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Wed 30 Jan 2013
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INN News
Welcome to tonight’s special report, “State of the Sphere: 3068”, here on INN. I’m Michael Boswort. Before we begin, I’d like to thank ComStar’s tireless engineers and communications specialists for working around the clock over these past months in an effort to purge the HPG network of the Word of Blake virus that has corrupted much of our recent programming.

We here at INN know it has been an inconvenience to our audience, and while we have not fully reestablished regular unfettered services, we have isolated and eliminated a fair portion of the interference. Presented here tonight is a rundown of the events that have occurred across the Inner Sphere since our last report in October 1 of 3068. While many of our own reports and newsfeeds over the past two months were hopelessly garbled and tampered with by the Blakists, our colleagues with the InterStellar Associated Press services have graciously allowed us to access their own material for this comprehensive review.

In addition, unprecedented access has been given to us by many of the other state news and intelligence services, enabling us to bring you declassified reports and summaries from all levels of government. In cases where access remained restricted, other sources have been gleaned for information that may shed light on certain subjects. We have attempted to provide as much of the material as possible in chronological order, to give you, the audience, a sense of structure. Please understand that while we have tried to be as thorough and as selective as possible in making sure the material herein is accurate, some pieces may contradict others or even contain false or misleading information due to certain biases, opinions, slants and even outright Blakist manipulations.

Now on with the news, `Mercenary Betrayals Continue!` On October 7, 3068 The MRBC has declared Mobile Fire a rogue unit. It has now been confirmed that Mobile Fire broke off negotiations to extend their contract and have taken service with the Word of Blake.

Mobile Fire:
[Listen not to these lies! Know that the Word of Blake offers honest coin for faithful service. We salute the skill and courage of contract military advisors, and offer a wide and exciting variety of employment opportunities.]

With Mobile Fire abandoning their post, the LAAF has been caught flat-footed. A Blakist invasion force struck New Earth mere days after Mobile Fire jumped out of the New Earth system. Amid confused reports coming from New Earth has been news that the Blakists have repeated the atrocities they inflicted on Outreach, Tharkad and Dieron. Neighboring systems are also reported to be under attack.

Lets recap back at last year's footage, during the atrocities that was committed on outreach during the year 3067 of October 15.
Commanded by Wayne Waco, rogue mercenaries in Harlech City on Outreach launch a surprise attack against Wolf’s Dragoons and the Hiring Hall. Roughly half of the on planet Dragoons forces are destroyed by October 19th. Jaime Wolf is killed in battle. The Dragoons’ subsequent “Condition Feral” assures no survivors among the primary attacking forces, including the Fifty-first Dark Panzer Brigade, Smithson’s Chinese Bandits and Waco’s Rangers. Evidence of Blakist influence is uncovered.

Word of Blake Representative:
[Still the unbelievers besmirch our reputation! Know for all time that we did not use nuclear weapons on Tharkad. Nor have Muphrid, Thorn and New Earth been subjected to the kind of intensive bombardment reported.]

The MRBC has reminded all mercenary commands that any who accept service with the Blakists will be branded rogue. More news as we tackle the latest reports during the whole month we lost our feed.
-Michael Bosworth, INN Special Correspondent, Orestes, Free Rasalhague Republic, 15 December 3068

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Thu 31 Jan 2013
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Re: INN News
This is Michael Boswort bringing you more, up to speed coverage on the events we had missed during our last report. We all know about the October 3067 incident that lead to the death of Jaime Wolf and eventually wiping out most of the home guard by rebel forces but we just received probable intel that these “rogues” included several down-and-out units, people relegated to Outreach’s fringes by the Dragoons’ own self-instigated class structure. Some of the more level-headed among them—like the Dark Panzer Jaegers and Smithson’s Chinese Bandits sided with Colonel Waco and attempted to address the problem the only way mercenaries know how, by war.

