers left her with deep issues that would scar her for many years to come.

A year after her escape she attempt suicide, but was ultimately saved by her roommate La'Rhane who rushed her to Mercy just in time. She left to a remote town in Northern Canada to be in a place with as little digital information as possible.

Ultimately, she returned to Reign Academy in their time of need. She learned to accept the powers forced on her and used them to protect those she cared about, and those who cared about her. She was the maid of honor at La'Rhane's wedding.
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Thu 15 Jun 2017
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Episode 8 : Endgame
Ares was placed into MHA custody after attempting to kill Lazarus at Reign Academy. He broke out a few times clashing again with several enemies never truly finding peace.

Brimstone killed him four years later.

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Episode 8 : Endgame
Melora O'Malley lived to become a true hero to Reign Academy. She fought along side La'Rhane Forrester, Joshua, Kayla, Havoc, and others.

She overcame her seemingly eternal tormentor, Virginia during the 'Outsider Incident'.

She is living at Reign Academy.
Calvin Trask
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Thu 15 Jun 2017
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Episode 8 : Endgame
Calvin Trask AKA Brimstone,
Virginia the mind controller,
and Legion...

They were a few of the people known as 'the Outsiders'. Each one wielded terrifying power, yet weren't actually mutants. In fact, they did what was possible to kill as many mutants as they could and turn public opinion against them.

They were beings from another dimension who wished to conquer this reality for their own. The tip of the spear of an inter dimensional army. When this reality sensed their intrusion, it started to mutate humankind into the meta-humans of the day.

During the 'Outsider Incident' they opened a gate in an attempt to overtake our dimension. Only the heroics of those at Reign Academy held them at bay.
Nicholas Sullivan
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Thu 15 Jun 2017
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Episode 8 : Endgame
After surviving the attacks of Legion, Nicholas Sullivan never lost his fervor to unite the nation against those who sough to tear it apart. Losing popularity for a while, whne the heroes of Reign Academy started to save the world on a more regular basis, the world saw he was right all along.

Today, President Sullivan is ending his second term with a strong approval rating. His partnership with Reign Academy is largely seen as the driving factor for peace between human and mutant kind.
Dr. Temples
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Episode 8 : Endgame
Near the start of the mutant war, Dr. Elizabeth Temples' daughter Claire was murdered by a mutant. In a decision she would learn to regret, she showed the dead body of her daughter to her ex-husband, Victor at the morgue. This drove him into a psychotic rage that would lead him to killed literally hundreds of mutant to avenge his step daughter.

Seeing that her decisions led a person she considered to be a good man into such darkness, she dedicated the rest of her life to saving whatever life she could. This ultimately led her serve as a nurse at Reign Academy.

When Victor Havoc was left with the decision to help Rylis Jericho in his Shadow War or stay with Reign Academy and defend it, she was instrumental in swaying his decision to stay (along with two other important factors). Stay stayed at Reign for many years to come taking what used to be Mercy's position before she became the head of the Academy.

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Episode 8 : Endgame
Three hundred years in the future, people in the city of Methis claim to see a horrific monster stalking the streets. Evolved to be nearly invisible an pretty much totally undetectable by any existing technology, the fevered testimony of a few witnesses describe a terrible create.

"It was like a giant panther with six legs."
"Chitonous plating and like freaking bug wings on his back."
"It was the scariestiest thing I ever saw, but then I think he just wanted to be pet."
"It stole all my cat food."

History may never know exactly where this bizarre creature comes from...

Strange reports suggest he this monster may have been involved in some of the adventures of the heroes of Reign Academy.

