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Tue 5 Feb 2013
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System Updates
Just for documenting game changes. I will transfer every changes (a month's worth of changes) that has been made through out the game from the `gameplay system` thread and archive it here for future notes. Plus, it wont be taking up much space for future tweaks should I add in new updates.

If you wish to see the latest updates of this month, please refer to the `gameplay system` thread, post #1 for further details.
Clan Wolf
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Tue 5 Feb 2013
at 14:43
Re: System Updates
January 2013 Updates

[January 17]
(See Heat Post [MSG#7] in 'Gameplay' thread) - Increasing Mech Explosion Threshold to 23 from 22. Reaching a 20-23 doesn't cause a self-destruct anymore only a force system shutdown. 24 and beyond does.

[January 18]

 (See Chart [MSG#1] in 'Mech Shop' thread) - Made adjustments to the `Mech Shop Thread`. Balancing the Customization process of any Mech. Instead of the permanent 5 Ton weight on Engine and Internal loadouts for all Mechs, now Engine weight varies on Mech Tonnage.

(See Movement Post [MSG#2] in 'Gameplay' thread) - Changed Jumping to have no +1 modifier when using it, although added a chance to make a Mech fall should it be used, chance vary on Piloting Value.

[January 19]
(See Attacking Post [MSG#3] in 'Gameplay' thread) - Added the option to perform a Punch or a Kick when in 0 meter range.

[January 21]
(See Updates [MSG#4] in 'Mech Shop' thread) - Decreased Missile Damage at 0.5/missile from 1/missile. Streaks are decreased at 1/missile from 2/missile.

[January 22]
(See Attacking Post [MSG#3] in 'Gameplay' thread) - Addressed an issue with the Punch/Kick Mechanism. Gave a better chance for players to prevent a fall.

(See Attacking Post [MSG#3] in 'Gameplay' thread) - Kick adjusted for more variety of Mech Classes to be able to use the move.

(See Attacking Post [MSG#3] in 'Gameplay' thread) - Took out the chance for a Mech falling from a missed punch.

[January 23]
(See Skills Shop [MSG#4] in 'Character Creation' thread) - Return Fire was remodeled to have a different disadvantage effect.

(See Initial Skills [MSG#2] in 'Character Creation' thread) - Aim becomes an initial skill choice, replacing Return Fire.

[January 25]
(See Mech Hit-points Post [MSG#6] in 'Gameplay' thread) - Hitting destroyed Mech parts doesn't lead to a miss anymore. Damage will transfer to adjacent body parts.

[January 30]
(See Mechs Post [MSG#1-4] in "Mech Shop" thread) - Increased head value of most Mechs by 1 depending on the variation.

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Thu 7 Feb 2013
at 13:48
Re: System Updates
[February 5]
(See [MSG#5] in 'Weapon Shop' thread) - Added Laser Heat Sinks to the Shop.

(See [MSG#5] in 'Weapon Shop' thread) - Added sensor equipments to the Shop, in preparation for the hex movement change.

(See [MSG#5] in 'Weapon Shop' thread) - Changed the Beagle Probe's sensor range from 800 to 1800, in preparation for the hex movement change.

(See [MSG#2,3,4] in 'Weapon Shop' thread) - Added some few new weapons to the Weapons Shop.

[February 6]
(See [MSG#2] in 'Mech Shop' thread) - Added a few more variants to the Light Mech section.

[February 7]
(See [MSG#5] in 'Character Development' thread) - Added Character Specialization System.

(See [MSG#4] in 'Character Development' thread) - Leveling Up will now only give 3 skill points from 5 skill points.

[February 8]
Movement System Overhaul- List of changes as follows;
  • Added Line of Sight Rule [MSG#1]
  • Added Radars and Contacts Rule [MSG#1]
  • Movement has been changed [MSG#2]
  • Jumping can ignore Terrain modifiers (Jumping isn't useless now) [MSG#2]

Aces Wilds will still be using the old system until their current mission is finished. Quite sad if you think about it.

More changes-
  • Skills Shop Revamped [MSG#4 Character Creation Thread]
  • Added New Skills [MSG#4 Character Creation Thread]
  • New Skill Rules [MSG#4 Character Creation Thread]
  • Lowered Skill prices due to changes in rules. [MSG#4 Character Creation Thread]

[February 11]
  • Movement can be posted first before combat phase. to check LOS and Radar.
  • Missiles can fire on Radar Contacts with no LOS. Other weapons cannot.
  • All weapons can fire on an Enemy with LOS.
  • Added Line of Sight Chart [MSG#1 Gameplay Thread]

[February 12]
  • Tech cost decreased to 50,000 from 100,000 when repairing or customizing
  • Those who did customizations before, please add 50k back to your balance due to tech change.

[February 13]
  • Decreased difficulty chart of higher level enemies. Highest difficulty changed from 19 base value to only 15, etc. [MSG#3 Gameplay Thread]
  • Added Called Shots System [MSG#8 Gameplay Thread]
  • Added Self Destruct Rule [MSG#8 Gameplay Thread]
  • Added Prevent Shutdown Rule [MSG#8 Gameplay Thread]

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