Rather than address the social and economic causes of the revolt, the Dragoons instead proclaimed that the Word of Blake was behind Waco’s attack, offering scant proof in support. In what some might characterize as Clan-like hubris, they gathered their forces and headed off to strike the Terran system, recalling several commands that were under contract to other employers, invoking vague clauses that left many employers in the lurch and up until now most Dragoons have reserved their availability only for contracts involving the Blakists even by a small margin.

More on those past year events later on, but right now let us focus on what we have missed last month. `The Word Strikes Again!` On Novemeber 20 the Word of Blake unleashed an armada of WarShips on an unsuspecting Inner Sphere. The “Ruins of Gabriel” unquestionably played a role in creating that fleet. Whispers of a Star League cache or depot located in Lyran space circulated for years, but with the discovery of Camelot Command the issue was thought closed. Apparently, however, the Word of Blake discovered another SL DF facility.

Word of Blake Fanatic:
“Blake’s holy light guides our steps.”

Locating the Ruins of Gabriel and cutting the Word of Blake off from its resources is now a matter of the highest priority.

From a Rebel Mercenary:
“The eyes of unbelievers shall be clouded. Only the Faithful may find the way!”

The Blakists recovered enough resources to kick-start the Free Worlds League WarShip program and provide aid to the Capellan Confederation. In addition, the Ruins probably contributed to the Blakist efforts to increase their own fleet strength. Some reports estimate no less than fifty capital ships.

More from Fanatics:
“Tremble before Blake’s might!”

Inconsistent sighting reports, weird jump signatures—evidence is growing that the Word of Blake vessels have K-F drives whose performance is hitherto undreamed of. If this is true, then estimates of enemy fleet strength could be grossly exaggerated. But the implications are frightening. The ability to rapidly concentrate forces to achieve local superiority would effectively throw conventional strategic thinking out the airlock, much as the wide-scale deployment of lithium-fusion batteries did during the Reunification War.

“The Warriors of Blessed Blake shall fight with the strength of Five!”

What other technological marvels (or nightmares) could emerge from the Ruins? Wild stories of 200-ton BattleMechs or AI combat computers replacing MechWarriors may need to be reevaluated.
-Michael Bosworth, INN Special Correspondent, Orestes, Free Rasalhague Republic, 16 December 3068

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Sun 3 Feb 2013
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Re: INN News
This is INN News, and today let us continue to tackle more on the past issues that we had missed this last month. I'm Micheal Boswort and here's what we will be focusing on today. I'm giving you the un-cut report that was deemed in advisable by my superiors, and see your take on the situation.

`The Star League Failure` On Novemeber 28 last month, the Star League conference takes a downturn when Chancellor Liao decides he has no more use for the august Star League Council—meaning, to some, that he can no longer find a way to selfishly manipulate it further and quits the League. The Steiner-Davion children then astonishingly agree with Liao, and also decide to withdraw, because in their own family squabble they have destroyed trillions of C-bills of infrastructure, economic assets and military forces. Rather than call on the Star League for economic assistance (which is partly why it’s there in the first place?) they decide they’re better off without anyone else’s help. First Lord Mansdottir, despite his illness (rumors of poisoning notwithstanding) made a valiant and noble effort to salvage the League by installing two new members; the Taurian Concordat and the Word of Blake. but alas, the historic vote not to disband failed to carry the required two-thirds majority. And thus dies, with a gavel’s bang, the noblest experiment in human history since the original Star League.

The Word of Blake, incensed that the House Lords would give up so easily, ordered their small WarShip fleets near both Steiner-Davion capitals into planetary orbit. Perhaps they thought that just by showing their massive naval might, they could help the Steiner-Davion leaders realize what they risked by selfishly disbanding the League.  At Tharkad, a weapons misfire struck too close to the Estates General and ignited a nuclear blast. At New Avalon, the trigger-happy FedSuns navy opened fire on the approaching Blake ships, which returned fire in self-defense. Those incidents, like so many others in our human history, set off a firestorm.

