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Keeper Arcana
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Tue 30 Oct 2012
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Character Introductions, and Graveyard...
A brief overview of your character should be placed within this thread. Your introduction should give other players a few tid-bits to build on during IC-discussion, and should include two sections:
First Impressions, describing your character physically and generally. For example "Ben was a hulking figure with broad shoulders and deep brown eyes. His silvering hair was cropped short and the worn suit he wore looked at odds with his frame. To strangers or those who knew him little, he seemed an awkward but friendly fellow".
Getting to know you, describing some of your characters strengths and weakness'. Aspects that a new friend might begin to be aware of after knowing you for a few weeks. For example, "Ben was salesman, but not all that great at it. Friends would know his real passion lay with his family who he wished he saw more of. Surprisingly knowledgeable in history, Ben was strong, and handy with a shotgun.".

There may be times in play when a particular skill is required, and in real life the fellow most suited to that skill would step up. By hinting at your strongest skills here it should simulate your characters knowing each other better.

And when folk die..because that WILL happen...well, at least we'll have somewhere to fondly remember them eh?
Jeronimo Felipe
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Sat 10 Nov 2012
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Re: Character Introductions, and Graveyard...
When Jero first met the crew he was hungry and ragged sailing the wrong way to anywhere in a small masted dingy. The man was dirty and salt crusted and ... black. Unusual also for the fact of his clothing, which was of a fine sturdy cotton common among business men and jewelers in Gibralter.

Just a little larger than average and with moderate strength the African Spaniard could easily have been a slave or an ex-slave, perhaps he had stolen his master's clothes and left on this boat. The boat itself was remarkably well organized, with a fishing net, a shelf on the back to dry the fish and even a barrel that would passively distill fresh water. The gunwales of the small craft had been carved in intricate african designs, there was no name on the back only a carving of ropes or vines. The sail had been painted, a hundred times of different images. The most prominent being a portrait of a Spanish ship of the line.

The man approached the English with caution and humility, waving a white shirt in the wind.

He spoke Spanish with no accent, his English needed work but he has improved over time.

You need help? the English offered him.

Yes. ... Well ... not as such.
I have no place to go. I can work.

The captain let him on and gave him work - he does whatever is asked of him without complaint or pridefulness but sometimes ... the way he stands and looks with intelligent eyes, can be a little intimidating.

He has aided in cooking, and general seamanship when he first arrived but he has also been an amazing healer - setting bones or giving teas and herbs to reduce pain and fever, he also has cut on a few of the sailors to let out pus and heal sores.

Once when a dead man had been found in a mid-sized abandoned pleasure craft, Jero went out to examine the body, he held a beautiful 18 inch flat light knife in one hand and wore a chain mail glove with the other. He dissected the body using his knife with unnatural skill until he found the source of the dead man's ailment. Only then did he allow the crew to loot the boat.

Jero did admit to being a trained Spanish Surgeon. But he kept most of the details to himself. In spite of his Christian name, Jero shows no interest in the church, and not much interest in rum or common debauchery as well, though he does seem to enjoy the company of the crew, and his quiet is sometimes welcome.

Besides his docterin, Jero's greatest skill is in drawing or painting things to look exactly as they do in life. Right down to the most intricate details, the Doctor has been found drawing all sorts of odd things, from unusual fish or critters to the Pox on old Henry's arse.
Jebediah Clarke
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Mon 12 Nov 2012
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Re: Character Introductions, and Graveyard...
A swarthy sailor who'd been on Drake's crew for less than a month was caught stealing when they were in port. The man was summarily sentenced to hanging by an unusually cruel magister and as the captain was at the moment forced to keep a low profile this went unchallenged. Mr Jebediah Clarke was scrounged up from a port tavern to read the boy’s last rites. At the wake Jebediah impressed on Drake the value of having a man of God on board to teach the young ones about right and wrong. What followed was an epic drinking binge and when Jebediah came to he found himself commissioned as chaplain of Drake’s fine vessel.

Jebediah Clarke is a tall dark haired man with piercing dark eyes. When in port he wears a powdered wig of yesteryears model and goes clean shaven. Up close his nose shows the tell-tale drunkards red webbing of veins but his carriage and vestiges gives most people the impression that this is simply a sad coincidence of complexion.

He carries himself with a straight stature, somewhat marred by the fact that his right leg is amputated above the knee and he uses a crutch to move around. But he has good teeth and he wears fairly clean clothes of a decent make. His crutch is made of an exotic dark wood finely engraved with biblical motifs; mainly grisly scenes from the Old Testament.

Jebediah is a burly and strong man who knows how to keep himself in a fight. At times he seems to be a fervent man of god and can be fairly eloquent, showing off his scholarly knowledge. Despite his large frame he appears to all as a book learned man. He knows the bible by heart and his smattering of foreign languages proves him to be a well traveled person.

The crew have found him to be a valued member as he is not above using his prodigious strength when needed and is a real storyteller. Always appreciative of his audience he manages to regale them with bloody and saucy stories he professes come from the bible. All this despite his apparent weakness for spirits.
He has wide knowledge in the Christian religion and contacts within the faith.

Nobody knows what has driven him to the bottle and he speaks little of his past save that when younger he travelled the world for a while.

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Chickasaw Dauphin
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Thu 15 Nov 2012
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Re: Character Introductions, and Graveyard...
In reply to Jebediah Clarke (msg # 3):

Chickasaw Dauphin had been with Drake for several years...having joined the merchantman's crew when the Royal Navy ship on which he was serving was laid up in dry dock following a severe gale.

Physically, he was wiry rather than stout...strong nonetheless.  He wore his black hair clubbed in a single braid that now reached his waist, a braid that had begun to show the first strands of silver.  None would deem Chickasaw to be handsome...Dark eyes peered from beneath a heavy brow over an angular nose that showed signs of being broken several times.  Crows feet creased the weathered skin at his temples and presided over a strong jaw.  Anyone who had spent time in the American southeast would easily recognize his native heritage.

At home onboard ship and among seamen, Dauphin would cast a wary glance at strangers.  Confident when in his nautical realm, he was a fish out of water when in the company of lubbers, especially the nobility, clergy, or the educated.  They could keep their learnin', Chickasaw's world was inherently more practical.  Those that persevered long enough to gain his friendship never enjoyed a more loyal companion and never need watch their backs when in his vicinity.
Rosalinde Delgado
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Fri 16 Nov 2012
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Re: Character Introductions, and Graveyard...
First impressions: Rosalinde is a Spanish tavern worker. She's slightly taller than average, her straight, dark brown hair coming down to her mid-back. High cheekbones and clear, pale skin give her a higher class of beauty than her station warrants. Her dresses are as clean as she can get them with her place of work, and she always wears a simple cross made of black stone. She has an easy smile and manner, often able to make people feel comfortable with a few simple words or gestures.

Getting to know: Rosalinde is very good with people, in that she often seem to get them to listen to her or get past barriers that others can't. There's the rumor mill and then there's Rosalinde... With her ear to the ground, both with her customers after the ale has flowed for a while, and just out and about in the town, she often hears things that would be of value to another.