Kayla Elizabeth Stone
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Thu 15 Jun 2017
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Episode 8 : Endgame
Kayla found her impact on the world having mastered the control of her abilities through constant life-or-death use. She underwent a forced evolution three more times in her life, each time her powers grew exponentially. Despite having arisen to be one of the most powerful mutants in the world, she maintained her good heart through her strong loving connection to Kimberly Kivper. Their marriage was considered the be the most beautiful and second most chaotic event in Reign Academy.
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Thu 15 Jun 2017
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Episode 8 : Endgame
Kimberly Kivper lost her taste for violence and soon had to ease off the use of her powers as they began to weaken her bone structure. David Hallite and Mercy Winters began advanced medical treatments, but surprisingly enough, it was Joshua Masters who found a solution to her medical condition. She lived a long happy life with her wife, Kayla.
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Thu 15 Jun 2017
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Episode 8 : Endgame
Pandora was captured during a failed assassination attempt of the criminal Lector at Reign Academy. Her transfer to a major prison was stalled indefinitely. It was then she began a long tumultuous road of redemption.

She used her considerable knowledge to help train the students of Reign Academy. Particular Kayla Stone in how to better manipulate light with powers. Despite several opportunities to escape, she began to find a home there.

She reignited a flame with her husband who she once tried to strange with barbwire, Victor Havoc. She was the second reason Victor chose to stay at Reign Academy.
Dr. Havoc
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Thu 15 Jun 2017
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Episode 8 : Endgame
Dr. Victor Havoc was presented with a difficult choice shortly after the coordinated attack on the 13 labs. On one hand Victor wanted to support his oldest friend as he engaged in what was to be his final war. Yet Elsa Reign had myssteriously disappeared as threats kept mounting up against the Academy. Dr. Elizabeth Temple and the imprisoned mutant Pandora did what they could to convince Havoc that he was needed to defend the Academy.

Ultimately the largest factor was his unwillingness to abandon the young mutants he had learned to care for. Despite their reservation towards him, Kayla and Kimberly represented a shot at correcting a mistake from his past. Jason was still recovering and as his godfather, he needed to keep the boy safe. Finally Joshua was the closest thing he had to a son.

He remarried Pandora in what was considered the second most beautiful and most chaotic event at Reign Academy.

Time marched and Havoc found his redemption in defending the Academy from it's constant threats. He grew old and saw his legacy of mad science taken over just in time to face a new wave of dangerous threats.
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Episode 8 : Endgame
Joshua Masters took the name Blackhole as he became one of Earth's greatest defenders. After training under the insanely powerful Elsa Reign and the powerfully insane Havoc, he was considered to be one of the most dangerous beings on the planet, either unarmed or de-powered.

He managed to come to terms with the absence of his parents for some time, with Dr Havoc becoming a surrogate father in the interim. They forged a powerful partnership, with Joshua a quick study as it was discovered that he also had the ability to leech skills and talents from others. The longer he spent at the university in the presence of minds even greater than his own, the more cunning an intellect he fostered.

Eventually his impetuousness mellowed, and his youthful impatience was replaced by a thoughtful care and love for his fellow mutants. His true background was never really explained, but he knew that he had somehow been artificially created using DNA from multiple mutants. Apparently even some of Elsa's DNA had been used in the process, which explained some of what he could achieve.

Although never quite the genius that David himself was, Joshua has had his hand in a number of warp created devices that lent their unique properties to complement some of David's tech. He hasn't found love just yet, but he lives in anticipation of the time where he can let down his guard with a mutant powerful enough to withstand his embrace.

He led a life of many adventures along side his friends and to this day fights for continued peace on earth and occasionally other dimensions.

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Johnathan Harmath
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Thu 15 Jun 2017
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Episode 8 : Endgame
Jonathan Harmarth remained at Reign Academy, thankful for their help in escaping the Exchange's lab.  With their help, he gradually was able to gain better control over his temper, and his explosive fury.

Eventually, he settled down as a physical trainer and phys.ed. teacher at the Academy.

Still though, every so often, a victim in the night in the surrounding region would find their assailants subdued by a wolf-like figure...
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Thu 15 Jun 2017
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Episode 8 : Endgame
Jason recovered from his ailment. While he was deeply devastated by the loss of his father, he made it through knowing that he had people he depended on as well as people who depended on him. He made a vow to never invade another persons mind without consent, one which he kept.

He became the trauma counselor at Reign Academy.

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Episode 8 : Endgame
The hardships didn't really end, but those at Reign Academy grew stronger. They kept the world safe for the next generation and healed the rifts between human and mutant.