Editor's Notes: Ok, I think you’re being a bit too presumptive here, Michael. Unless you have explosive proof from recordings and what-not that I’m not aware of. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were trying to make the Word look like misunderstood saviors. I’m going to recommend you either strike this or reword it.

Even so, if the Dragoons’ self-serving attack on the Terran system hadn’t occurred two days later, the Word of Blake probably would have been able to work things out despite the apparent errors. Instead, the mercenaries, operating under the mistaken belief that they are a nation unto themselves, launched a doomed operation against Mars. Even now—nearly a month later—the final fate of all the attackers remains unknown.

On Recent News, `The Black Widow and its Prey` Just four days ago, some unknown merc group calling themselves Aces Wilds had recently accepted a contract to challenge the Black Widow and her merry band of ruthless killers. The contract had been in the merc net system for months and not a single interest had dawned on veteran mercenaries alike. Ofcourse it was instant pay day but some weren't willing to grovel dirt to actually get their hands on C-bills. The odds were against anyone especially when it comes to the Black Widow.

Most would just save face and accept easier contracts than getting one's reputation soiled from the moment you set foot in their game. I got to hand it to this unit, bravery can invoke stupidity. But we maybe wrong yet, they took this contract with ease and confidence so hopefully they can back up their claim and rise to the top by the end of their mission length. Its quite a smart move if you think about it, it would be a huge bump on their careers (assuming they win of-course) and they are getting enough publicity from this stunt alone. I'll keep you all posted on this story for days to come.
-Michael Bosworth, INN Special Correspondent, Orestes, Free Rasalhague Republic, 17 December 3068

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Tue 5 Feb 2013
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Re: INN News
INN News bringing you a recent message broadcast from a Blakist Representative.

People of the Inner Sphere! In their folly, the rulers of the Inner Sphere have torn apart the great Star League and once more set upon one another, threatening to throw the Inner Sphere back into the Dark Age of the Succession Wars. Caught in the middle of all this is the region of space known as the Terran Corridor. With the Lyran Alliance focused on the conflict with the Free Worlds League, the Jade Falcons are swooping in like vultures.

Interstellar shipping routes are disrupted. Economies, already damaged by the ravages of the FedCom Civil War, now teeter on the brink of collapse. Bandits have again begun to raid with impunity. The very structure of society is threatening to unravel, and through it all the Lyran Alliance has ignored the calls for aid from the Corridor worlds. With their pleas for help falling on deaf ears, the beleaguered planets of Thorin, Muphrid and New Earth wisely turned to us.

Guided by Blake’s wisdom, we have answered. As we have already done in the so-called Chaos March, we the true followers of the Blessed Blake dispatched our militia to deliver much-needed aid to these embattled worlds of such historic significance. Regrettably, by the time our convoys arrived, the situation had worsened in many cases.

On Thorin and Muphrid, all social order had collapsed from Alliance negligence, while New Earth threatened to go the same way. Fortunately, the valiant warriors of our Sixth Division’s Dawn of Truth III-Delta restored order on Thorin, where the grateful local government petitioned for entry into our Protectorate. Muphrid and New Earth, recognizing Thorin’s wisdom, quickly followed suit. Still other worlds remain outside, desperate for guidance and support. For these planets, in Blake’s name, the Word stands ready to deliver the light of peace and harmony.

In other news, LAAF Rallies after stunning Clan Assault on Graus, we have Rhoda Maines on the scene, interviewing the general himself;

Rhoda Maines, INN: “General, did this attack come as a surprise?”
General Steiner: “Not really. If the Falcons were going to attack anywhere, it would be Graus.”
Maines: “But if you anticipated this new Falcon Incursion, why did you relocate so many units away from the border?”
Steiner: “Who said this strike is a part of another Falcon Incursion? I certainly didn’t say that. While it would be in character for the Falcons to prey on us while we’re distracted with other affairs, we have reliable intelligence that they are currently most concerned with Clan Wolf."

