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Game Rules
1. You must read RPOL Adult Content FAQ: RPoL faqs (adultfaq) and RPOL Adult Content Policy: RPoL faqs (adultpolicy).

This is may be an adult game and those are the rules for rpol. This game may include such topics as drug use, slavery, murder, and almost anything your pervertedly evil minds can think of.

2. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.  Be mature enough to keep your insults IC.

3. In character actions = in character consequences.  You want to yell insults at a gang of Drovers, then prepare to get beaten on by said gang of Drovers.  I just hope there was some greater goal to you wanting to get beaten to a bloody pulp.

4. IC knowledge is IC knowledge, OOC knowledge is OOC, and ne'r the twain shall meet.  So if you want to use OOC in an IC fashion then be sure to tell me you are making the appropriate skill check to see if your character knows that, or is doing the appropriate legwork involved in learning that.

5. Any issues or problems, please send me a PM.  We can work it out I am sure, but being aggressive and antagonistic in public isn't going to help matters.  You wouldn't like it done to you, so don't do it to others.  You'll be warned once. Fail this twice, you will be removed from the game.

6.  If you have a question about something happening in a game thread, send me a PM or use the appropriate OOC Forum.  Please do not post in the story thread with a completely OOC post or private line to GM.   I like the game threads to read like a story for the enjoyment of any lurkers who decide to come in and give my game a browse.

7. Above all, lets have fun because writing is fun.  That is why we are here.

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1.  I do like a fast paced game.  I would like folks to try to post 4-5 times per week at least.  Those that post more will get XP rewards.   I know the weekends can get slow, and we all might be from different time zones, but I don't think spending 10-15 min a day to read and post is too much to ask.

2. Any character that has not posted in 3 days and is holding up the game will be GM puppetted to move the game along if required.   I will do my best to remain true to the character, and if in combat, you will take a Fight Defensivly action.

3. Any player that has not logged on in more than 3 weeks will receive an r-mail from me.  If at five weeks I still have no response, I will presume the player is dead and likewise shall be the character.   I am not unreasonable, all I ask is any prolonged absences be communicated with me.  It would also be good precaution to let me know where in the world you live.  I watch the news every night.  So barring a major disaster in my area, I will learn of a major disaster in yours.

4. I require the use of colored text for speech and thoughts.  I do ask that speech be in quotes, and personal thoughts be in italics.

5. Write your posts in the form of the Present Tense.  I know most GMs feel that Past Tense is appropriate given that It was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away but my mind doesn't work that way.  When I write, I am writing in the here and now.  Consequentally, actions come out written in the Present Tense, while exposition comes out in the Past Tense.  So know your past and present, and make them clear.

6. Once you have written a post, you have precisely one day to make edits to it.  After that time, I am going to consider what happened to have happened.  Such acknowledgement will occur when I have posted a reply.  If then you still want to take back an action, too bad.  People are not perfect, neither are your characters.  They can make mistakes in the heat of the moment.

7. I am not expecting great literary works for posting, but posts must be readable.  I am not saying every post must be a small novel, and sometimes a single sentence is the right response to a situation, but again, this is your story, so please, tell it and share it with us.  Hard to do that if you constantly post single line posts with little interaction with other characters.
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Die Rolling
Players may roll their own Skill Checks, and Attack Rolls.  You may roleplay out the use of the skill, but only the end result if your roll result was so high that you are confident that you succeeded.  Always post your roll result in an OOC note at the bottom of the screen, including any Re-rolls and Force Points used.

Taking 10 and Taking 20 is meant to be an action that a person does with a skill check when they are not in a stressful or combat situation, it also means that they are talking much more time to think about what they are about to do and focus on the job at hand.

Take 10 and take 20 actions are not instantaneous.   In RP terms I expect to see some role play on thinking about the action you are about to take and focus on the task at hand.  Indeed taking 20, when allowed, takes some time.  About two minutes worth of time without distraction is required to take 20.  Meanwhile, taking a 10 only requires about 30 seconds.

Also note that you cannot take 20 when there are dire consequences to failure.  You cannot perform at your best when the danger of failure is hanging over your head.  Also note you cannot take 20 when taking more than a minute to do something is going to result in a failure, i.e. trying to disarm an alarm that will go off if the correct code isn't entered in sixty seconds.  Best you can do then is take 10 and hope that's good enough, or risk a die roll.

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God-modding, Meta-gaming, and Power Gaming
God-modding: Automatically assuming your actions will be successful without giving another PC, or NPC, the chance to respond.

Meta-gaming: Using information that you, the player, know but that your character can't possibly know.  Also acting as though your character knows the rules of the game.

Power Gaming: Making like your character is a super being and thus nothing phases or hurts them.  I.e. acting like a character written in a Timothy Zahn novel.

These things are highly disliked by the GM.  These things will force me to edit your posting to something more acceptable.
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I know it is a rare thing, but yes I do award Experience points and in my games characters do advance levels.
Here is the breakdown of XP awards.

Challenges: As listed in the Monster Manual

Each Act completed: 1000
Active poster: +10 per post above 3 posts per week
RP Bonus: Exceptional Posts will get +20 xp

XP will also be awarded after the completion of each Act.   Between Acts it will be presumed that your characters will be laying low to fully heal, study, alter appearance, or just wait and see what results from their last escapade.

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Leveling Up
Levels in a current Class can be gained following a Short Rest upon gaining enough XP to go up a level.  Hit Points are gained immediately upon leveling up.  Roll for Hit Points gained, but you may re-roll a result of 1 or 2.

Going Multi-class - Learning a new Class requires you to delay leveling up until after the current Act for when you have time to study.

Gaining Skill Training - Learning a new skill proficiency requires you to delay leveling up until after the current Act for when you have time to study.

Gaining Spells - Learning new Arcane Spells requires you to delay leveling up until after you finish a Long Rest when you have time to study.

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