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Thu 25 Oct 2012
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RTJ: Request to Join: the adventure starts here...
Please copy and paste this code into your RTJ - and answer each question:

"I, <Blue>[avatar name]</Blue>, am <Blue>[this many years old]</Blue>, and assert that it is legal for me to view adult material in my place of residence."

<Orange><b>.:RTJ Questions:.</b></Orange>

<Blue><b>1.</b> What your experience is with Call of Cthulhu in general, and this site in particular?</Blue>

<Blue><b>2.</b> What are you looking for in a game? What makes you tick?
For example, do you love combat? Love rolling dice? Do you like to know exactly what is going on, or to be kept guessing?</Blue>

<Blue><b>3.</b> Please provide a brief writing sample.
[*] Perhaps a recent, favourite post of yours from another game. One to three paragraphs is acceptable.
[*] <red>Please </red><green>include </green>[under]any[/under] <i>formatting </i><Purple><b>from </b></Purple><small>the </small><sup>post</sup>.
[*] We're looking to build a shared story, and one line posts are not what we're looking for.
[*] Narrative and dialogue is important. I find two paragraphs is about enough to illustrate your skillz.

<Blue><b>4.</b> Choose a character.
[*] The setting is 18th century merchants/smugglers on a ship - Englishmen.
[*] Available characters:
- Rosalinde - the beautiful barmaid with special talents for gathering information.
- Arthur - the feeble antiquarianesque ex-naval officer
[Private to GM: [*] We will accept character proposals - but certainly prefer new players to pick up old characters first; then they may be welcome to introduce a 2nd character (upon GM approval).]

<Blue><b>5.</b> What year the book 'Lord Fouls Bane' was published?
(This is to ensure you've read this, and are capable of drawing in outside information!)</Blue>

<Blue><b>6.</b> How often you like to post?
[*] We'll try our best to create an entertaining and gripping environment.
[*] It also depends on you keeping up with things, interacting with others, building character relationships, and hopefully developing a rapport with one another as players, despite the abstract nature of this system.
[*] We, the Keepers, are here to help generate an environment where we can entertain<i> each other.</i>

<Blue><b>7.</b> Do you have any questions for the Keepers?</Blue>

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