“Between the defenses we still have in place and the redeployments of Clan Wolf, I remain confident that we can hold the border. We’ve certainly demonstrated this on Graus. The First Wolf Strike Grenadiers and Sixth Wolf Guards are frustrating `quite successfully` the efforts of the First Falcon Striker Cluster and the Eighth Talon Cluster. As soon as Khan Kell’s Golden Keshik makes landfall, I am certain control of Graus will be re-established.”

Maines: “Are you confident in your assessment that the Falcons are focusing on Vlad’s Wolves?”
Steiner: “Information is ammunition. Next.”
Ori Castakus, CBC (Cuts in): “Sir! Rumor has it that ‘Information is ammunition’ is actually one of Blake’s sayings? Any response to those who feel that this phrase links you to the Blakist pogrom?”
Steiner: (Baffled) “What? Who the hell are you, and who let you in here? I’m not going to respond to hysterical allegations like that! Next!”
Maines, INN : “Will units be diverted back to the Falcon border in response to this latest attack?”
Steiner: “That would be premature, and a waste of resources. The forces currently present in the Arc-Royal Theater have the situation well in hand. Our primary areas of focus continue to be repelling the Word of Blake attacks and regaining peace along our Free Worlds border."

That’s all we have for today, viewers. Keep in touch as we give you more stories to come. This is Carl Fins of INN News saying goodnight.
—From a press conference on Atocongo, , 17 December 3068

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Thu 21 Feb 2013
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Re: INN News
MercNet. Whatever else you want to call it, the system that has come into mainstream use in the hiring, firing, transfer, disposition and overall guidelines for appropriate protocol and deployment of mercenaries Sphere-wide has proven the duality of its twin edges… and we mercs have only our own to blame.

With the coming of the Clans in the late 3040s it seemed the ‘Net was a blessing, but as conflicts with the organization intensified, it grew clear that MercNet had become yet another focal point for clamor and blood money. How else can we explain the reality that such organizations as the tyrannical Word of Blake can still legitimately do business within the MercNet hierarchy, which was supposedly formed to prevent the abuse and perversion of our profession? Did not the Dragoons themselves oppose the direction the Blakists have taken, or has the loss of Jaime Wolf shaken them to the core so strongly that they now secretly espouse the tactics of scorched earth and WMDs even in populated areas? Or do they even care any more, now that they have been wounded so deeply?

What has become of us? What are we to believe will continue, or change, when the next round of hostilities opens? Oh, how this correspondent pines for the days of old, when men were men, enemies were enemies, and MechWarriors ruled the field of battle as an elite force unto themselves…

—Roger Coriman, Warrior Monthly, MRBC Publications, INN Distribution
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Thu 21 Feb 2013
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Re: INN News
This is Michael Boswort of INN News bringing you the latest news. It seems the Word of Blake has made yet another one of their drastic moves these recent events.

`Luthien Besieged!`
Just a day ago the Luthien HPG falls silent. Confirmed reports that the Word of Blake naval and ground forces are continuously attacking the Luthien system. Reports of Blakist support for the loyalists are unconfirmed due to a planetary blackout. Loyalist and Black Dragon forces engage the Word of Blake, sparking a three-way battle for planetary control.

Effective immediately, the capital of the Dragon will be relocated to New Samarkand for the duration of the ongoing crisis on Luthien. Gunji-no-Kanrei Minamoto issued the following decree from his command post aboard the DCS Dieron Star:

“Citizens of the Dragon, although our courageous efforts on Luthien continue, we must face the reality that in order for the Dragon to survive, we must relocate our position of honor and purity elsewhere. This must be done for the duration of the crisis that engulfs our beloved capital. With much agony and heartache I have come to this decision, with our Coordinator still ill and the Dragon’s heir involved in breaking the Word of Blake siege of Dieron.

Therefore, with the power invested in me as the Kanrei of our honorable forces, I have issued General Order 9, which repositions our heart and soul to New Samarkand, the place of our glorious birth. When we have expunged the stain that darkens Luthien, we will return our beloved Pearl to a level that rivals the luster she had before the tide of war enveloped her. Though the clouds of the gaijin weapons still mar her honorable skin, they too will blow away when the Dragon’s breath returns to her.”

`Draconis Combine declares false accusations?`
Employment opportunities in the Draconis Combine have declined sharply since Warlord Kiyomori Minamoto issued a declaration adding Greenburg’s Godzillas and Camacho’s Caballeros to the list of rogue mercenary commands. Regular DCMS (Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery) units have been ordered to show both commands no mercy on the battlefield. An order chillingly reminiscent of the infamous “Death to Mercenaries” order issued by Coordinator Takashi Kurita during the Fourth Succession War.

In the face of claims of desertion, the Godzillas (currently bound for Arc-Royal) maintain that the DCMS tried to ensnare them in an infamous “company store” trap, and forced them to continue their current contract when their service has already been met and completed. The Godzillas requested a new contract be made to further enlist their service however the DCMS refused to sign a new contract. The Caballeros, last reported en route for the Free Worlds League, have yet to offer their side of events. In light of these occurrences, the MRBC has downgraded the Draconis Combine’s Employer Rating to D, pending a review of their claims.

`Luthien Armor Works In Peril?`
At first glance, the Luthien Armor Works’ annual report seems full of nothing but the standard corporate blather to their stockholders. However, though no official reports have outright stated it, LAW is in serious trouble. The continued fighting on Luthien and Dieron (where LAW’s two largest industrial complexes happen to be located) has to have taken a toll after all this time. Underground reports, in fact, hint at the massive destruction of LAW’s Luthien facilities under tactical nuclear strikes. Scattered reports indicate that Guthry Island, the location of LAW’s sixty billion C-bill OmniMech plant, no longer exists as a habitable surface.

Those two complexes alone account for more than 63% of LAW’s BattleMech production assets, and their loss would threaten the company with bankruptcy. If reports that Quentin has also been attacked are true (another 13% of LAW’s profitable assets, by the way.) then it is easy to foresee LAW dissolving as a corporation by the end of fiscal year 3069. For the stockholders’ sake, LAW had better make some hard decisions soon, or the DCMS will suffer dramatically with the financial destruction of the Dragon’s largest weapons supplier. Tricks with numbers can’t hide the truth forever.

-Michael Bosworth, INN Special Correspondent, Orestes, Free Rasalhague Republic, 19 December 3068
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Thu 21 Feb 2013
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Re: INN News
Natasha Kerensky, The Black Widow's CO, was recently defeated in a Mock battle with an unknown mercenary unit calling themselves the Aces Wilds yesterday. The event gave way to outbursts of rage and disbelief from a few followers and anonymous companies that are stationed at Outreach, not to mention a few patrons gambling their money's worth to the Widow's Victory. The Black Widow Company of the Wolf's Dragoons are the well known mercenary unit throughout the Successor States. Many of you know this while some maybe living under a rock may well be hearing the name for the first time. Allow me to shed some light to who they are.

Unlike the rest of the Dragoons, the Black Widow Company escaped the Fourth Succession War even participated in the Fedcom civil War virtually unscathed. Natasha Kerensky uses her company the way a surgeon uses her tools, for her training regiment had made them perhaps the best Mech company in the Inner Sphere. She did what had to be done, The survival of her unit points out Kerensky's merits as a leader. In the whole era of misery from the Fourth Succession and Fedcom Civil War, the company had only lost a single Rifleman. Compared to the losses taken by the rest of Dragoons not to mention the latest blow they received from the Word of Blake assault last year seems nothing short of miraculous.

Despite these facts, the recent loss of the Famous Queen of Spades is being labeled as a hoax or a fluke by supporters and rival companies alike. These allegations doesn't change the fact that the MRBC is keeping a hard eye on the these new wanna-be group. This Win gave the Aces Wilds unrestricted access to more high profile contracts that were mostly given to well renowned Companies such as the Kell Hounds, Gray Deaths and even the Wolf's Dragoons themselves.

—Michael Bosworth, INN Special Correspondent